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74 Send Him Off For A Longer Mission

 Not long after they had situated down and eaten their food that people from the construction crew showed up. Su Na and Yu Sha also came for dinner. They planned to spend a few minutes with Jake to brief over the schedule. They want to make sure Jake them are on the same page for when Hue Chi inspects them.

Su Na knew that the person who would inspect them this time will be the man they met the last time when they came. She didn't like the vibes of the female present with him at that time. If that female will be present tomorrow, she wanted to make sure that the female had nothing to pick on.

Yu Sha and Su Na walked over to Jake's table, where he sat with a few of the men. "Can we join you?" Su Na asked.

"Sure, come sit," Jake replied as he signaled for the men to make room. There were enough rooms on the table, but they wanted to make sure they gave the ladies lots of space. He could guess the two ladies probably wanted to brief about the inspection.

When everyone was almost done with their food, Yu Sha felt that it would be the perfect time to briefly discuss the plan for tomorrow. "The men are independent of executing the plan with minimal supervision. They will continue to pick off where they left off today and we can wait outside of the cruise to meet Hue Li. What do you guys think?" Though Su Na and Yu Sha experienced this all the time in their career, they also wanted to make sure that all parties agreed and are on the same page. This was a collaboration project, so all decision making should go through all parties and everyone also had to agree in order for the decision to go forward.

"I have no objection as you two are more experienced with this process than me, plus, we are not that far into the project to have that much for them to inspect." Jake trusted his men, he knew they are professional, and they were talented with their own area of strength. The two ladies were more experienced too, so whatever they recommended, he had no objection. This was an opportunity for him to observe the two ladies' work ethic. He felt that there were a few things he could learn from them.

On the third floor of the deck, Dao Txu kept glancing down and showing quirky smiles.

Long Kue was getting irritated at Dao Txu's behavior. He knew that it was only a matter of time before the Prince reprimanded Dao Txu for his obvious stupid behavior.

On the first floor of the deck, after Jake agreed to what Yu Sha and Su Na proposed, Yu Sha stood up and announced loudly, "Hey everyone, may I get your attention!"

When everyone heard Yu Sha shouted, they quiet down and turned around to look at Yu Sha. When she felt she got everyone's attention, she spoke, "We will have our first visit from Ether tomorrow. There really isn't much for them to see at this point, but they would like to check in. All of you will pick up from where you left off while Jake, Su Na and I stayed by the port to meet our visitor. Tomorrow is the end of the week, we will have the weekend off. Everyone is free to do whatever they want."

When the people on the third floor heard the announcement, Dao Txu gave another quirky smile at the group. "They are staying behind to meet the visitor? Sounds very interesting." Dao Txu touched his chin looking like he was scheming something, then he added, "My Lord, can I go with you tomorrow?"

When Long Kue heard this, he glared at Dao Txu. What was he thinking? He already disguised to meet with them. What is he going in as this time? This idiot isn't afraid to be found by the construction crew or the prince?

Prince Hue Chi remained silent. Dao Txu was not supposed to appear in public with the royal family, so no matter how much Dao Txu wanted to go, not a chance he would allow Dao Txu to appear next to him when appearing in public. The situation was not dire enough to warrant the shadow guard to appear with him in public even if Dao Txu goes in disguised, some people are more discerning than others. Those people may noticed the disguise and figured out who worked in the shadow.

PengXu had finished his food and already disappeared out of sight long before Yu Sha made the announcement. He does not stick around long whenever he is out with the group. Someone had to stay on guard almost at all times.

"Prince, you need to send him off for a longer mission." Long Kue muttered as he adjusted his glasses.

Those words seemed like it had an effect on the Prince as he looked like he was thinking about it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

When Dao Txu saw the look on his Lord's face, he shook his head, "No, not right now. Life is just about to get exciting." With that, he took off running away and jumping down the back of the ship to his room before the Prince sends him off to the middle of nowhere.

After Dao Txu had disappeared, Long Kue sighed and asked, "Prince, we will fly out in two days. Do you want to stop by the Royal home first?" He knew the prince purposely declined dinner and left to come work at the cruise as an excuse to show he was really not available. Long Kue was worried about what the king and queen might think and thought maybe the prince should stop by.

Again, Prince Hue chi remained dazed and silent. Long Kue glanced at Butler Zeu and when Butler Zeu shook his head, it was a confirmation that he does not plan to stop by the Royal Palace.

In this case, Butler Zeu would have to run home to pack the essentials for a week trip out.