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79 Prince Ken Xue Is Interested In A Woman!

 Zanki turned the screen over to Ken Xue, "This is what came up."

Ken Xue's eyes widened. "Ah, I remember them now that I saw those articles, but why is only one of them on appeared in public?"

"Well, Miss Su Na is the boss and she does all the face to face meeting and interviews. Miss Yu Sha do more of the behind the scene work." Lue Han tried his best to explain the two ladies situation without having to go further into details.

Ken Xue pondered on the possibilities and reasons behind the secret seal and what was the reason behind it, "I see."

"Is there a problem?" Lue Han asked as he saw that Ken Xue was thinking deeply about something.

Ken Xue brought his thought back to the present and he looked straight at Lue Han before replying, "No, I'm actually quite interested in Miss Yu Sha."

As soon as Ken Xue spoke, Zanki was awestruck. He was feeling wondrous that his Prince actually like a woman!

Both Lue Han and Long Kue were petrified, for Lue Han also had a little crush on Yu Sha too.

Long Kue was petrified because, the only two Princes in the world known to not have any associations with women, both are interested in the same woman, an extra-unordinary woman!! His mind was about to explode from such turn of event. Long Kue secretly glanced at his Prince to see if his prince would be as shocked as he was, but his prince had the same stony expression as always. It was like the news of Ken Xue being interested in Yu Sha didn't bother him at all.

The inner Long Kue shook his head ferociously, he must not allow someone else to take the only woman his prince was interested in. This news must be relayed to Butler Zeu and Dao Txu so they can plan an intervention mission.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The inner Zanki must create an opportunity for his Prince to meet Yu Sha, the only woman his Prince actually ever verbally said he was interested in.

With Ken Xue's position, Lue Han had no choice but to tell them that the girls are planning to spend their afternoon at the Crystal Cliff Botanical Garden.

When Long Kue heard Lue Han told Ken Xue's of the ladies' plan for the afternoon, it devastated him like a torrent flame. That was just like Lue Han helping Ken Xue meet the ladies, but he could not say anything other than giving his prince a look. 'Are we letting them meet the ladies?'

Prince Hue Chi remained silent until Ken Xue spoke, "I've heard of that place before, Crystal Cliff. It is nature made and historically existed for several thousands of years. I am interested in such a thing." Prince Ken Xue was known to like monuments, ruins, and beautiful things.

Zanki quickly added hoping this might help persuade the group to go visit Crystal Cliff, "Yes, why don't we change the scenery for once, plus for the rest of the day, there wasn't anything important to discuss."

The whole time, Prince Hue Chi retained the same stony expression, but after Zanki suggested, he slowly opened his mouth and commanded, "Get 2 cars ready to go there."

Long Kue's mouth dropped, his mind went crazy. Prince, you really going to let them go? Why? Then he realized, Prince Hue Chi is also going too as he ordered 2 cars be prepared. It's not just Prince Ken Xue's party going by themselves, but Prince Hue Chi is going too! He won't let his Prince lose in this game of courtship!

Lue Han turned to his assistant, "Nico, prepared two limos to Crystal Cliff." Lue Han's assistant nodded his head and then walked out of the room. A few minutes later, Nico sent Lue Han a message that two limos will be available soon and for the two princes to get ready.

Lue Han relayed the message to the two princes and asked them to prepare to leave in five minutes.

Butler Zeu, Long Kue and Prince Hue Chi got into the second limo while Prince Ken Xue, his assistant Zanki and two bodyguards took the first limo.

Long Kue sent a message to Dao Txu and PengXu of the change in schedule and updated the reason why. Dao Txu, a man of limitless ideas, will help make sure that his Lord wins in this courtship game.

A little over an hour, the group arrived at Crystal Cliff. Half of the place, mostly the land and body were man made into a botanical garden and halfway to the edges was nature made. The cliff naturally grows wildflowers and on areas that don't have flowers, the grounds are hard rock beaming different colors that glitter like crystals.

The two shadow guards, Dao Txu and PengXu arrived first. As part of the shadow guards, outsiders don't know of their existence. They kept their pace and distance away from the person they are protecting when they go out in public. They still kept their distance half of the time off public eyes. They must remained vigilant and observed the people near the person they're protecting. If they're in a crowded area, they'll blend in and stayed near the person in order to react fast if something happened. But in places with few people, they remained at a distant. Shortly after the two shadow guards arrived, the two princes and their assistant arrived as well.

Lue Han didn't come as he didn't want to make it look obvious that he was fishing information from the ladies so he could stalk them. This time, whether the princes meet the ladies are up to fate and the work of the princes.

Wealthy people like to frequent this place as there is a high fee to get in. Also, there was no safety rails along the edges of the mountain cliffs as the Forest Reservation does not want to damage the natural land.