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80 Saw Nothing But Darkness

 Not long later, the two ladies arrived. They wasted no time to get their ticket and headed in through the gate the moment they paid the entrance fee. The ladies climbed up a few flights of stairs before they saw some shops, flower shops, souvenir shops, and some small food stand shops.

The two ladies looked around the place and saw that about a few hundred meters up, were some fancy restaurants about a mile apart from each other. Growing along the sides of the paths were lots of flowers, vines, cherry trees and lots of flower trees and bushes. The place was beautiful and magnificent! The farther up, the more enchanted the place becomes. Because this place was one whole mountain big, there are lots of small paths and trails for people to explore and dispersed around that it doesn't get crowded with people.

The princes idles around near the entrance so they don't miss the two ladies. The hard part was approaching the ladies without being obvious. At this point, how was Long Kue going to help step up their games? Most likely, Dao Txu will not be able to help as he can't make an appearance.

Long Kue knew that his Prince will do nothing but just observed like he always had been. That man has never had to lift a finger to get women's attention. He probably wouldn't know what to do, where to start, and how to get women's attention.

What would Yu Sha act or think if she knows he is Prince? Would she be like other girls who flocked to him, try to impress him or do anything to get his attention?

Long Kue thought, but then reality hits him. Any women, regardless if they know he is Prince or not, with his look and aura, captivated them at first sight. But with Su Na and Yu Sha, they acted like he's airs. These two women aren't the typical women.

Long Kue doesn't know that Su Na can't afford to be distracted by mere men. She has bigger fish to fry. For Yu Sha, unconsciously, her heart was not free. She was unable to fall in love, thus she always said she has not found anyone who could move her.

Su Na and Yu Sha walked around, reeling in the beauty of everything around until they saw a beautiful spot to take pictures. The spot has a bench wrapped in vineyards around the armrest and the back-rail seat. The vineyard looked lively, flowers blossoming fluttering out from the vineyard.

Behind in the distance beyond the bench is the cliff that glitters like crystals at certain spots. Su Na sat on the bench wanting photos with the flowers, hoping to show the flowers to her mother and grandma as they own a florist shop, and this place has all kinds of flowers, some rare flowers.

There are few other people nearby but they are also busy taking pictures, some people came to paint their inspirations, and some came to photograph the best pictures. Basically, everyone was busy doing their own thing that no one has time to check out what other people are doing.

Yu Sha tried to capture a photo of Su Na sitting on a bench wrapped in beautiful vineyards. She wanted to get a wider view of the background, so she backed away a few steps and bumped into someone.

Zanki purposely took steps backward so he could bump into Yu Sha while pretending to take some professional pictures. He pretended to drop his camera on the ground from the impact of the bump which there was barely any impact at all.

It startled Yu Sha, who was focusing to capture the perfect picture and felt bad when she saw the person behind her dropped his camera. "Ah, I'm so sorry." She apologized and quickly reached down to help pick up Zanki's camera.

At the same time, another person also bent down to reach for the camera. His fingers gently rubbed the tips of Yu Sha's fingers in the process of grabbing the camera.

Seeing the other hand touched hers, Yu Sha quickly lifted her head up while retracting her hand back. The man in front of her was the same one she bumped to earlier at the hotel restaurant. Next to him was the person who dropped his camera.

Her eyebrows lifted in surprise, "It's you!" She didn't think that she would meet him again, the man who complimented her protection charm bracelet.

Ken Xue smiled so brilliantly with a calming expression at Yu Sha as he apologized on Zanki's behalf, "My apology, we bumped into you. I didn't think I'll see you here." The moment his fingers came in contacts with Yu Sha's fingertips, he wasn't able to read or see anything. There was nothing but darkness all around like someone who was locked in the pit of hell. Ken Xue stood up and reached his hand to offer to assist Yu Sha up in hope that more skin contact would allow more mental reading.

She accepted the offer and reached her hand to Ken Xue. He gripped her hand and pulled her up in an attempt to delve into her situation, but again, he saw nothing but pitch darkness.

Ken Xue thought this is odd, very odd, for the first time there are two people he couldn't read. Prince of Aires, when he shook hands during their first greeting, he saw nothing, a white blank space. Now with Yu Sha, he saw nothing but darkness. What was wrong with these two people? Are they connected in some ways? But it can't be? Could it be just a coincidence?

Yu Sha also felt the same way too. She didn't think she would see him again, she asked, "You're here to explore too?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Ken Xue pulled back his thoughts and replied, "Yep. Free afternoon for me."

Yu Sha turned around and signaled for Su Na to come over. When Su Na saw the gesture, she walked over to Yu Sha, "You know him?" She observed the man who radiated a sagely aura.