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56 Party

 There were chairs and tables on the beach that the construction crew set up every morning. Yu Sha found a place to sit and took out her laptop from the bag she carried with her. She turned on her laptop and opened her project chart to analyze it. She made some minor adjustments. After that, she sent an update report to Lue Han, copied Su Na on it and sent a separate email to Yu Ping.

At SNYS Consultant, Yu Ping was tending to the office. There was not much to do at the office since the two ladies were out working but he would come for a few hours a day to check emails, messages, and de-dust the place. As he was cleaning the office, his phone beeped and to his surprise, he got an email from his sister. Yu Ping quickly opened the email to read the content. In the email, Yu Sha had asked him to come in two weeks earlier than the estimated time. Maybe they were ahead of schedule? He was ecstatic and searched for a flight to keep tabs on ticket prices.

Hours later, the day ended. Everyone wrapped up their work and headed back to the cruise. There was still about an hour left before dinner, so everyone headed back to their rooms to shower and change.

Both Yu Sha and Su Na changed into nice dresses after they showered. They went out to the main deck. Some of the construction crew was already out there eating their dinner. The ladies took a little bit longer to get ready as they had the rest of the night to chill while the men were eager to start the party. The cruise had already set up the karaoke machine and they assigned their best bartender to be at the bar as they do not have a mixologist on site.

By the time, Yu Sha and Su Na arrived some of the men already ate their dinner and started on their drink. The two ladies looked at the lively crowds on the main deck and it seemed like pretty much everyone was present. Yu Sha and Su Na then went to the food court and grabbed their food before joining the rest of the crew.

Back at the prince's VIP suite, two of the three young men were restless. Long Kue wanted to observe and see what Yu Sha was like as a person while Dao Txu wanted to go and join the party. The prince was aware of the party that was happening that night, but he seemed nonchalant compared to his subordinates.

Prince Hue Chi dismissed his men after a while. Long Kue and Dao Txu sped off as soon as they got out the door, leaving Peng Xu by himself. He looked at the backs of his two colleagues unable to understand their reasons for wanting to go to the party. To him, it was just a party and the affairs of their lord should be left to their lord to handle. Since he was not on duty to monitor Yu Sha, he rather took this opportunity to enjoy time to himself.

Peng Xu then went into his room, grabbed a fishing pole and a couple of books inside his closet before walking out to the balcony. He turned on the light, pulled the table and a chair closer to the rails and cast the fishing pole before setting it against the rail and read his book. This was how he liked to spend time to himself, reading and fishing if he had any free time.

Long Kue and Peng Xu rushed to the third floor of the balcony with their binoculars. They lay on the floor close to the edge and spied on the work crew on the main floor. During that time, things on the main deck were getting rowdier. Most of the crew gathered around the karaoke machine while some were by the bar chatting away.

Yu Sha and Su Na sat by the karaoke area with their drinks in their hands, listening to the men singing songs. The current song ended and the two men holding the mic turned to Yu Sha and Su Na asking them to sing a song. "Everyone should have a turn. Pick a song Miss Yu Sha and Su Na."

Yu Sha downed her drink before going up to choose a song. While browsing through the song list, she turned to her friend. "Su Na, want to join?"

Su Na gestured that she was good and for Yu Sha to go head by herself. Yu Sha then silently picked a song. "Living Corpse."

Everyone shifted their attention to the karaoke and waited patiently to hear the girl sing. The music came on and people cheered for Yu Sha to give her encouragement. Finally, she pulled the mic closer to her mouth and parted her lips.

"I ran, ran as far as I could from you."

"Ran through time and distance to get away from your ghost."

A strong yet soft, sexy voice awed everyone on the floor. "She's quite good." Shouted the man who had claimed he was good at singing the night before.

Another man turned to him and replied, "That's what you called good at singing, unlike some people here. Hahaha..."

"No matter how bright the sky is or how dark the night gets."

"Your ghost haunts me in my every waking."

"Even if my memories were gone, your shadow remains in my heart."

"Making me a living corpse."

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"Oh... what's the point of running when my heart has loved you from the beginning of time."

"Oh... what's the point of living when I don't even feel alive without you embracing me."

"At the end of the day till the end of the world, it is always you."

"You who could fill this deep void in my heart."

"Only you could cure this longing feeling in my soul."

The men cheered loudly when Yu Sha was not even done with the song. A few people had tears in their eyes. What a song! It was making some of them miss their partner and those who did not have a partner, felt even lonelier.