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72 Record Breaking

 Dao Txu clipped the baits onto the hook, walked to the corner of the cliff and effortlessly tossed the hook towards the sea. His toss didn't look forceful nor strong, but smoothly flew effortlessly far into the ocean. None of the men who fished earlier could toss the hook that far. What kind of demon was Tao?

Not even a minute later, he felt a tugging on his pole. As he wheeled in the fishing line, everyone focused their attention on the hook. After a minute, the fished emerged out of the water, it was a 6 feet sea fish, struggling, flapping its tail to get away but Dao Txu was strong. Handling something like a mere fish was no big deal for him.

Everyone gasped as their jaw dropped. That was record-breaking time. No one has caught a fish 30 seconds into casting the line. What kind of luck was on this demon's side? With his luck, why was he still working on the ship? The construction crew thought to themselves.

Tong was so shocked and irritated, he threw his fishing pole on the ground. He knew he doesn't have much luck, but he still wanted to prove that fishing does not rely on pure luck. But all day, he has caught nothing. What he did wrong was, he dropped his hook straight down along the cliff, no wonder he has no luck and no one corrected him.

Dao Txu wheeled in the fish, walked it over to the table on the sand and dropped the sea fish on the table while it was still wiggling. He walked over to the circle on the cliff where everyone was sitting around the fire pit like it was nothing.

The men haven't pulled their shock back to reality yet. Yu Sha was surprised too! The way he threw the fishing line into the sea and how he lifted and carried the fish, ordinary men would struggle a little bit, but Tao didn't flinch a muscle. This guy here was not a normal person.

Dao Txu went to sit down pretended to be oblivious to all the eyes staring at him though he noticed everyone was still quiet staring at him as if they are scared of him and his formidable prowess. He put on a confused look. "What? Is it not normal for a person who works at sea to know how to fish and handle fish?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Everyone moved their mouth and nodded their head, "Ah... that makes sense." They felt much better as they are not as experienced as Tao. It's not that they are not skilled in the art of fishing, but Tao just had more years and time at sea to gain the experiences.

Though it was hard for Yu Sha to buy it, she went along with the flow. This guy may not be what he appeared.

After a couple of hours, Dao Txu had to get back as his Lord only gave him two hours to idle around but it was almost three hours. When he arrived back at his room, he went to change his clothes and pulled off the wig. The closet was full of customs! After he changed, he went out to the balcony to see if PengXu was still there.

PengXu was still reading and his pole was still cast. "Yo Pengy. Why are you wasting your time fishing when you always let them go afterward?" Dao Txu asked. Why fish when you aren't going to use it as a food source?

PengXu glanced at Dao Txu and asked, "Why draw pictures when you just keep tearing it apart?" Dao Txu has a thing for art and he draws sometimes. But he always ended up throwing it away because the result was not to his liking.

"Tsch... food and drawing are two different things." Dao Txu looked at the boring PengXu reading his book and sighed, "I'm going to bother Longy." With that, he went out the door to go bother Long Kue.

The sun started setting on the horizon. Everyone helped clean up and brought the supplies back to the cruise. The crew won't get another break until the following weekend so they decided to not stay late and go to bed early. It was important to get proper rest so the body and mind don't get exhausted.

Su Na and Yu Sha got back and went to shower in their own room. They needed to wash off the sands and salts from their body. After they were done, they felt tired from the long day outdoor in the sun so they order room service for dinner. Yu Sha was at Su Na's room while they ate their light meals.

Su Na looked at Yu Sha, "Don't oversleep tomorrow, ok?" She implied that Yu Sha should go to bed early as Yu Sha was never an early person. She usually needs longer hours of sleep than most people to be able to roll out of bed the next day.

Yu Sha rolled her eyes at Su Na, "I know. Don't have to remind me," as she munched on her food.

The next day, everyone assembled outside the ship. The robots were divided equally among the two groups to work side by side with the construction crews. There were 32 construction workers and 20 robots. Sixteen of the robots were automatic robots meaning they were software programmed for construction works and 4 robots have to be manually controlled by a human who sits inside the robot. The four human control robots were seldomly used. They are only used for more difficult intelligent tasks where the software-programmed robots cannot perform.