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82 The Way Back

 Prince Ken Xue had to agree, Aires have something so mystifying, he can feel the natural energy swarming stronger and stronger the higher up they go. The airs and energy are so pure and strong, a perfect place to cleanse and purify one's mind and soul.

Yu Sha was so mesmerized by the beautiful sight that she had completely forgotten about the Night Owl. She was the first one among the group to get so far up ahead. She ran like a little kid full of energy while giggling full of excitement. "Su Na, I'm bewitched!"

Hearing Yu Sha shouted to Su Na, Ken Xue laughed, "Hahaha... She's kinda cute!"

Su Na smiled warmly that her beast friend was having a blast. She herself was also bewitched by this beautiful place except that she was getting tired, but had to keep up with everyone. She looked at Yu Sha, who seems possessed by a true beast as Yu Sha has limitless energy.

"She has abnormal stamina, doesn't she?" Ken Xue asked Su Na.

Surprised someone else also noticed her limitless energy, Su Na replied, "She's not my beast friend for nothing. She has to live up to her name."

"Ha ha ha.." Both Ken Xue and Zanki chuckled.

Yu Sha already ran towards the edge and took a selfie photo. As soon as she snapped a photo, her finger swiped open the contact list on her phone. She clicked on the contact name, "Dad" and "Yu Ping" and sent the photos to them.

Yu Sha loves beautiful places or places that give her a calming feeling. Most often times, places that give you a soothing feeling are swarmed with good energy. They make you feel sane and at peace. This was exactly how she felt at this moment. The energy of this place made her relaxed.

Yu Sha snapped a few more selfies before running up farther.

When she was far from the group, she stopped and walked over to the edge part of a cliff. A gust of breeze wraps around her. The wind seemed to get stronger, making her smooth silky hairs swim in the air as the breeze continues to wrap around her. Yu Sha closed her eyes to feel everything around.

From afar, Su Na saw flower petals and small particles swarming around Yu Sha. Her heart dropped as fright took over her mind. She had a feeling that night might happen again, afraid she yelled, "Yu Sha!"

Her shout woke Yu Sha from her meditation. She turned around and yelled back, "Yes?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You... You're too close to the edge, don't fall!" Falling did not even cross Su Na's mind, but she needed a reason why she shouted in panic earlier.

Yu Sha took a few steps back to ease her friend's mind. She turned around and shouted, "You guys are too slow! Hurry up!" Waving her hands at them to speed up.

The four men saw that something was about to happen, but Su Na had interrupted Yu Sha. They could see the energy particles swarming around Yu Sha too but because neither any of them really know what ability Yu Sha holds within her, they couldn't figure out the energy.

Yu Sha couldn't wait for the group to catch up to her so she ran up farther until she was at the top and waited for the rest to join her.

The view was magnificent at the top surrounded by lots of mountains with clouds floating around. By this time, the sun reached its peak and already made its way down. The two girls took lots of pictures at the top for memory' sake.

The group didn't idle at the top for long before making their way down as they don't have flashlights and they don't want to get back down late.

The dark clouds started to move in when they were halfway down. Almost an hour later, the group arrived back down to where they met earlier. By this time, the weather had gotten very dark and thunders were roaring. A little later, they reached the entrance.

Knowing that the ladies would still have to wait for a taxi, Long Kue offered for the ladies to go back with them. He finally made a move which took him the whole afternoon to come up with.

Knowing that Prince Hue Chi's limo will have three people but he only has two, Ken Xue offered the ladies to go back with him in his limo, "Well, why don't you ladies ride with me instead since there will only be my assistant and I. We have more space." Ken Xue suggested.

Long Kue was lost for words when he heard Ken Xue offered to give the ladies a ride back. Why his Prince doesn't say anything to the girls? Give them a ride since the girls worked for him!

Butler Zeu was already waiting for them by the parking lot next to the limos with umbrellas on his hands about to go look for them until he saw them exited the entrance.

The group got back in the nick of time for the storm to pour down. They have to drive through a few mountain passes before they hit the leveled ground roads. The mountain pass part would take some times to get through. As they left Crystal Cliff Botanical Garden, the rain fell heavier causing visibility to drop, making it hard to see.

The two limos followed each other cautiously as the dark clouds hovered above them, reducing visibility while the rain poured down heavily like the tidal waves crashing against the caves. The furious wind made it impossible for the car to stay in their correct lane.

It was almost impossible to see the car in front and the oncoming car on the other lane. The drivers of the two limos turned on the infrared vision camera in their limo and set the limo to auto drive.

The limo then drove itself while the driver watched the infrared camera for animals and other traffic. Though the limo can detect and avoid other objects, it was not always a guaranteed that other objects could avoid them.

So, men and machines must work together as teams in case circumstances occurred beyond what a machine can control or vice versa.