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60 Can He Read Mind?

 The inner Yu Sha wanted to vanish into thin air from embarrassment. She did not like to look weak and vulnerable in front of people and he had just seen one of her un-cool moments. She cringed in her heart from self-hatred but let out a sigh. "Ugh... Let go of my hand." She struggled to free herself from Hue Chi's hold.

Seeing all her thoughts displayed through her actions and face, Hue Chi wanted to laugh. The woman before him was comical, but he had to hold in his laughter. "You're not dreaming," he replied as he let go of her hand.

Yu Sha, bewildered at his reply, shook her head feigning stupid. "I didn't say anything."

Hue Chi smiled "Mm. I know, not verbally."

She had said nothing, but he was replying to her thoughts? Yu Sha felt like she needed to get away from him. If she stayed there any longer, her whole self would be exposed, as it looked like he could read minds.

Yu Sha turned around with her back facing Hue Chi and muttered, "Um, I gotta go."

Hue Chi chuckled seeing her struggled to get away from him. "Why? I have seen nothing embarrassing at all."

Yu Sha's movements froze as her eyes wandered for an answer. 'Bastard, he's making fun of me.' She then turned around again to face Hue Chi.

She was irritated. "Are you a night owl?" Normal people were still sleeping and were about to get up, but this man here, how long had he been sitting here? It was not the first time Yu Sha met him in the dead of the night. Did he ever sleep? Yu Sha questioned the weird man in front of her silently.

"You can say that. I don't need a lot of sleep to function like normal people." His blank face did not give away much.

"Are you a night owl?" Hue Chi returned the question as it was also not the first time that he met her at that time of night.

Yu Sha composed herself and straightened her posture, cleared her throat and answered, "No, I don't often get up. I sleep like the dead. It's just that since I arrived, I'm unable to sleep well. But it's only because I'm in a new environment." There were half-truths and half lie in her answer. She could still sleep like the dead in most places. In fact, there hadn't been a place that made her unable to fall asleep in the past. But since the moment she had arrived in Aires, she had been feeling restless and even dreamed for the first time.

Hue Chi thought, maybe she could be homesick, but how could a successful career-oriented woman who must have had traveled for work like her be homesick? Could there be a deeper meaning to her insomnia? Whatever the reason was, Hue Chi could only provide lip service comfort. "Feel free to visit home anytime if you missed home."

Yu Sha was a little amazed at his comfort. So, he knew how to be concerned too? He was so unapproachable, unfriendly and distant when she had met him for the first time. The second time she met him - he had a 180 degree changed in personality. He initiated conversation and invited her to sit next to him. He even laughed and joked around that she felt eerie of the sudden personality change and then he was showing concern for lack of sleep. "Mm. I know, but if I take on a job, I like to pour everything I have into it." Yu Sha was sincere with words.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He really did like her work ethic and suggested. "Hmm... If you need a night owl companionship, I can keep you company."

Hue Chi knew that should investigate Yu Sha but because there was little information on her family background, he could not dig up much. He hoped that maybe conversing with her could help him probe her for information. Though, on the other hand, he did not know why he found talking to Yu Sha so soothing. Words that came out of his mouth were so smooth and natural. He could not even talk in complete sentences with most people and often, he dreaded just talking to people. Not only that, he found her actions, behaviors, and voice so addictive and just being near her brought calmness to his heart and soul.

Yu Sha was not used to hearing sweet talks from men so it gave her the creep. She rolled her eyes feeling odd about the offer. "Thanks... for the consideration but I won't need it." She glanced at him thinking she would just not go to the deck at night. In fact, as much as Yu Sha loved her job and being around people, it could be draining, constantly being around people. She liked to have her own space and time for herself as often as she could.

"I'll be leaving now." She turned around and stormed off.

Yu Sha walked back to her room and waited for the ship's main entrance to open up. Maybe she and Su Na could go out to the sea and soak in the sun later in the afternoon. In her room, she went straight to lie down on the bed, using hands as a pillow and stared at the ceiling thinking about the dreams. She had a gut feeling there was a message. There was something more to the dreams.

Unable to decipher its meaning, Yu Sha reached her arm out to grab the phone on the nightstand next to the bed. She browsed through the contact list. Maybe grandma might be able to give her a point or two since grandma was a medium?

Yu Sha's finger came to stop at 'Grammy' on the phone contact list. After a few minutes of hesitation, she retracted her finger and threw the phone on the side, "Arrggg. What the hell! It was just some stupid dreams. Not like recurring dreams." She must be thinking too much into the dreams even though her intuition was telling her otherwise. However, sometimes, the logic overpowered the gut feeling and that was what just happened.