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77 Way With Words

 Su Na and Yu Sha looked at each other before Yu Sha replied, "Um... We appreciated the invitation but for tonight, we like to explore for a bit, maybe we could catch up another time for a meal?" Yu Sha sometimes had ways with words when declining invitations by never making the other person felt bad and dejected.

"Absolutely! Enjoy your night." Lue Han answered delightfully.

The ladies then excused themselves and exited the hotel to explore the night.

The next morning, Su Na and Yu Sha went to the hotel spa, they each got a full body massage and facial skincare. After that, they grabbed a light breakfast from the hotel restaurant and then went back to their room to dress up. Su Na and Yu Sha both have been working under the scorching sun, and today was the day they get to pamper themselves.

Their plan for the day was to spend the morning shopping, drop their stuff back at the hotel, get lunch and then go visit the Crystal Cliff Botanical Garden which they didn't get the chance to visit the last time as Yu Sha had her accident.

Ether hotel was connected to a few other hotels and shopping districts. It was located in the heart of the city with lots of shops and things to do. The two ladies liked to start off with buying beach items as they will spend lots of time by the beach while working on their project. The city was more down south so it doesn't get cold enough to warrant a jacket or thicker clothes. Plus, Leo gave them quite a few clothes for free as they are good friends and it was also a way for Leo to promote his brand. Yu Sha and Su Na had enough dressed clothes, but they don't have enough beachwears for the next six months. They planned to stack up on summer beach clothes and accessories.

Su Na and Yu Sha walked out of the hotel and down the street where they window shopped before deciding to go into the store. The first store they went to sell more necessity products. They wanted to stack on more feminine products as well such as shampoo, soaps, and all the necessity items for females but it would be too heavy to carry so they opted that for last stop or the next day if they ran out of time. The two walked further down to the mall, Prestique Shopping Mall, famous for its high-end products, plus many wealthy people who lived in the city or outskirt of the city like to frequent that mall.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Su Na and Yu Sha wanted to buy a few hats, beach cover-up tops, and beach dresses so they decided the mall would be a good place to start. When they arrived at the mall, they window shopped a few stores before they reached a shop they want, the shop that sells beachwear items.

Su Na and Yu Sha went into the store and started looking around. They usually buy products in the same category just with different colors or styles. They each picked out a couple of hats, several pairs of cover-up tops, several pairs of swimsuits and summer dresses. After some times, they got all they needed and went up to the cash register to ring up their items.

They left the store and window shop a few more stores down the mall hall before going into a shoe store to buy a few pairs of shoes. Both Su Na and Yu Sha bought several pairs of shoes for different occasions, a few pairs of sandals, flip-flops, tennis shoes and a few pairs of heels. They shopped more stores to get more items and before they knew it, noon rolled around. The girls made their way back to the hotel to drop off their stuff before heading to the hotel restaurant for lunch.

In the restaurant, the two Princes were escorted with their assistants for lunch. They had just arrived and were directed to a private VIP room.

Prior to coming for lunch, the two princes discussed potential international trades while their assistants took notes of the few hours of discussions. Now at lunch, the assistants were having their lunch in the adjoining room while the Princes ate their food without their assistants around except Butler Zeu. He was on standby as always to make sure the two Princes needs are being met. Prince Hue Chi always has Butler Zeu to serve while discussing trades and projects as it may contain confidential information outsider does not need to hear.

Inside the restaurant's VIP room, the two princes took the seats across from each other. They further discussed the upcoming schedule for when Prince Hue Chi visited Trimedeis to observe the country. During this time, food was being served as well. Long Kue had provided Prince Hue Chi the gist of his schedule but the Prince of Trimedeis, Ken Xue, wanted to personally recommend a few places to Prince Hue Chi's schedule.

Prince Ken Xue wore a cream color suit. He has silky flowy amber hairs with a mystifying yet warming smile. His actions and motions were beautiful like the calming waves that when you look at it, you could get lost in the present for being entranced by him.

Prince Hue Chi, on the other hand, wore a black suit as always, and exuded a mysterious distant yet mystical auras. No matter where he was at, what time of day, or what he was doing, he always has the same facial expression as if his muscles were frozen and does not allow for much movement. If he were to be in the entertainment industry, he might have won an award for best acting by being able to act the exact same emotion and expression no matter the circumstances. Or, he might have won an award for the worst acting ever existed for not being able to act anything else. Some may call it talent, others may not think so.