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63 Su Nas Motive

 Su Na looked at Yu Sha with the same feelings, but she had her own reasons why she decided to be part of the human progression team. "Don't think about all those sad things, think about the money!"

"You sure it is the money?" Yu Sha joked though she knew the reason why. Su Na was competing against her archenemy and money was not even the motive. Yu Sha then had flashbacks of when Su Na was approached by a woman at the Herr's Corporation celebration. That party was to celebrate the new headquarter after Su Na and Yu Sha had successfully completed the Herr's Corporation renovation and was in the news all over Lyon.


The Herr's Corporation threw a celebration party after the renovation and had invited all the social elites and stakeholders to attend the celebration. At the party, outside in the flower garden yard, in a place that was somewhat isolated, a woman approached Su Na. She looked in her 40s, radiated a fiendish aura with hidden intentions in her eyes and behaviors.

"My, my... Just because you happened to grab hold of one project, you are already acting so egotistic, not even saying hi when you meet your father and me after a long time? I never thought the stupid whore would live this long," The woman said provokingly.

Next thing, the sound of the slap was heard loud and clear. Su Na had landed a slap right across the woman's face. The woman's face became slightly swollen and red. She was furious, she lifted her hand up and returned the slap but Su Na backed sideway making the woman landed on nothing, only hit the air which made her stumble a few steps forward. She turned around and glared at Su Na while one of her hands was soothing the slapped cheek.

Su Na smirked at the woman in a satisfactory tone. "That slap was for my mother, the first wife of the Song Corporation until you came along, plotted your scheme and got her kicked out."

"What happened here?" A man in his late 40s shouted from behind the flower bush as he walked toward Su Na and the woman.

When the woman noticed - who the man was - her personality suddenly changed. Acting docile, weak, she ran up to the man and cried in his arms. "Darling, I... I..." She wept pitifully. "I wanted to say hi and congratulate her but she slapped me the moment I approached her."

After hearing her, he looked at his passive wife. His eyes furrowed so deep and his face turned red from rage as he yelled sternly at Su Na, "She is also your mother! Why did you hit her when all she had was good intentions for you?"

Su Na stood there without flinching and pushed back. "I don't know what you are saying, Sir. My mother is at home."

The man fumed and huffed as his own daughter treated him like a stranger. "You... You..." Pointing his finger at her, he was unable to complete the sentence.

Su Na glared at the couple in front of her and excused herself. "Enjoy your evening. I'm busy and don't have time to meddle in stupid affairs. I have bigger fishes to fry." She turned around and walked away.

When the man saw Su Na walking away, he yelled, "Stop there and apologize to your mother."

Su Na paused and turned around. She irked one of her eyebrows. "For?"

"For slapping her." His eyes reddened with fury.

"Hahaha..." Su Na laughed and challenged, "Only if she apologizes to my mother first."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Seeing the rebellious of Su Na's personality, the man stuttered as his anger reached its limit, "Yo...u! How dare you?"

Su Na let out an overpowering grin and glared fiercely at the man and woman. She had deep hazel eyes that when she glared at someone when angry, her glares could pierce their will powers. "I will build my own empire and crush your empire down and see if that two-face gold digger clinging to you will stick around when you have nothing left."

The man was overpowered by his daughter's energy and glares, heck, he even felt threatened by her threat for a second. He thought if she could snatch a job working for Herr's Corporation and glamorized their headquarter as a student project proposal, what capabilities would she be able to garner in the future? His heart jolted, and he felt bittersweet but he caused so much damage to her. It was beyond repair. He threw her mother out when her mother was pregnant with her, accusing her mother of cheating on him and her child was a bastard child. But when she was born, she looked exactly like his mother. His Song blood ran deep in her.

The woman could read her husband's facial regretful expression. She quickly coaxed him. "Darling, I will never leave you." She didn't think Su Na could build an empire. Those words were too big for a mere twenty years old and if in the future, Su Na did climb up the elite ladders, she would make sure to sabotage Su Na in every way.

The man calmed down after hearing his wife's sweet words. "Hmm..." Then he turned to Su Na. "Matters between your mother and I are only between us, you have no reason to hate your stepmother. If you must hate, only hate me."

"How could I not hate her when she took the alimony money that we had planned to use for my mother's heart surgery? For as long as my memory could take me, I never had a father. I have watched my mother crumbled until my aunt and uncle adopted us and paid for her heart surgeries." Su Na was referring to Yu Sha's parents.

After they met in the hospital and became friends, Yu Sha's parents adopted Su Na, her mother, and grandmother and paid for all her mother's medical expenses. Her mother lived to see that day was because Yu Sha's parents provided the most advanced medical care treatment. She would forever be indebted to Yu Sha's parents' kindness. Even if it took her ten lifetimes to pay back the debt, she would do so.