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85 Satisfied With Her Reaction

 Seeing that her gaze has not left him, he asked, "Am I that handsome that you couldn't get your sight off me?" While he scooted upward to find a comfortable spot.

"Tsch..." Yu Sha rolled her eyes away from the Night Owl. Hue Chi calmly inhaled a breath of relief.

He finally diverted her attention which didn't last long. She quickly crouched down bringing her body so close to his. Her eagle eyes skimmed through him as she looked straight at his eyes like her eyes is infrared ray vision.

Never in Hue Chi's life had he ever felt interrogated. This is the first time someone is trying to interrogate him with just their gaze and demeanor. Usually it's him on the other end, not the receiving end.

How is this woman standing before him be so domineering? Doesn't she know the state she is in right now? Her wet thinned summer clothes now are tightly wrapped around her body following all the curves on her feminine figure.

After a deep internal struggle on how to distract her from being suspicious of him, Hue Chi calmly opened his mouth and spoke, "I don't think this is a good place for you to seduce me."

Yu Sha looked alluring with the wet hairs draping down her face and body. Her clothes no longer were loose and flowing like earlier in the day, instead, it looked like it had become one with her skin.

If there were enough light shining from above, bright enough to see everything clearly, Yu Sha would look so irresistible. Being enchanted by her state of look right now would be an understatement.

Hue Chi's provocative comment made Yu Sha jumped backward that one of her feet almost touched the edge. Noticing that her foot was about to land on the edge, Hue Chi rushed forward to pull Yu Sha onto him. The momentum of the pull forced Yu Sha forward onto Hue Chi's chest pushing him back down against the back of the wall with her landing on top of him.

"Ahh" Hue Chi groaned when his back landed on the ground.

Yu Sha's face landed on his broad toned chest, making it look like she kissed him on his chest. This motion sent a shock wave through her body, causing her to feel embarrassed yet she was afraid she may have injured him by her weight on him.

Yu Sha tried to push herself off him, "Wh... what are you doing?" She asked with a flushed face and heart beating almost erratically.

"Don't move if you want to live." Hue Chi answered and pulled his grip tighter around her.

Yu Sha knew what he was referring to. She was not that stupid to not know that he was just trying to save her from accidentally falling off. She stuttered to reply, "I... I will not fall off."

Her body temperature rose and high blood pressure was about to shoot right through her head as she had never been this close to a man before let alone laying on top of one. She even pecked his sculpted chest earlier. The thought of it almost gave her a nosebleed. She quickly clasped one of her hands on her mouth.

"How is that so, you almost stepped on the edge? What if you lose your footing?" Hue Chi was now even more interested in her than before, partially because he wanted to find out more about her ability and her reactions felt rewarding to him.

Earlier, when he got out of the limo, he already sensed something coming from behind. He planned to stop it. That was why he walked backward on the road, but Yu Sha was even faster than him.

Her action surprised and delayed him for a few seconds. That few seconds was crucial, and she messed up his plans but, in the end, he found out something interesting about her so he did not mind at all. It was a win-win situation for Hue Chi. He does not have to unfold his ability in front of others and even found out something more exciting.

Yu Sha was still crouching on top of Hue Chi, struggling to get out of his hold. She huffed bashfully as she hid her face and murmured, "You can let me go now." She felt so uncool at this moment, feeling weak and vulnerable from just being held by a man she barely knew. Why was her heart beating so fast? Why does she feel like she's running short on breaths?

Noticing the state of Yu Sha's expression, he gently let go of his hold as a smirk rose on his face. When he let go of his arms around her, she quickly got off him and scooted away trying to avoid Hue Chi.

"Hmph..." Hue Chi smiled. He was quite satisfied with Yu Sha's reaction.

After sometimes, Yu Sha recovered all of her senses and pushed herself up about to leave but Hue Chi stopped her, "Where are you going?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Yu Sha paused without turning to look at Hue Chi, and in a low soft fluster voice, she replied, "To get help." She doesn't think she can look at him right now. She does not want to be stuck in this enclosed place so closed to him, so she planned to climb up to let the group know they were safe and get help.

Before Hue Chi could reply, a helicopter came down in front of them. The latter hang down and a man was standing at the entrance. Hue Chi sent a signal from his phone to his men earlier and they had already coordinated the special rescue force team.

The rescue man climbed down the ladder and jumped into the tiny space where the three were stuck in. He gave Yu Sha and Hue Chi each a rope attached to a full body harness.

Hue Chi gestured to help Yu Sha strap the harness onto her but she declined his help. "I can do it myself."