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62 Going To Town or Beach?

 Although Su Na knew that Yu Sha had a big appetite and had to eat more than the average people to maintain her weight, it would be good to eat more portions of healthier stuff. Due to Yu Sha's heart condition, the body used a lot of energy for the heart to pump blood so Yu Sha never had to worry so much about dieting. Many people wished they could eat all they want and never gain weight but very few were blessed with such genes.

Yu Sha sighed. "Ugh... Su Na, I didn't make my way to the top of the food chains just to eat fancy grasses." She did not like salad and vegetables very much. She thought they tasted a lot like grasses though she had never tasted grass nor knew what grass tasted like.

Yu Sha did try to consume a little portion of vegetable to get a variety of vitamins, but vegetable was last on her "to eat list."

"Su Na, do you want to go into town or you want to go soak in the beach later?" Yu Sha asked.

"Hmm... I would like to go into town but then I prefer when we get two days off to go there. That way we can do more and stay in town overnight."

Yu Sha nodded. "Mn mn... I agree."

Su Na twirled her fingers around her hair while looking out to the beach thinking of what to do, after a moment she excitedly said, "Let's go out to the beach by the cliff. It is beautiful there. We can take some pictures too."

"Okay. Let's plan on doing that." Yu Sha smiled. She had been there twice though Su Na had no knowledge of it.

Before they realized it, their food arrived. Yu Sha's stomach was growling since she did not eat breakfast and with her metabolism, she usually tried to eat three meals a day.

Dao Txu was paying close attention to the girls' conversation. He even overheard that they were going to the cliff. Maybe he would sneak by the area later to strike up conversations with the two girls.

Long Kue was paying close attention to the facial expression and air of the prince, but as usual, there was no change at all.

The prince remained calmed and uninterested as there were two idiots sitting so close next to him. He continued to eat his food with a stone face as usual but took his time.

Since the men arrived first, they got their food before the girls, so they slowly ate their food before the two girls.

Each of them had their own motive to eat slowly. Dao Txu wanted to find out what the girls were doing by listening to their conversation while Long Kue wanted to see the change in the facial expression of the prince.

Dao Txu whispered and begged earnestly, "Prince, may I get permission to have the day off?"

Prince Hue Chi paused slightly before continuing to take a bite of his food. He probably could guess what Dao Txu was planning to do with his day off. He did not like it when the man wandered off and did stupid things. Dao Txu was part of his shadow guards whom if possible he would like to keep Dao Txu in the shadow but because of Dao Txu'a outgoing personality, he allowed Dao Txu to make public appearances, go undercover to give him more variety of roles and keep him sane. Dao Txu was extremely perceptive and was a great asset to his team.

Dao Txu begged again, "If not the whole day then just give me a few hours."

After a moment of silence, Prince Hue Chi muttered, "You have two hours to idle around."

When Dao Txu heard her, he almost choked. He coughed a few times to clear his throat before exclaiming loudly, "Oh, My Lord, thank you for your leniency! I shall forever remember your grace!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Long Kue peeked at Dao Txu. The guy was getting bolder and bolder over the years. Long Kue could guess that Dao Txu would strike a conversation and hang out with the two ladies.

The men took their time to eat as they wanted the girls to leave first. If they left first, the girls would notice them. Typically, they didn't spend a long time eating their food unless they were in a private space and were talking about classified information. When they were in public, they ate quickly and moved on to the next thing.

About an hour later, the girls finished eating. They paid their bill and left to get their beach supplies. After the girls were out of sight, Long Kue waived for the server to bring in their bills. When the server came by, he handed the server a credit card. The server took the credit card and went back to the register to run the card.

As Prince Hue Chi got up, he said to Long Kue, "Let's continue on with today's schedule."

Long Kue got up and replied, "Yes, Prince." He followed the prince out of the restaurant. The prince had a video conference meeting with some investors and so he had some preparations to do. Them leaving Dao Txu behind, could only mean that he was free to do whatever he wanted.

Dao Txu yelled happily behind his lord and Long Kue, "I'll be back in a couple of hours."

Neither Prince Hue Chi nor Long Kue turned their heads back to acknowledge Dao Txu's comment. They walked out of the restaurant like Dao Txu hadn't said a thing.

Yu Sha and Su Na went back to their rooms to get their beach supplies. They threw their beach towels and sunscreen into their beach bags. They changed into swimwear underneath their dresses and made their way to the cliff.

The sun was high, and the sea was calm and the ocean looked breathtakingly beautiful with the pure white shore sands. The ocean was clean with no evidence of human pollution. Yu Sha looked around the place, then at the calming waves and sighed. "What a beautiful place, it's such a sad thing, that human progression will make this beautiful place unbeautiful." And she was part of the human progression team, which made her feel slightly disheartened.