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67 You Can Be My Cheerleader

 Yu Sha floated right next to Su Na while gazing at the skies, "Su Na, has the Song family gave you any trouble in these last couple years?" Yu Sha encountered them a few times after their first success, but she was not always around Su Na to know everything. Afraid that the Song family might cause trouble for Su Na, she secretly put a security system around Su Na's house and her mother's florist shop over a year ago. But, they have been so busy taking big project year after year since their first success and been too occupied. Yu Sha didn't have time to bring up the Song family and see how her friend was doing.

The word Song made Su Na's mouth sour. She hated them, the Song family and the blood that runs deep in her veins. The world truly is not fair that she has ties to them not by choice.

Su Na huffed, "Ugh... Several months later after you met them at the Twins' event, I saw the old man sneaking around my mother's florist shop. I gave him a verbal beating and sent him back. Then several months later, the vicious woman of the old man had the audacity to order a bunch of flowers for their Corporation annual event." Talking about it already sent Su Na boiling. Her hand balled up into a fist and she clenched her teeth. "Tsk, I knew what she was getting at, trying to flaunt her status to my mom."

"What a B.I.T.C.H she is! Why didn't you tell me this then? I would've done something." Yu Sha asked unhappily. She flipped in the water a couple of times to get rid of her frustration before floating on her back again.

"It's such a minor thing. This is a solo war, I must fight alone. You just come for a joy ride and be my cheerleader." Su Na explained.

Hearing this made Yu Sha felt better. She could be Su Na's cheerleader? A rowdy wild wicked cheerleader is what she wanted to be. Yu Sha had a big grin on her face before turning her head to look at Su Na who was still floating on her back next to her, "Hehehe... So, what did you do?"

"What do you think? Take a guess."

Yu Sha bit her lips as she took a guess, "Hmm... you delivered the flowers?"

"Yes, I rounded up ten VIP first class limos and shoved the flowers in all the limos. Then I got in the most expensive sports car and led all the limos to the front of the party on the day of."

"Whoa!!!" Yu Sha felt excited. She clasped her hands up towards the sky and prayed, "You are a god! I so respect you!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Su Na was a person who is very professional almost all the time. She doesn't let others affect her emotions easily. She always stayed calm, professional and level minded as the face of SNYS Consultant, but when it came to matters of the Song family and protecting her mother, she becomes a different person. Su Na made sure they could never look down on her mother, her grandma and herself.

While explaining the event to Yu Sha, Su Na's mind zoomed into the day of the event. It was a beautiful day. The breeze was calmed and quiet like the calm before a storm. At the venue where the Song Corporation was having their event, many people arrived in their best outfit as they check in one by one.

The party was an outdoor event. When people arrived, they settled down on their assigned table first before they got up and moved around. The venue was beautifully decorated, allowing the guests to browse the beautiful yard full of beautiful decorum. Outside in the big yard, while everyone was busy chatting, about 200 yards from the party area, ten limos pulled up to the side of the road. They all parked one after another, and then a bright red sports car drove past all the limo and parked in front of the first parked limo.

Once the red sports car arrived and parked, the men got out of the limo and stood next to their limo as if they were waiting for directions. There were three men in each limo. They all wore black tuxes and dark sunglasses. The appearance of the all the first class limos and men in tux shook all the guests.

Everyone shifted their attention to the road 200 yards away. People murmured to each other, "This wasn't in the agenda pamphlet? Was it?"

A guest added in, "Could the Song Corporation be planning a surprise for their guests?"

Another guest murmured, "Could they be from a mafia group?" As people were whispering among themselves, the Song family came out of the building.

When the Song family saw the men in black standing next to their black limo and heard all the whispering among the guests, the elderly man of the Song family shouted, "What is all these commotions about?!"

CEO Song, who was just as lost as the crowds calmed his father, "Father, I'm not sure what this is about but I will have someone go check."

Before CEO Song finished ordering one of his assistants to go check, a young, stunning woman with long wavy ash brown hairs, wearing a blood red dress, split in front of the left thigh stepped out of the red sports car. She also had black sunglasses on, emitting conceited, arrogant air as she walked towards the stage.