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58 You Were Supposed to Guess

 Su Na then brought the trash can and set it next to the bedside. "Yu Sha, the trash can is here. If you need to throw up, throw in the trash here." Su Na nudged her beast friend to make sure her beast friend heard her.

"Mm... Thank you. I think I should be good." Yu Sha mumbled while her conscious mind felt appreciative of her good friend for always having her back.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Su Na pulled the blanket over her friend and headed back to her room to get ready for bed.

Yu Sha was humming the song Living Corpse she sang earlier before drifting away.

In a limitless dark space, many images flew by like when one forwarded a movie scene. The images finally slowed on a scene of a handsome young man who looked like he just came from the fairyland.

He looked so handsome and mystical in his bright white clothes, sitting on a chair surrounded by lush green grasses and colorful flowers that reflected like sparkling fireworks. The handsome man immersed himself in a book oblivious to his surroundings.

In a first-person view, a person inched sneakily closer to the man while he occupied himself reading a book. The man could sense someone sneaking up behind him as a corner of his mouth curved up slightly while he feigned ignorance pretending to be busy. The person snuck up behind him and used both hands to cover his eyes while remaining silent waiting for him to guess.

The man slowly put his book down on his lap and sat still neither moving nor talking. After a moment, a female's voice solemnly cleared her throat as a signal for the man to say something. The man's body remained motionless while his right hand slowly rose to grab the right hand covering his face. He took hold of the soft, delicate small hand covering his eye and shifted it down to his mouth to gently plant a kiss on the soft delicate hand.

"Ah," a female voice shrieked as she pulled her hand away, in a displeased tone. "You're supposed to take a guess."

The man looked up with a bright smile. "I did."

"You didn't!" She argued. Although she knew that even when he lost all his five senses, he could still guess it was her.

"I did by my action. I wouldn't kiss just anyone else." He looked up and winked his eye at her.

She was at a loss of words. How could he be so bold to say something like that straight up without any shame, even if he had to pretend?

He patted on an open spot next to him gesturing her to sit down. She looked at the spot and then at the handsome mystical man before agreeing to go to sit next to him. She smiled brightly and ran around to sit next to him but with her back leaning against his shoulder.

As the woman sat down, she turned her head to her right shoulder trying to steal a glimpse at the man behind her.

Even before she turned her head over, he was already staring at the top side profile of her face studying her features and sowing the image of her delicate face into his mind. When he felt the motion of her head, turning, he leaned in closer and planted a kiss on her forehead. The touch of his lips caught her by surprise but she was able to remain calm and composed.

Her heart beat faster and she felt hot flashes flushing through her body at the slight physical affection from the man sitting behind her. "How long have you been here?"

He slowly pulled his lips away from her forehead and in a low hoarse voice, he said, "Not too long."

The scene then changed to a different place. Kneeling right before her, there was a man, who now looked different, but had the same aura and same presence. The world around them looked like it was nearly destroyed, with gaping holes on the ground, landslides, ashes of burnt down trees and villages, and corpse of dead bodies. This man kneeling before her looked tattered with cuts and wounds. Her heart ached in pain at the condition of the man who seemed so dear to her heart. She put an immobilizing cast on him making him unable to move.

Though there were still two guards kneeling behind him, only he appeared in her vision. A hint of sadness seeped through her eyes as she held back her tears. She did not care if her body was shattered. She did not care if the world crumbled down. The only thing she wanted was to save him. If this continued, she would lose him forever. In a few seconds, her eyes changed and she found her thoughts strengthening her resolve and in a commanding stern voice, she commanded, "This is an order - you must live. I'll never forget you and will earnestly search for you even in a different time and different place." Then she continued to weave her hand. She commanded a cast spell on the man. "Oh deity, heed my word and grant my wish, never allow him to perish before me, never allow him to perish before his time."

After that, she yelled for the two guards standing behind the man to take him away. She ordered them to go as far as possible, and as long as their feet would take them. The two guards obeyed her command and took him away. The sight of the man she loved who was trying to break free from her immobilized spell looking desperate in despair was ingrained in her mind. She knew he would never forgive her, but she had loved him too much to make him fight her battle for her. She turned around and took off as tears clouded her vision and her heart pounded with pain.

In a dark room with only the moonlight creeping through the curtain cracks, Yu Sha gasped awake. Her heart was still pounding and tears were still flowing down her face when she jerked awake.