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76 The Two Princes

 Many of them have their own daughter whom they groomed to be potential Queen one day. They would be dead set against it if the prince never gave their daughter a chance. To be the leader of a nation is not so that one can dictate their authority over the people but to shoulder responsibilities and decisions that make the people happy, especially to those who provide support for the royal family. Long Kue started to worry about the future of his prince and unconsciously let out a big sigh as his energy became gloomy thinking too far ahead.

Hue Chi then slightly turned his head to glance at Long Kue. What was wrong with this guy? Did the depression from Yu Sha rubbed onto Long Kue too? The prince thought as he looked at Long Kue's solemn expression.

Suddenly the cart came to a stop, Jake turned around and spoke, "Let's stop here and go look around."

When Jake put the cart in parking gear, Prince Hue Chi got out of the cart and headed towards the construction site. He walked over and briefly looked at the progress. There wasn't much to inspect at this point but just making sure that the startup of the project was on track and there are no hiccups with the flow process.

After that, Jake drove the group to the end of the north half. They made a stop at the end before hopping back onto the cart and drove back down the south half. Jake was speeding while driving back, but when they hit the south half, he slowed down so they could look at the work closely.

After the visit, the group came back to the port, debriefed, and concluded the inspection. Hue Chi and Long Kue said their goodbyes and went back to the ship. By this time, almost two hours had passed, they need to head to the city soon. The Prince had to meet an important guest, Prince of the Country of Trimedeis. Ether had coordinated accommodation and the schedules for the two princes for the next two days. The place will be at one of the hotel chains owned by Ether.

Lyon and Gyia are two countries that no longer run by a monarchy system but most of the other countries are still ruled by monarchy system, meaning there are still King, Queen, Princes, and Princesses.

Later that afternoon, Long Kue verbally updated Lue Han of the visit with great feedback. Lue Han was happy to hear of the report from the Prince. The decision he made picking the two ladies for this project wasn't wrong. He then happily sent a text to the ladies asking what their plans for the weekend were. He heard the report from Hue Chi and it was all positive comments so he wanted to let them know.

When the phone beeped, Su Na checked her phone and saw it was a group text from Lue Han to the two of them girls. She read the message, felt happy at what Lue Han wrote and replied, "We are going into town tonight so we can spend the weekend in the city."

Yu Sha also saw the text and replied from Su Na. Her friend's replied suffice, so she didn't send a reply. It flabbergasted Lue Han that the two ladies are going into the city so he offered to provide them accommodation at Ether's hotel, which was centrally located in the city.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Su Na and Yu Sha gladly accepted the offer. After they closed off the day, they both went back to their room and packed heading for the city. They had called for taxi service and by the time they got down to the port, the taxi was already waiting.

Getting to Ether Hotel took an hour and thirty minutes. From the port to the outskirt city was one hour but being stuck in traffic from the outskirt of the city to Ether Hotel took another thirty minutes. The taxi dropped the two ladies off at Ether's hotel entrance and they were escorted to their rooms. The ladies were treated nicely by the staff as Lue Han had notified the staff beforehand. They are considered important guests of Lue Han.

By the time Yu Sha and Su Na settled their luggage and changed, it was the tail end of dinner time. They decided to go check out the places nearby and get some dinner. As they got down to the lobby, Lue Han was down in the lobby talking to the front desk manager. When the girls saw Lue Han on their way out, as a courtesy, they went to say hi to him.

"Hi CEO Lue Han, we didn't expect to see you here tonight." Su Na greeted Lue Han as they walked towards his direction.

Lue Han turned around and saw the two ladies, "Ah, we have an important guest staying here for the next couple of days. I'm here to receive the guest and make sure everything goes smoothly." Lue Han replied happily.

"I see. Well, thank you for the trouble of providing us accommodation being busy yourself. If I had known earlier that CEO Lue Han was busy, I would have declined the offer." Su Na answered.

Lue Han laughed and explained politely, "Oh, don't be. It's my pleasure. It was mostly done by my men. I barely lift a finger."

The girls knew that most of the work wasn't personally done by the CEO but his assistants and secretaries. It was a way of showing their gratitude and being modest.

Knowing that the two ladies must have left right after work, they may be hungry. Lue Han asked, "Have you ladies eaten yet?"

"Not yet, we are about to go look around and find something to eat." Su Na replied.

"In that case, why don't you two ladies join us for dinner tonight?" Lue Han asked nervously.