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57 Change Employer

 Su Na smiled at her beast friend and looked at the men. She thought to herself, those people on the floor could not compete with her beast friend. Yu Sha's father had bought her a karaoke set while she was young. Yu Ping and Yu Sha would compete in singing all the time growing up. They would even compete with their father from time to time too. Singing was a hobby of Yu Sha.

When the song was on the music break, Yu Sha cheered and spoke, "Drink up everyone!" All the people on the floor raised their glasses and cheered loudly.

On the third floor of the deck, Dao Txu teared up. "She's fun. I want to go join them." It was exactly the life he wanted, fun and festive!

"Don't you dare." Long Kue nudged Dao Txu to drop the behavior, giving Dao Txu an intimidating glare.

Dao Txu was crying silently inside, feeling disappointed being held back. He was a people person and liked to enjoy good company, but because of his line of work, he often doesn't get to enjoy life as ordinary people do. Although, he often got to disguise and go undercover, but he never really gets to live in the moment with most people. Dao Txu pursed his lips feeling sad while recording the event on the main floor, which he planned to send the clip to tease his Lord later.

Jake was hanging out at the bar area chatting but when Yu Sha went up to sing, he left the bar and pulled up a chair behind where the two ladies were sitting. His eyes shone brightly and with a gentle smile, he commented, "Seems like Yu Sha have the singing soul."

Su Na also noticed that Jake had pulled up a chair behind and heard his comment of Yu Sha. She nodded her head while looking at her beast friend and replied with a gentle voice feeling proud, "She always has that growing up."

"Won't you go up to sing too?" Jake asked.

"No, I'm good. I am here to make sure she stays out of trouble. I can't drink much, after a certain amount, my body will have rashes."

Jake felt sorry for Su Na's condition, "I"m sorry, that's not good."

Su Na slightly turned her head around. "It's ok, I've learned to know what my limit is."

Yu Sha finished singing and came back to her seat. Shortly after sitting, she realized her glass was empty because she had downed her drink earlier. She then got up and went to the bar to ask the bartender for more drinks.

The bartender had just finished stacking the cleaned glasses. He was kneeling down to store the glasses on the counter shelf. As he stood up, he smiled. He quite enjoyed her performance earlier. he politely asked, "Thank you for waiting patiently. What would you like to drink?"

If the bartender was her brother, she would request specific drinks because Yu Ping was good at mixing drinks as he bartended at their father's bar. But he wasn't present, and she doesn't want to trouble people who may not be familiar with mixing drinks. "Anything is fine. Surprise me."

The bartender was shocked and happy. He thought for a few seconds before his eyes shone slightly. He then turned around and grabbed a couple different liquors and juices to mix them in a glass. Once he finished mixing it, he handed it over to Yu Sha. She reached for the glass and thanked the bartender. She took a sip and liked it. She smiled at the bartender and complimented him before walking away.

By this time, the person singing just finished his song. Yu Sha wanted to make a small speech, so she hurried over to the stage area and asked for the mic. The man handed her the mic, and she held on to her glasses before making her speech, "I want to toast to our progress. Though we have not been here that long, it has been nice working with everyone. I hope we can continue to support one another and complete our tasks smoothly." She liked to provide small encouragements along the way to the people working with her whether it is something big or small.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

By this time, everyone was getting buzzed from the alcohol. With that small gestures, the floor roared and everyone downed their drinks altogether.

While recording the video, Dao Txu commented, "Hey, I like her style. Maybe I need to change employer." Dao Txu liked Yu Sha's loose and easy-going personality more. With her personality, she can influence the people around her, making them like her easily and follow her.

Long Kue who was still holding onto the binoculars by his eyes muttered as he observed without flinching, "She's a little untamed, but she does emit a leadership aura."

Prince Hue Chi was sitting in his office working when his phone beeped. The sound of his phone interrupted him from typing on his laptop. He glanced at his phone and saw a notification from Dao Txu. He hesitated to open the message as most of the time, Dao Txu only sent him nonsense stuff but he opened the message anyway in case it was something urgent. The video clip automatically downloaded and then played. It was a video of Yu Sha singing and the men cheering.

Prince Hue Chi watched the whole thing and thought Yu Sha's voice was very soothing. The corner of his mouth curved up until he heard Dao Txu's and Long Kue's conversation. His facial expression changed instantly. The space between his brows furrowed, his eyes sharpened and shifted slightly, the air around suddenly became chilly as if the temperature had dropped below zero degrees. "Hmph... I can easily grant you a new employer." Prince Hue Chi muttered to himself.

Close to midnight, the deck closed and everyone started leaving.

Yu Sha was getting very tipsy from all the drinking and cheering with the men. When Su Na noticed her friend's state, she excused herself from Jake and went to assist Yu Sha back into her room.

When they arrived in Yu Sha's room, Su Na grabbed a water bottle and make Yu Sha drink the entire bottle while holding her hairs when she puked after drinking the water. She made Yu Sha drink another water bottle before assisting Yu Sha to bed.