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69 Accumulate So Much Wealth

 The Song family was speechless unable to say anything. Madam Song never had thought that Su Na would personally show up with the flowers. In fact, she did not think her husband's ex-wife would show up too but if she ordered flowers with so much quantity, she could flaunt her status and wealth to her husband's ex-wife. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

However, today, Su Na had utterly destroyed her plan. Not only Su Na exposed her to her husband, but she does not look like she was short of wealth herself either. She flaunted her wealth in front of all the guests and the Song family, which was like an insult to Madam Song. Showing up so grand in ten first class VIP limos and one of the most expensive cars, how could Su Na accumulate so much wealth in just nearly two years of work?

Was the bar owner who backed up Su Na simply just a bar owner? Madam Song had secretly done research on Yu Sha and her family and only found out that her father was a stay home dad who ran a bar at night while her mother worked for the government. But her mother couldn't possibly be making so much money from a government job unless you are high up in the government chain. There was no information available when the research was done and her mother must be a worker so low on the chain that she didn't even appear in papers and news.

When Su Na got down from the stage, she stood face to face with the Song family with a smirk on her face. "Would the Song family each like a bouquet too? I prepared enough."

The elderly Song couples softened their facial expression and felt relieved as Su Na didn't come to destroy their event but only came to deliver flowers. How could they be angry at her when all the guests are so happy? Plus, she is one of their granddaughters too. They should've trusted her from the beginning. They had tried to get her back in the past when they found out she had the Song blood running through her veins, but they weren't successful in retrieving her back from her mother.

It seemed like someone had meddled into the legal process causing them to fail in their attempt of getting custody of Su Na. With their power and connection, it was supposed to be easy to obtain custody of her. It was almost as someone more powerful is meddling in but Su Na's mother shouldn't have any connection to powerful people. Their first daughter-in-law was from a commoner household with no resources.

The Song elderly knew that Su Na held contemptment towards them for kicking her mother out while her mother was pregnant with her. Her mother had brought shame to the Song family, but Su Na embodied everything they want in a grandchild. She inherited her grandmother Song's look, she was smart and successful. She has all the traits so perfect as one of the Songs. If they knew she would be this affluence in life, they would have fought harder to retrieve her from her mother back then. Even to this day, Su Na refused to acknowledge and addressed them properly.

Elderly grandma Song parted her mouth and nervously asked, "Su Na dear, why don't you stay for the event since you are here?"

Su Na's action was done in spite of Madam Song but it did not felt like that to the guests or to the Song elderly. Her action had brought them face and made their guests happy.

Su Na put on airs and slipped her glasses down, "Sorry, I have a flight to catch in a couple hours to Cleotara. I only took 24 hours off to prepare this gift for the Songs annual event." Su Na then signaled her men to bring in bouquets for each of the Song members.

Her men gave each of the Song members their bouquet. Both the elderly Song couples' note said, "Longevity to the Elderly Song." There wasn't even a proper name addressing in the note. She had wanted them to live long enough to witness the fall of the Song and witnessed her mother's innocence.

On the CEO, his wife, and children's' note, it all said the same, "Enjoy your wealth while you still can." Madam Song was furious while her children looked confused at the note. CEO Song was disappointed, but he knew she didn't come here with good intention as his wife had provoked her first. They couldn't do or say anything in front of the guests.

The relationship between his wife and him hasn't been good since their encounter at Herr's Corporation event when Yu Sha and Su Na let him on a little truth about his wife, whom, he thought was as kind as an angel.

After seeing their facial expression and felt satisfied, Su Na walked away. As she was walking towards her car, the Cha couple got up and shouted for Su Na to wait. "Miss Su Na, can I have a minute of your time?" Mr. Cha asked.

Su Na paused, turned around and lifted her sunglasses, "What can I do for CEO Cha?"

Mr. Cha walked towards Su Na and asked, "Can I meet with you sometimes to talk about business collaboration?" As soon as Mr. Cha finished his sentence, all the guests gasped when Mr. Cha asked Su Na to meet. His company is just right below the Herrs Corporation and the Song family was hoping to get a business collaboration with them but he had asked Su Na instead.

"Su Na reached down into her purse and took out her business card and handed over to Mr. Cha, "CEO Cha, please reach out to me with further information. This is a busy period for me but I'll be sure to make time for you and decide if my schedule would allow me to collaborate."

In fact, Mr. Cha does not care if Su Na cannot collaborate with him. He wanted to provide an opportunity for his son to meet Su Na face to face using business collaboration as a mean. How great would it be if they could have her as their daughter in law? The whole time when Su Na was up on stage, that was the only thing the Cha couple could think about.