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59 Saw A Ghos

 She scanned her surroundings and quickly came to her senses on where she currently was. Yu Sha knew she was in her room at Skyline Ship and she just had a dream. Dreams so surreal, full of emotions that she even acted out in real life, cried. A few tears rolled down her face, and she even hiccupped from intense crying in her dream to reality, while the same heartaches from her dreams remains in real life. She analyzed the contents of her dreams and then realized that she has not dreamed or if she had, she can't recalled any of her dreams.

Yu Sha always thought she doesn't dream in her sleep but for some odd reasons, she felt like she dreamt all night for the first time though she doesn't remember details of the earlier dreams but the last two were quite details? Yu Sha questioned herself, as she was not sure what was considered details and not so details because she did not have experiences of dreaming in her sleep.

After Yu Sha calmed down, headaches and nauseousness overtook her. She then remembered that she was drinking the night before, and may be hung over from the alcohol. Yu Sha also recalled that Su Na made her drank two water bottles, otherwise, her hangover might probably be a lot worse. She smiled feeling thankful, warm hearted of her friend taking care of her, and would have to thank Su Na for her act of kindness later.

To relieve the headaches, Yu Sha lifted her hands to gently massage her head before turning to glance at the clock. The time was 3:30 AM, still quite early, but she did not feel like she could go back to sleep. As the massage gave her some relief, Yu Sha got out from her bed to take a bath.

Yu Sha laid in the bathtub with her head resting on the edge of the bathtub. Her eyes gazed at the ceiling, her mental state dazed off and the image of her dreams kept replaying in her mind. The emotions she felt in her dreams seemed to somehow transcended into reality as she was still feeling the same emotions, or to be exact, the emotions she felt in her dreams haven't left her at all. Yu Sha stared at the ceiling lost in the present. When she snapped out of her daze, she grabbed her phone on the drawer closest to the bathtub and noticed thirty minutes had gone by!

Yu Sha jolted as she choked from a big breath. She felt like she was just lost in thought momentarily but half an hour already passed by! She got up rapidly feeling like she was going crazy, hallucinating. Afraid of losing her mind in an enclosed space, she strode out of the bathtub. Yu Sha grabbed a towel to dry herself before quickly throwing on a one-piece dress and dashed out of her room.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As she was walking alone in the hallways, she felt her heart pounded quicker than normal at the thought she might be crazy. She paused her step and furrowed her brows muttering to herself, "But haven't I always been crazy? My three idiot friends and brother always called me crazy and that I'm only normal from time to time." Yu Sha then quickened her pace as she questioned the state of her mentality.

Ten minutes later, Yu Sha ended on the main deck of the ship. The ship entrance was locked and since it was already 4:20 AM some early birds might already be up. She does not want anyone to catch her using her technique to get out and back into the ship. The other open space she could access was the deck. Yu Sha has always loved high places as it gives her a sense of independence and freedom from the unknown feelings taxing her heart. Therefore, when she arrived at the main deck, she unknowingly made her way up to the third floor deck.

Several steps before she hit the top of the deck, she saw a man wearing loose white pants and a white shirt sitting on a chair reading from a device. His back facing her almost completely. Either her eyes played her or that figured almost mirrored the handsome mystical man from her dream. For a split second, she saw the man in her dream sitting on the chair reading.

Yu Sha, startled from the image, almost lost her footing, causing her to unconsciously jerk her hand to hold onto the rail. The fashionable custom-made hematite bracelet given to her by her grandma made a bang sound when she grabbed hold of the rail.

The man looked up and swiftly turned his head to look at the stairs and there he saw Yu Sha in an almost falling down awkward position.

The man noticed it was Yu Sha, who looked like she was about to fall down the stairs. Shocked at the sight, he quickly got up and rushed towards her to help pull her up.

Yu Sha then had a clearer vision of the man coming towards her. He was the stuck up man, Hue Li whom she would like to avoid as much as possible!

Seeing him speeding towards her, she quickly pulled herself up but before she had the chance to get herself up to a normal position, he was already in front of her reaching his hand out to her, in his dazzling mystical aura, and gentle masculine voice, he offered, "Let me help you."

As he reached for Yu Sha, she froze for a few seconds at the sight and sound that could almost assault all of her senses. 'Why? Why is it now that this man's face and voice sound so awfully soothing against my will? Am I still dreaming? I must still be dreaming? Or have I gone crazy?

Embarrassed, she declined. "I... I... can get up by myself." But he had already lifted her to the floor in the mid of her declining. After standing up properly, Yu Sha reached behind her back and gave herself a pinch to determine if she was still dreaming. Ouch, that hurt, so it was real!