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75 Let Out Big A Sigh

 The sun was about to set when everyone finished their dinner. The construction crew didn't stay out long tonight. Once everyone finished their meal, they head back into their rooms. Yu Sha and Su Na did the same thing too. They went back to hang out in their room before going to bed.

The next day, the sun shone bright, another day full of plenty sunshine. The crew arrived at the site and picked off where they left the day before, while Su Na, Yu Sha, and Jake stayed behind. They sat on the table with their morning coffee working on their laptop while waiting to meet up with Hue Li.

An hour later, Prince Hue Chi and Long Kue walked out from the main entrance. Su Na was the first one to notice them. Out of habit, she instantly got up to greet them. "Hello, Hue Li! We'll be glad to assist you today."

Jake stood up, reaching his hand out for a handshake as he greeted and welcomed them.

Yu Sha looked at her colleagues and at Hue Li. It would not look good if she was the only one left, so she unwillingly reached out her hand to greet the Prince and his assistant. Prince Hue Chi saw the hesitation in her body language and gave a smirk.

Hue Chi reached out his hands to receive the handshake. He clasped his hand with hers and gave a firm squeeze while smiling at her. Yu Sha avoided eye contact with the Night Owl. She's been avoiding him for a good week and had been successful at it but today was unavoidable. She must put up an act until he leaves.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jake gestured for everyone to go sit on the table. When each of them sat on the table, Yu Sha turned on the project slide and brief the status, what they had done so far, where they are in terms of schedule and what was to come. Yu Sha talked with so much knowledge as if she knew every minute details of the project from inside out.

Hue Chi noticed that Yu Sha does most of the details presenting when on the site, while Su Na does public appearances and interviews. Is Yu Sha really Su Na's assistant, or is she really the mastermind of this whole project? Hue Chi was looking at Yu Sha without blinking while many thoughts ran through his mind.

Noticing that the Night Owl hadn't blink but stared at her lost in thought, Yu Sha felt uncomfortable. She hurriedly wrapped up her presentation and opened for questions.

Hue Chi's thoughts pulled back as soon as Yu Sha finished. He does not have anything to discuss with them, as everything was executed flawlessly at this point.

Jake then asked everyone to get on the cart so they could do a drive through the site. Hue Chi, Long Kue, and the two ladies got up and followed Jake to the cart. The cart had three rows seat. Jake took the first row as he was driving the group. Su Na also took the first row on the passenger side as she may need to guide the group. Hue Chi and Long Kue took the middle row while Yu Sha took the last row.

Jake drove the group along the north half first while Su Na explained, "We finished the frame of the lower and ground level. Going forward, the plan was to construct from the middle going outward. As you can see, we now constructed the first mile of each half up to about floor 4. Constructing upward takes time, we thought it would be a better idea to construct the buildings one mile at a time. This way, we can share equipment and have supplies concentrated at one spot for easy access. Then we can slowly move supplies and equipment as we move outward."

Yu Sha, sitting in the very back row, would occasionally stare at Hue Chi's back. He also occasionally turned to his right to look at the construction site as they were on the paved road that was finished the first few days. She thought, 'How in the world did I saw that he was similar to the man in my dream a week ago?' As much as she hated it, she had to admit the truth that he was quite handsome, mystically handsome with arrogant and distant air around him. Admitting the truth depressed her even more, she unconsciously let out a long sigh, alerting Hue Chi to turn around and looked at her.

Yu Sha had her right arm on top of the back seat with her forearm dangling down while she perched her chin on top of her forearm and stared off in the direction of the construction site. She wasn't looking at the construction per se but gazed far off into the distance in that direction and was not aware that she was acting out her thoughts.

Hue Chi turned around and looked at the side profile of the depressed Yu Sha lost in her thoughts, the corner of his lips curved up slightly while his eyes beam like the sunlight shining in the horizon.

When Long Kue who sat next to the prince saw his prince looked at Yu Sha with a gentle gaze, he felt shocked and excited at the same time. Even though he only saw his prince's side profile, he can tell the look in the prince's eye. He never thought there would be a day when the prince had a different expression.

This was the day he had been waiting for! It overwhelmed him with happiness before worries took over. What would the whole royal circle think if the prince was interested in a commoner? As far as history could be traced back by proper documentation and not by myth or legend, the Royal family always married another Royal or social elite, not commoners, let alone a commoner from another country. What would the political parties think? The social elites who have ties and connection to the royal family would definitely disagree with the preference of the prince if he should ever be interested in a commoner.