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83 Driving In The Rain

 The driver of the first limo crawled slowly on the road until they drove past a stalled vehicle on the inner side of the road. The vehicle stopped right after a sharp curve. Worried the vehicle had broken down, Prince Ken Xue asked the driver to pull over so they could check out the situation. The driver complied and pulled over in front of the stalled vehicle.

"I will go check." Ken Xue ordered. He felt responsible as he was the one who ordered for them to stop, plus, right now, he was going under the alias of Ken and not Prince Ken Xue. He can't order other people around to do work for him.

Zanki would never allow his Prince to do such menial work, so he got out with his Prince to go check the vehicle but the ladies wanted to follow too, so Zanki gave them each an umbrella.

When the ladies stepped outside, Su Na lost her footing as the furious wind blew her umbrella and pushed her towards Yu Sha.

Yu Sha also experienced the same thing too but Su Na leaned on her and having to support both Su Na's and her own weight almost caused her to fall forward.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Zanki turned over to them, "I think it's best if you two ladies stay inside."

Yu Sha turned over to Su Na, "I think it's best if you stay inside." Talking like she was completely innocent, and that sentence does not applied to her.

"Huh? Shouldn't you go back inside with me too?" Su Na asked.

"I wasn't the one losing my footing." Yu Sha replied arrogantly.

"Tsk..." Su Na glared at her friend and decided that it's best to stay inside. "Hurry up, ok?" She headed back inside and handed the umbrella back to Zanki.

The limo behind approached close enough for the infrared camera to capture the surrounding ahead. The driver noticed from his tracking system that the limo in front had pulled over. He turned around and asked, "Prince, the car in front pulled to the side. There is also a vehicle there. Should we stop too?"

Prince Hue Chi glanced at the infrared camera before replying, "Mm.." He could guess that this was the reason the limo in front pulled over. The driver then took over the car and pulled over to the side of the road behind the stalled vehicle.

"Go check." Hue Chi asked his men.

"Yes." The driver then went to the trunk and pulled out two umbrellas. Long Kue also stepped out of the car to go with the driver. As they walked to the stalled vehicle, Prince Ken Xue, Zanki, and Yu Sha were out with their umbrella talking to the driver in the vehicle.

Long Kue noticed that the driver was an elderly man with an elderly woman who could be his wife.

"Is something the matter here?" Long Kue asked while holding the umbrella.

"Um... We thought their car broke down, but it was because this couple cannot see in this weather condition. They decided to wait until the heavy rain and wind passed." Yu Sha replied after noticing that Long Kue and the driver were over.

"Hmm... I see." Seeing that these two are senior citizens and the place felt unsafe for them to be stuck in, Long Kue was in a dilemma. Should they wait with the elderly couple until the rain passed or should someone drove the couple's car until they passed all the mountains or until the rain cleared up?

Inside the back limo, Prince Hue Chi lazily glanced at the infrared camera and could tell that Prince Ken Xue and Yu Sha were out in the rain. He reached his hands to the door handle, lifted the handle, and pushed the door open.

"Prince, let me get an umbrella for you." Butler Zeu ran out in panics to get an umbrella for the Prince.

Hue Chi already steps outside. He didn't wait for Butler Zeu at all.

It took Butler Zeu a few seconds to pop the trunk open and ran to the trunk to get an umbrella. The rain poured down heavily with the help of the wind, even with the umbrella on, they would still get soaked from the waist down.

The heavy rain and harsh wind mixing together are a bad combo as it created low visibility, making it hard to see any incoming lights.

Prince Hue Chi closed the limo door shut and took a few steps towards the middle of the road before taking a few steps back and glanced behind him. That was where they previously came from, down the slope.

What appeared behind from the corner was a car at full speed coming down the slope. Due to the noise of the heavy rain and furious wind, it was hard to hear sounds of the oncoming car. Hue Chi walked right into the path of the car losing control.

The sudden appearance of the car shook everyone as they vividly could see the dimmed headlights of the car flying down.

Before Prince Ken Xue and Zanki could blink their eyes, Yu Sha who was standing next to them had already disappeared. Only those with a sharp sense and keen eyes could tell what happened even though they may not see clear details.

Yu Sha appeared before Hue Chi, pushed him off the path and tried to take the car head on before the force of the car pushed her down the cliff.

It was hard to see everything clearly with the wind and heavy raindrops. Su Na did not realized that Yu Sha disappeared until the car fell off the cliff.

Prince Ken Xue caught glimpsed of Yu Sha's movement but with the poor weather condition, it was hard to see details of the event that unfold before them.

Yu Sha moved so fast, there is no disturbance in the rain or air at all. Long Kue and Butler Zeu panic from the impact of the car hitting over the metal rail.

Long Kue ran over to the cliff as he looked down into the abyss of the mountain, with no sign of any objects as the dark rainy weather overshadowed anything in the abyss.