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88 Get Back At Him Later

 Yu Sha finally calmed down, she slowly took off her clothes and carefully steps into the hot tub. She sat down all the way allowing the water to go up to her collarbone. After she situated into the tub, she slumped down allowing the water to go up to her chin while laying her head onto the edge.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It wasn't until Yu Sha soaked in the hot tub and the warm water rejuvenated her soul that she realized how cold her body had been. She turned to the side and used her right arm as cushion for her head. She laid her head on top of her arms and listened to every inch of her body come back to life. It had been a long day and to finally get the opportunity to lay down felt so relaxing that she dozed off.

As Yu Sha dozed off, her hematite bracelet loosened and a few of the stone's surface form fissures. The bracelet was specially made and she can't take it off herself unless her father or grandma takes it off for her.

In another bathroom, Prince Hue Chi had already showered and dressed up. After he dressed up, he walked out to the kitchen and brewed some coffee. Hue Chi went to the living area and turned on the television and let the news run on. He doesn't have his computer with him, although if he wished to, he could easily have someone obtained it for him.

Hue Chi went back to sit down on the kitchen table and took out his phone to look at some emails. When the coffee maker clicked, it was done brewing coffee. Hue Chi then got up to pour himself a cup of coffee before going back to his seat to continue looking through his email. He has never had to serve himself, but now he was alone with someone else who doesn't know his identity, he has to at least know how to make simple coffee, tea and pour himself drinks.

About thirty minutes gone by, Hue Chi looked over at the direction of the bathroom where Yu Sha is. Since he came out to the kitchen, he did not feel movements nor hear any sounds from her direction. Worried, he got up and walked over to the bathroom door. "Yu Sha?" This was actually the first time he addressed her name directly to her.

He waited a few seconds before calling her name again and then waited to see if she answers.

Silence ensued on the other end. Did she sneak off during the time he was in the shower? But it can't be because she was still within his zone, but there is also a possibility that she was able to sneak out without him noticing. If so, she would be the first one to ever escape his barriers without him knowing. He yanked the knob open and rushed inside to the tub.

The moment when he enters into the room and got a good glimpse of Yu Sha, laying in the bathtub, pale soft skin, in deep slumber. Her long hairs covered parts of her body. She was leaning on her right side using her arm as pillow cushion for her head. Her whole front was facing him but was covered by the steamy water and floating hairs. Her cheeks flushed from the warm soothing water. The sight in the tub assaulted all of his senses.

Hue Chi unconsciously turned around when he saw her whole front exposing, although he couldn't see the details of her body that well, he wanted to be respectful even if she wasn't aware. He turned his back on her while slowly tilting his head to meet her face. It seemed like she was in a deep sleep but her eyebrow twitched like she is in pain or feeling uncomfortable. Hue Chi was in a dilemma. He was not sure to wake her up or let her sleep.

Nervous that Yu Sha may be angry at him for barging him, Hue Chi decided to go back out and pretended like he has not seen anything. When he stepped outside of the door, he closed the door quietly and then knocked a couple of times in hope the noise from the knocks would wake her up.

After the knock, he still heard no sound or movement in the water. Hue Chi then knocked again and called Yu Sha's name a couple of times.

Yu Sha was already a heavy sleeper, and with the first gate of the seal broken through, some waves of energy and past memories leaked through.

Still deep in her slumber, as the first gate to the past was broken down, a part of her memories came through while asleep. Those memories have been trying to barge through her consciousness for a while now, that recently when the stars aligned, the moon was full, and the energy flow was good, part of her past passed through the sealed gates. That was the night after the party on the cruise ship.

After getting no response, Hue Chi then decided that it was best to just wake Yu Sha up in person since they are now pressed for time. He did not know she was such a heavy sleeper. Didn't she say she could not sleep in a different environment not long ago? How could she be passed out cold in a new place and even with a man on the other room? He regretted not waking her up the first time he barged in.

In the end, Hue Chi let himself into the bathroom, grabbed a towel on the shelf, unfolded it, walked over to the tub and put the towel over her.

Yu Sha's naked sleeping figure was such an enchanting sight, any man who is not affected by seeing the naked sleeping picturesque is most likely not in their right mind.

Still, Hue Chi had to be a man of sense and respect and unwillfully covered her up before waking her up.