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52 Find Her In This Vast Wide World

 He got up from his bed and made his way to the kitchen. He poured himself a glass of water, and quietly made his way out to the balcony. Hue chi sat on a chair. After such a dream, he could not fall asleep, and the feeling of longing was too intense for him to stay still in one place so, he went for a walk to get some fresh air.

On another side of the ship, Yu Sha was still out on her balcony. She lay on the cot covered by a thin blanket, trying to fall asleep. She too had this longing feeling that seemed to be bothering her more and more often lately. But the reasons as to why she had such feelings were unknown to her. It had caused her to feel restless, especially during night time.

'Maybe I should see a doctor about my condition if the feeling becomes chronic.' Yu Sha thought to herself.

She tossed and turned on the cot, and finally felt fed up with the restless feeling in her heart. She got up and went for a walk around the cruise.

About twenty minutes later, Yu Sha found herself up on the third floor of the deck. The deck allowed a broader view of everything around with great scenery. She walked to the back of the deck. With her body facing towards the ocean, she leaned on the rail. The stars and crescent moon mirrored on the water surface. The waves were calm, and the night felt stagnant.

Yu Sha looked out in the distance and searched in her consciousness if she could find the root cause of what was bothering her. She felt that there was a big wall blocking her from going further. If she could break down the wall in her consciousness, maybe she could identify her illness. Maybe the answer lied on the other side of the wall. The calm breeze blew softly around Yu Sha as she meditated.

Inside the ship, an elevator came to a stop on the deck floor. Prince Hue Chi walked out of the elevator when the door opened. He made his way out to the main level of the deck and to the main lobby area where the eating tables were. He slowly walked past one table after another and stopped right by the pool. What Hue Chi didn't realize was that he unconsciously walked past all the areas where Yu Sha sat and hung out with her friends.

A flashback popped in his mind when Yu Sha and Keo were racing in the swimming pool. The corner of his mouth curved up, and it was then he realized that he was thinking nonsense. Prince Hue Chi shook his head, disappointed that he allowed such mundane thoughts to enter his mind. He turned to face the stairs and made his way up the stairs to the second floor of the deck.

Prince Hue Chi meandered his way up the stairs to the second level of the deck and then up to the third floor.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

There were a few tables closer to the center and a few tables alongside the edges by the rails. The tables would get moved around for decoration purposes but when the deck was not being used, the tables were moved back and spread evenly on the floor.

Prince Hue Chi eyed one table closer to the center of the deck and sat on a chair. Not far from the center table, there was the elevator that was centered closer to the back of the deck. Behind the elevator was the back with the walkway behind the elevator.

Prince Hue Chi sat leaning back on the chair with one of his legs crossed over the other. He thought of his routine dreams and the dream that he had gotten earlier. He could tell from the emotional connect in his dreams that the woman was someone he had dearly loved. Someone he had loved more than anything else.

None of the women he had met in this life had ever made him feel the way he felt in his dreams. If she was someone, he had loved more than his own life, how was he supposed to find her in the vast wide world? Was she even in the life where he was?

Hue Chi thought of all the possibilities of his dreams and their meanings.

Just then, Yu Sha walked from the back of the deck and saw Hue Chi's side profile. He sat still gazing into the distance. His muscular figure and handsome canvas made him look like a statue on which god had spent several hundreds of hours molding carefully.

Hue Chi sensed movement on his side and turned around to look at the same time Yu Sha spotted him. It alarmed her to see someone past midnight, wandering around since she had always been the only one who wandered in the night.

When she had a good look, she realized that the man was none other than the stuck-up man she saw the last time with his girlfriend.

Yu Sha wasn't sure whether to turn around and go back or go forward past Hue Chi. 'Wha... what is he doing here at this time of the night? Why is he, occupying my space?' Yu Sha felt flustered that in her mind, she claimed territory.

Prince Hue Chi was equally surprised to see Yu Sha up loitering around that time of night. He realized that she was in a deep dilemma just from her body gesture and facial expression.

Hue Chi knew that she was probably as shocked as he was. As he thought for a while, he could see it as a good opportunity to probe for some information from her. "Sit here." He initiated the conversation.

Hue Chi repositioned himself on the chair to sit more upright.

'What the hell? Shouldn't he ask me if I want to go sit? Why is his way of speaking so demanding?' Yu Sha thought, but since she did not want to stand there like a lost and confused kid, she decided to accept his invitation.