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68 What Family Is She From?

 The guests again whispered, "Who is she?"

"What family is she from to arrive in such a grand entrance?"

"How could the Song Corporation have this kind of connection?"

CEO Song furrowed his brows when he realized who the woman in red was. He was so speechless, not sure if she came to cause a ruckus. When she arrived near the stage, she removed her glasses and looked at the guests sitting before glaring at the Song family with her deep hazel eyes.

The guests gasped when they saw Su Na's face. People muttered among themselves, "OMG, that's Su Na of SNYS Consultant who just emerged in the last year and a half."

Someone in the guest agreed, "She's hot right now. She graduated before 19, she was valedictorian throughout her life. Graduated from first place at the Prestige Apollo University."

Another guest added, "Yea, and she's founded her own company shortly after she graduated. But isn't she currently supposed to be in Cleotara for a big project?"

When the wife of CEO Song noticed Su Na had personally come, her heart jolted, "Wh... what are you doing here?" She asked in distressed.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Su Na looked at the Song family, one by one, from the elderly Song couples to CEO Song, Madam Song to their son and daughter, she gave them a wicked smirk and proceeded to the stage.

When elderly Song grandfather saw that Su Na was going for the stage, he shouted for security to stop her but she was quicker than the securities. Not wanting to cause a scene, the securities did not chase after her while she was on the stage.

Su Na went straight to grab the mic and looked at the crowd, "Hello everyone, Madam Song ordered flowers from my mother's florist shop, but because the quantity was too much, we weren't able to prepare it in time before the event started. So today, I personally came to apologize on behalf of Serene Florist Shop."

When CEO Song heard Su Na's explanation, he glared at his wife. There are so many flowers shops, why would his wife order from Serene Florist? He was angry but had to remain calm in front of the guests. Su Na is like a ticking time bomb that every little action from them, could be dangerous for them. He has never been a father to her, so he was never able to get her to have a proper conversation with him. Anger and guilt battled each other within him as he thought about it.

As CEO Song was still thinking, Su Na had signaled for her men to bring in the flowers. Each of the men had a list with pictures of the guests they were handing the bouquet to. The flower bouquets were properly assorted accordingly to each of the guests' status and personality.

"These flowers are free as an apology for not getting them done on time for Madam Song to display at this event. If you like them, please, check out Serene Florist shop." Su Na added. If the Song family planned to provoke her, then she will willingly use their platform as a stepping stone to her capabilities and promote her mother and grandmother's business. This flower shop her grandmother owned had helped them through many tough times. Now she's finally able to pave her own road and revamped the shop anew.

In each bouquet was a short note. One of the more powerful couple Cha received their bouquet. The wife, Madam Cha saw the note and read her's first, "Dear Madam Cha, you have a bright smile that brings joys to those around you, these assorted daisies, freesia and bird of paradise flowers represent your free soul and contagious smiles. May your smiles continue to uplift those having a hard time." Madam Cha was so touched by the bouquet and words, she choked and shed a tear. She was known to be a person who is very friendly and always smiling no matter what circumstances she faces. People had complimented her on her beautiful smiles.

As she wiped her tears, she glanced over to her husband and looked at his bouquet, "Dear Mr. Cha, I hope that these assorted Gladiolus flowers family reminds you that your strength in bringing yourself to who you are today has only gotten stronger throughout the years. May your strength shines and led those around you." The couples looked at each other and smiled. Su Na probably had done research about them or maybe those words are just a mere coincidence? Whatever the reasons were, Su Na had put a lot of thoughts and time into this.

Everyone has a bouquet with small uplifting words. Many people were so touched by this simple act of kindness. They whispered among themselves and read their little message off to each other. Some people chuckled, some smiled, and some even shed tears. Who would have thought Su Na had researched all the guests and coordinated everything accordingly? Being in business and as the face of SNYS Consultant, Su Na had learned what method would move people and attract them.

Now all the guests fully understood why her fame rose instantly, it was not only because of her look but her brilliant mind, the way she thinks and talks as well. She was bright, talented, and took many things into considerations. At first, some thought she was only getting big jobs because she looked sexy and attention grabbing but they were wrong. She knows how to get to the client's good side with meticulous planning.

"I hope everyone enjoyed their bouquets. I would like to thank Madam Song for giving me the opportunity to show up here today. May everyone enjoy their evening." Su Na closed her speech and walked down the stage.