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61 Ill Bury You

 Several hours later, Yu Sha woke up when someone knocked at her door. She lifted her head and looked at the alarm clock. It was past 11 AM, close to noon. Did she doze off?

"Yu Sha?" Su Na's voice shouted on the other side of the door. "Are you okay? Open up?"

Yu Sha quickly rolled out of her bed and went to open the door.

Standing there was Su Na in a bright maxi dress with her sunglasses perched on top of her head. Yu Sha opened her mouth and apologized. "Ah... Sorry, I slept in too late."

Seeing Yu Sha in a different outfit than when she brought Yu Sha back to bed the night before, Su Na felt relieved that her beast friend did not look horrible. "I thought I'll let you sleep in but it's almost noon. Do you have a hangover?"

"No, I think I'm okay. I woke up quite early this morning and decided to hop in the tub and then... somehow fell asleep afterward." She didn't want to go into details of the incident on the balcony.

Knowing Yu Sha was fine, Su Na was relieved. "Hmm. Let's go get something to eat."

"Okay. Let me grab my bag and phone." Yu Sha turned around and went to get her stuff and the two best friends made their way to the elevators.

Su Na looked over to inspect her beast friend's condition. "Let's go to Lili Garden Restaurant for a change and order something healthy."

Feeling a little disappointed at the suggestion, Yu Sha complained. "Ehh... I hate waiting for food to come."

"Oh my god, you're not going to die waiting twenty minutes. And if you do, I'll make sure to give you a proper burial." Su Na chuckled and joked.

Though Su Na may sound like she was joking around, Yu Sha felt quite happy. Not many people in life have true friends through all stages of their life and she was blessed to have one. "In that case, I will outlive you and bury you so you won't end up being alone... hehehe." Yu Sha joked back as she arched her brows at Su Na feeling excited that there was something to look forward to getting old.

"Hahaha... and if you go before me, then I'll do the same," Su Na replied back.

"Okay, deal!"

The two best friends continued to talk and make fun of each other on their way to Lili Garden Restaurant. When they arrived, the server brought them to sit on a table by the glass window, facing the ocean and shore of the south half of the construction site.

The girls were chatting when they were seated so Yu Sha didn't notice that three tables down along the big glass window were Hue Chi, Long Kue, and Dao Txu waiting for their food to come. The men noticed the two girls right away when the two girls entered the door. They watched the girls being led by the server to the table.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Hue Chi was the first one to notice the two girls. Dao Txu saw the prince glancing at the direction for more than two seconds. When the prince looked at something more than two seconds, it usually meant that there was something suspicious or worthy to look at.

He turned around to look as his back was facing the entrance. His seat was across from the prince. When he turned around to look at the door, he saw Su Na and Yu Sha talking while being greeted by the server.

When Long Kue saw the prince's two seconds look followed by Dao Txu's exhilarated expression, he turned his head slightly to look at the entrance. He was sitting perpendicular to the entrance so all he had to do was turned his head slightly left.

There, he saw the two girls busy talking and laughing while chatting with their server on their way to the table. The two ladies were walking the isle parallel to the big glass windows going towards the guys. Even though the guys were three tables down, next to their table, was a bench, and an open area that seemed like a small waiting area by the window. It was designed for people to loiter around for if the restaurant got overflowed, people could hang out and chill while waiting to be seated. There two fake six feet palm trees for decoration next to the bench, followed by two tables and the third table was where the guys were sitting.

Dao Txu didn't get to sit facing the two ladies as his back was facing them, but he was closer and he secretly hoped to eavesdrop. He raised his eyebrows at Long Kue with an expression. "Lunch is about to get better and more exciting."

Long Kue secretly was a little excited looking forward to what expressions the prince would have. He had been the prince's right-hand man for a long time and the prince always had the same cold, unapproachable distant air, same expression, and same attitude. Would the prince look any different? Long Kue wondered.

Unfortunately, Yu Sha was sitting with her back towards the guys, so she wasn't aware of the men sitting not far behind her. Su Na wasn't aware of it either. She was busy talking and was not paying attention to the surrounding area. The palm trees partial blocked the men, making it hard to notice them unless one was doing nothing but observing the place and people.

The girls ordered their drinks and a couple of appetizers to start off first. After they put in their appetizers, they also put in their orders. Su Na ordered a seafood dish, soups, and salad while Yu Sha ordered a beef stir-fried dish, pork noodle stir-fried dish with extra meat on the two dishes.

Su Na looked at Yu Sha. None of her two dishes were in the healthy category and Yu Sha was such a carnivore. "Yu Sha, you should order something from the healthy menu section and eat more vegetables."