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84 Interrogated Him Psychologically

 The impact noise traumatized Su Na. When she came around and turned to look at the people standing outside, Yu Sha was nowhere to be found. "Yu Sha?" Su Na looked around in panic. She quickly got out of the limo and looked around frantically and nervously. "Yu Sha? Where are you?!" She walked from her spot to the road screaming for her beast friend. "Yu Sha?!"

The men besides the limo drivers and the elderly couple noticed that Yu Sha tried to stop the car but was pushed over by the force of the car. She had god-like speed, but she probably did not have enough strength to stop the car going at full momentum, especially going downhill with gravity on its side. "Did Su Na not know that her friend jumped right in front of the car?" The men were even more shocked at Su Na's cluelessness.

Su Na searched around before running over to the cliff by where Long Kue was. She screamed, "Someone, tell me where is Yu Sha?"

She always knew her friend was good at martial arts and can be reckless but she never thought her friend would be this reckless. She also didn't know her friend had god-like speed because they have never been in a situation where Yu Sha had to show her true strength.

From the reaction of everyone and the disappearance of her friend, she could piece together the puzzles. As much as she wants to deny the reality in front of her, she knew that her friend was probably down in the abyss.

Butler Zeu walked over to calm Su Na. He was just as worried about Prince Hue Chi as she was with Yu Sha. Butler Zeu spoke gently. "Miss Su Na, calm down. We will help you look for your friend as our boss is gone too."

Yu Sha glared angrily at everyone while tears rolled down her face, blending in with the raindrops, "Wh... what... just happened? How do I explain to aunt and uncle?" She turned around and slumped down on the edge of the cliff looking down the pitch-dark abyss.

Prince Ken Xue walked over holding an umbrella to shield the rain for the crying lady, with a pitiful expression he tried to calm her mind, "Miss Su Na, your friend will be ok. We will find her."

Su Na didn't even notice Prince Ken Xue talking to her. Her mind was almost at a blank state right now. "H... how did it happen? I... I just turned my back on her for a minute?" Su Na shook her head as she tried to piece together the parts she did not saw. How did Yu Sha got over to the road from the inner road by the stalled vehicle?

It was pitch black down in the abyss and then after sometimes, a fire erupted at the bottomless pit which then quickly dies down.

Long Kue and Su Na saw the small flickering fires, which they assumed it must have been the car that landed at the bottom and exploded. The heavy rain must have washed off the fire quickly as the fire did not grow bigger or stay put for long.

Long Kue knew Prince Hue Chi isn't that weak. If Hue Chi purposely went down with Yu Sha, he must have a plan to save the girl. In a split second, he saw Yu Sha pushed Hue Chi off the path of the incoming car, but Hue Chi grabbed onto the side mirror and forced the window down so he could hang onto the car and go down with them.

In the abyss, Yu Sha had pulled the driver out from the car and dragged Hue Chi out to safety. Because she has god-like speed, what she can do in a split second is equivalent to what a normal person can do in ten to fifteen minutes.

In the midst of her trying to get the driver out of the car, she was not sure how Hue Chi was still stuck to the car and fell down with them. She planned to pull the driver out as the car was falling down, only to notice that Hue Chi was holding on the side window. Him going down with them was a miscalculated part of her plan.

While the car was falling, Yu Sha broke the car glass window, pulled the unconscious driver out of the car, and grabbed Hue Chi along. She used the car as a footrest to push them towards one of the small opening areas on the side surface of the mountain. Hue Chi pretended to be injured and almost unconscious when Yu Sha threw them on the ground.

Noticing that the driver was a young girl, Yu Sha quickly tended to the girl. She checked the girl's vital signs and looked for injuries. As she skimmed through the girl's body, she found out that the girl does not have any external injuries but her pulse was faint.

Yu Sha felt relief as this is a sign of life and hope. During this time when Yu Sha was busy, Hue Chi secretly sent a text to Butler Zeu who was in the middle of dialing the special rescue force team to come out and do a search.

Butler Zeu unconsciously relaxed his facial expression when he received the message from the Prince. He then sent a message to the two shadow bodyguards, Dao Txu and PengXu to not make a move yet. Because of the weather condition and there was no imminent danger, or assassination attempt, Hue Chi had relieved the shadow guards to go ahead of the group and wait for them at the base of the mountain.

When Yu Sha was sure that the girl was okay and would live, she turned to look at the Night Owl who looked a little dazed. The Night Owl felt a little uncomfortable noticing Yu Sha's piercing stare at him. He pretended to come around and re-positioned himself up to a more comfortable position.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Don't move if you want to live." Yu Sha spoke while her gaze had not left him. She has not figured how he still fell down with them. She was sure she pushed him far enough from the path. "It's still raining and the surfaces are wet. There is no guaranteed that the ground and surface will hold us."