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73 Felt The Same Way

 The automatic robots did the heavy lifting, carrying and setting materials at appropriate places and then human use tools to connect them. The day started with the automatic robots placing the appropriate steel poles onto the correct place for the workers to mend the poles into place. This cycle repeats for most of the day.

Prince Hue Chi had been working remotely for the last several days at the cruise ship. He got a lot of works done for not having to travel back and forth between the Royal Palace and Aires Royal Corporate Square. Long Kue had been busy preparing and coordinating the next business travel trip for the Royal Prince.

Hue Chi had sent Dao Txu to go on a few days errand run to meet up with another shadow guard currently away for a mission. Therefore, Dao Txu was not around to bother anyone while PengXu stayed behind to guard the Prince as usual.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The foundation frame will take about one week to finish, and that will be right before when Prince Hue Chi will leave for his trip.

Yu Sha has been avoiding night strolls to avoid meeting Hue Chi. She usually spent her time idling on her balcony if she could not sleep. The cycle repeats itself and before long, a week has gone by.

One morning, Prince Hue Chi asked Long Kue to email Jake and Su Na that he would go out to inspect the site on behalf of Ether the next day. He wanted to give them the one day notice to give everyone time to prepare themselves.

Later that afternoon, Dao Txu came back from his few days errand run for his Lord. When he arrived back at the cruise, he brought a bag full of books, looking merrily as ever after. The first thing he did was went to the Prince's suite. When he noticed that everyone was busy doing their own thing, with the Prince in his office, Long Kue sitting on the dining table working on his laptop, while Butler Zeu ironing the Prince's clothes. Dao Txu walked right over to the living room and sat the bag by the big comfy couch before sitting down.

Dao Txu then casually took out a book titled, "Dating 101 For Men" and pretended to read the book. After ten minutes, he set the book down on the small table on top of a couple of magazines, grabbed another book and headed for the balcony. He found himself a chair next to the table and started reading the book called, "Dos and Don'ts Guide to Romance."

About five minutes into the book, Dao Txu casually left the book on the balcony table, walked back inside by the couch, and grabbed another book. Once he had the book in his hand, he casually walked to the kitchen, opened the fridge, and took out some leftover food. He heated the leftover food and went to sit on the dining table to eat while reading the book, "How To Impress Your Woman." After ten minutes, he casually left the book on the dining table.

Long Kue glanced at Dao Txu, 'this guy here does not read and why is he reading today?' When he looked at the book title, he knew that this guy was up to no good again. How in the world does he have time and energy to come up with such things?

Dao Txu's next target was the office and bedroom, but that would be too obvious so he opted for the bathroom. He went back to the couch and grabbed another book from the bag before heading to the bathroom. Dao Txu went to sit on the toilet flipping a couple of page of the book titled, "How To Attract Women." After five minutes, he flushed the toilet and left the magazine on a towel shelf before walking out.

His lord sometimes sits on the dining table in the kitchen and or balcony while reading the news and sipping coffee every morning. The chance of his lord seeing the book on the dining table and balcony is higher than the living room or bathroom. But as long as he could pique his lord's interest into just glancing any of the books longer than two seconds, he would've won the battle already.

After hanging up the ironed clothes, Butler Zeu went to restock the towels in the bathroom and noticed the book title. He automatically knew what Dao Txu was up to. Since he felt the same way as Dao Txu, he allowed Dao Txu to litter the place with dating books. Hopefully, his prince would pick up some dating tactics.

Butler Zeu walked over to the prince and convinced him to have his meal out on the deck as it was not good to stay coop up in the suite day after day to which the Prince agreed. Butler Zeu then happily called the kitchen staff to coordinate dinner for the young men to eat dinner out on the deck.

The day ended and the construction crew wrapped up their work. Yu Sha and Su Na had reduced their working hours. Everyone usually went back to their rooms, showers and changed before coming out to have dinner. Sometimes, not everyone eat their dinner out in the deck but most people go out to the deck since the kitchen there always had ready to eat food around breakfast, lunch and dinner time.

PengXu surveyed the surrounding and there seemed to be no suspicious activities. If there was no suspicious activity or person, he can openly join the group for dinner up on the deck. Prince Hue Chi and his confidants made their way to the deck. When they arrived on the third floor of the deck, the server had just finished setting their foods on the table.

Everyone found a spot to sit on the table on the third floor. It usually was rare for them to dine on the same table together at the same time with their big Boss, the Prince. Dao Txu looked forward to this dinner the most, as he knew the daily routine of the construction crew. Most of the time, everyone came out to eat on the deck for its convenience.