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71 Can I Have Your Autograph?

 The group turned around. They saw a man with bleached hairs, sunglasses in a floral shirt and short pants carrying an expensive camera.

Back at the Prince's suite, Long Kue was on his computer in the balcony. He turned on one of the satellite recorders nearby to find Dao Txu. According to his tracker, Dao Txu seemed to be at the cliff just where Su Na and Yu Sha spoke of earlier. He knew that idiot was up to no good. When he zoomed in the satellite, he saw Dao Txu in disguised get-up interacting with the construction crew.

I knew it! He was really up to no good. He better not blows up his cover doing whatever he wants. Long Kue muttered to himself while waiting for the Prince to be done with his video conference meeting.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Butler Zeu was in the kitchen fixing some tropical drinks and snacks for the young men while PengXu was still fishing and reading his book on the balcony next door. Because of his patient temperament, most of his time is spent around the Prince. He is usually on guard and reacts the quickest should anything happens to the Prince. Due to the Queen's accident a long time ago, the shadow guards were created to protect the royal family and never to leave the side of the royal family no matter how mundane the day gets.

Back at the cliff, Dao Txu was already immersing himself with the construction crew. He was sitting in a circle among them tasting the food and laughing his mouth off.

"Haha... Thank you for the food. This is good." Dao Txu laughed with his mouth wide open as he helped himself to some food.

Yu Sha asked curiously, "So... Tao, what do you do on the ship?"

Dao Txu had introduced himself as Tao to the group and that he works in the ship.

"I work in the back room and got the afternoon off. I'm always interested in photography. So, when I'm off, I usually try to come out to take pictures. Depending on the time of day and type of weather, the pictures are not always the same even though it is the same place." Dao Txu made up a fake job for himself in the ship. Though he has a talent for arts, his profession was shadow bodyguard of Aires Royal Prince.

Yu Sha nodded in agreement with his statement about the picture scene and added, "Mn... Mn... But you certainly don't look like someone who works in the back. Your personality doesn't fit your job. Aren't you bored?"

"Of course not, I am not working alone. There are other staffs too and we keep each other company." Dao Txu explained himself. He then shifted the topic to the two ladies.

"So, Miss Yu Sha and Su Na, you two are the mastermind of constructing this place huh? I've never imagined such young and beautiful looking ladies are the mastermind of this place. Can I get an autograph in case you two becomes famous internationally someday?"

"Well, we are not celebrities, we don't aim to be. You gave us too much credit." Su Na replied humbly.

Dao Txu acted surprised as he spoke to Su Na, "Eh? You aren't. But aren't you all over the news? Weren't you quite known in Lyon? And then after you two completed your project in Gyia and Cleotara, you were in the news in those two countries too." He took out his phone and quickly searched for them to prove that they are famous but he was only able to see Su Na.

"Miss Yu Sha, why aren't you in the news too?" Dao Txu asked pretending to look clueless.

"Well, I love freedom too much so I don't want to appear in the news." Yu Sha explained her reason. It was partially true. Her parents don't want her to be known or become a celebrity, her personality is too carefree and her life would be restricted. They want her to be able to spread her wings and fly anywhere without people and paparazzi constantly chasing after her. Another reason was because of their main profession, they like to just appear normal in the ordinary world.

"Ohhh... Who would have thought Miss Yu Sha is similar to me? I love freedom too!" Dao Txu claimed.

"You certainly don't look like it. Your energy doesn't come off that way. You seemed like someone who loves to be in the center of attention or you like the spotlight." Yu Sha guessed just by how he acts, talk and dress.

"Hahaha... Miss Yu Sha is certainly sharp, but I'm only like that around those I'm comfortable with."

"Well, then you certainly got comfortable fast since you're already sitting and eating with us in a matter of 5 minutes. Hahaha..." Yu Sha laughed off as she explained why she thought of him as someone who likes the spotlight. Sometimes she can be blunt. "But it's alright, we got lots of food to share." She added.

Cheng busted out laughing, "There are plenty in the ocean, we can always fish some more, except Tong. He's still trying to get his first catch... hahaha..."

"Tsk!" Tong grew irritated. Why isn't the fish baiting his hook? How could he be so down on his luck?

Dao Txu looked at the fishing pole on the ground and grabbed one. "Can I borrow this?"

"Sure." Cheng replied.