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66 Who Is Chronos?

 Leo laughed as he stopped in front of Su Na and Yu Sha. "Su Na and Yu Sha, what are you two doing here? Let's go back inside."

When the twins stood next to the girls, they noticed the couple near the girls. The couple did not look too well.

"Aunt and Uncle, are you two okay?" Keo asked being a little concerned about them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Keo's question brought the couple's thoughts back and they nodded their heads. "We're okay," the man replied.

Keo's facial expression softened. "Hmm... Thank you for coming to our event. If you need anything, please let one of the servers, know."

As the four young people were walking away, the man asked, "Yu Sha, that device, Chronos Watch, how were you able to have one?"

It surprised him that a small bar owner's child could easily use one. Only wealthy people could afford Chronos products. The Chrono watch worked just like a computer and had many more impressive features. Once the 3D image got projected, you could touch it like a touch-screen, use it as a laptop, command it to dig and search for information available on the Internet and store your files and project in it. You could even have a video conference call.

Yu Sha paused for a minute thinking of an answer. "Hmm... You could say that my father personally knows Chronos."

Yu Sha's words left everyone stunned. The couple thought, how a bar owner could have such a connection to Chronos - the most mysterious person alive? No one had a clue of who Chronos was. None knew anything about the gender of Chronos.

The twins were equally amazed and impressed. "Your father knows Chronos?" Keo exclaimed as his face brightened on hearing about Chronos. "Chronos is my idol. I would love to personally meet him or her. Can uncle do something about it?"

Leo was thrilled too. "Can I meet Chronos too? Chronos is such a mysterious person. No one knows what gender or what Chronos looked like other than the name. Chronos. Ahh," Leo's excitement was conspicuously displayed not just through his eyes but also from his voice, "Chronos is like a god. Some of the Chronos' creations are so brilliant! Ahhh... What should I do? Just the thought of meeting Chronos makes me feel like I'm having a heart attack!"

Leo was lost in his thoughts mumbling about Chronos.

Yu Sha cringed as chills ran down her spine. An image of her silly father popped up in her mind. She shook her head as fear overtook her. Those two must never know who Chronos was. Their ideas of Chronos were too godly like. She did not want to disappoint them. What would they do if they came to know of the real identity of Chronos and that he was nothing like what they had idolized?

'God! They must never know the identity of Chronos. I will take this secret to my grave.' She brushed off the thoughts aside. "Hehe... Well, let me ask that idiot father of mine first."


"Yu Sha!" Su Na shouted. "What are you still standing there for?" Her friend seemed to be in a daze that sometimes worried her. "You okay?"

Yu Sha came back from her thoughts. She looked around and most of the construction crews were out there too. Some were swimming, some surfing, some snorkeling, some fishing and some grilling fishes on top of the cliff! Yu Sha looked stupefied. "What the hell? I thought it was only going to be us?"

Su Na laughed. "Nope, apparently not."

One of the men carried a beach umbrella towards them. He opened up the beach umbrella they borrowed from the cruise. "Here, Miss Yu Sha and Su Na. Let me put this up for you two." He proceeded to ground the handle into the sand. "We're grilling some fishes we fished off from the ocean. We'll bring some when we finish cooking."

Su Na nodded. "Mm... Thank you, Chong." Once the beach umbrella was grounded, Su Na unfolded the mat and situated it under the shaded area. "Well, let's enjoy the day with the guys."

After the girls situated themselves under the umbrella, Chong ran back up to the cliff to check up on the fish smoked by the fire pit they had made.

Yu Sha went to lie down next to Su Na. She looked at her friend whom she swore to help build an empire. "Hey, where are you on your empire?"

"Why are you asking?" Su Na was a little surprised at the sudden question Yu Sha had put up.

"Nothing, it popped up in my head earlier. I thought I would check with you on it," Yu Sha answered while gazing at the sky.

"I drafted the building. Once I do the final run-through, I'll show you."

"Mm... Mm... I'll wait then." Yu Sha replied obediently.

Su Na got up to take off her dress and said to her beast friend, "Let's go swimming?"

"Ok." Yu Sha quickly got up and took off her one piece dress and dashed to the ocean, "Let's race there!"

"Hey! That's not fair! You were already a few seconds before me." Su Na shouted from behind as she chased after.

The two best friends jumped in the ocean, chasing each other. They both are good swimmers. They had taken swimming lessons together when they were younger. Yu Sha's father would take the girls to the recreational center for swimming lessons four to five times a week. He would work on his computer waiting at the corner while the two girls learned swimming lessons from their instructor.

Yu Sha probably inherited her mother's genes greatly too as she showed interests in martial arts early on even though her health wasn't at its best then. Her parents never wanted her to feel weak because of her condition. They supported her in anything she had an interest in without holding her back due to her weak health. So, her father modified and gave her lessons in martial arts without overworking her body. She knew that her father was not as skills as her mother, but she inherited her mother's genes too, so if she worked hard, she could be as good as her mother.