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70 Do You Cook?

 Still floating on the water surface, Yu Sha cheered, "WOW!" Looking at Su Na feeling satisfied and content. "You are wicked, smart wicked! Oh, I love your wickedness" She laughed happily and hung her arms across onto Su Na's with all her weights causing Su Na to go under water.

Su Na pushed Yu Sha before merging back up to catch her breath, "You trying to drown me?" She shouted.

"Of course, not? I simply was overwhelmed with excitement." Yu Sha explained herself before giggling "Hehehe... I'm so glad... So, so glad my wickedness is starting to rub off on you!"

Su Na smiled, "Yea, that's the only part of you I want rubbed onto me. Keep the weirdo part to yourself, ok?"

"Hahaha... quit accusing me of the things I am not." Yu Sha defended herself.

"I'm not, I only spoke of the truth. Ask the twins and your brother, we all have one opinion in common."

Yu Sha pouted, "Ugh, you guys are ganging up on me."

"But you know, we all love you. Life wouldn't be fun without your psycho-ness." Su Na comforted.

Yu Sha arched her brows and egotistically replied, "Hmph, of course! I'm so lovable. Those who don't see it that way is blind. Hehe."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It was then a voice called out to them. The two girls looked towards the shore and saw Chong in the water up to chest high waving and calling out to them to go eat some seafood he had mentioned earlier.

The girls looked at each other, and Su Na asked, "I'm still full from lunch but if you want to eat, we can go."

Yu Sha replied, "I never say no to free food even when I'm full. Let's go." She nudged her head, gesturing for them to go.

With that, the two best friends swam back to shore and walked to the cliff.

When they arrived on the cliff, Jake called out to them, "Yu Sha and Su Na, come help yourself. Most of these are ready. The men made some catch earlier, and we cooked it."

A man named Cheng interrupted, "Except Tong over there by the cliff, still waiting for his first catch, hahaha..."

Tong who was over by the cliff overheard, a little short and stubby standing by the cliff with his pole replied irritably, "Tsk... Just wait. I'll make the biggest catch of my life." Looking like he poured all his luck into the fishing pole.

The good smell of the food instantly makes Yu Sha hungry. "Yum... This looks good." Yu Sha grabbed a fish stick and took a bite. The fish tasted so good, "Mm... this is so good, rich in flavor with a tint of curry taste. Do we have a chef on board here?"

A man named Xing, with a slightly darker skin tone and somewhat scrawny on Yu Sha's team replied humbly, "Well, we borrowed some ingredients from the Cruise kitchen and several of us made something small, but I would have to say, Jake, Cheng and I made most of them."

Yu Sha nodded her head impressed, "Xing, you cook?"

He bashfully replied, "Just a little."

Jake commented, "Xing is just being humble. He's a great cook. In fact, cooking is his hobby."

Cheng then asked, "Miss Yu Sha, do you cook?"

Her face looked stone as she glanced at each of them while chewing on her food slowly, "Well, I can fix a simple sandwich?" She wasn't sure if that was considered cooking, so instead of replying she asked.

The men chuckled at Yu Sha's reply. Fixing a simple sandwich is not considered "know how to cook."

Cheng turned to Su Na and asked, "Miss Su Na, do you cook?"

Su Na replied confidently, "No one beats me in scrambled eggs."

The men laughed at the two girls and then Cheng asked, "So both of you don't cook. You're always together, what if you two get stranded somewhere?"

Yu Sha replied, "We just have to make sure we never put ourselves in that situation. The last time, I tried to make something, I almost burned the house down. Since then, my father doesn't allow me into the kitchen unless it is to get water or something already made in the fridge."

The men's jaws dropped. Here are two of the most brilliant women they've met and known personally. They have it all, look, brain, and skills but they don't know how to cook.

"Are you two from a wealthy family? You certainly don't have the snobby personality like most wealthy kids are." Cheng asked.

All the men were so eager to hear a little information about the two girls. They all stopped what they're doing and turned their ears to listen.

Su Na quickly replied, "Of course not, we are from the working-class family. In fact, my family was in poverty at one point when I was very young."

The men were stunned and even admired Su Na more than they already were.

Yu Sha replied, "Well, my family is not exactly poor nor exactly rich?" Yu Sha was not sure how to answer that question. She knew her parents have money, but they have always lived humbly. They didn't spoil her by giving her tangible materials but by giving her their presence, their time, their love and their attention. She has been grounded before when she break the rules. She knew they certainly were harsh on her. Her family didn't live lavishly nor poorly so it was a tough question for her to answer.

"I see because of your fame and since you both don't know how to cook, we thought you two may be from the wealthy elite families. Who would've guessed that both of you are just like us too." Cheng replied.

"Well, it certainly wasn't easy to get to where we are today. I used to go for days without sleep just to keep up my grades. If you want it enough, you can attain it." Su Na replied determinedly as images of her struggles crept into her mind.

Now the men got a small glimpsed into the women's past. They felt a mixture of emotions at how hard the girls worked to get to where they are today which made them have more respect for the girls.

Suddenly, someone unfamiliar came by with a photography camera and an accent, "Excuse me, may I walk past here to take a few pictures at the corner of the cliff?"