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51 Thats Not Fair

 "OMG, so she's the extra unordinary one? I must observe her, tomorrow," Long Kue whispered to himself. He turned to look at them. "I got what I needed, good night everyone." He rushed out of the room and went back to his room.

The two shadow bodyguards also left. It still shocked Peng Xu that his lord was more interested in Yu Sha as a woman than as a spy? He thought this whole time he was monitoring her for any spy movements but he had been wrong? Peng Xu could be dense but he did not think he was that dense that among the four of them he was the last one to know. He tried to make himself feel better by reminding himself that he was far more superior when came to combat skill among them four, except Xolai who was away for a while doing a mission.


Under the full moon on a high elevation open field, a soft sweet laugh echoed through the night. The wind was calm, the tall grasses stood still, the stars above them shone brightly and the moon acted as flashlights to light up the world beneath the sky.

The soft sweet laughs finally stopped. In his first perspective vision, he slowly approached the beautiful girl with soft glowing skin. She was gorgeous. Her smile could light his entire world and her voice sounded like a soft sweet melody to his ears. She turned around to look at him in amazement. "This is such a beautiful place. It's like we are suspended in midair. Can't you just leave me here?" She asked cutely as she leaned in closer, blinking her big eyes for permission.

A big hand reached out to stroke the girl's head gently. "Haha... I'm sorry, I won't be able to do that."

She frowned, and she pouted. "Why?"

Even in her pouting expression, he found her so endearingly cute. 'How could he parted from her?' "Because I would miss you if you are not within my sight," the voice of a man replied sweetly.

The girl jerked back as her face flushed with shyness. She darted her eyes and quickly turned around to avoid showing her flushed, flustered face. "That's not fair." She pouted again.

The man walked up to the girl and stood behind her. "What is not?"

"Saying stuff like that without warning to catch me off guard." Though she acted disappointed, he could tell there was a hint of happiness in her sweet pouting voice.

He wrapped his arms around her from behind, leaned down to plant a kiss on the top of her head and whispered in a low raspy voice, "Because I would miss you every moment you are out of my sight."

He could feel her body tremble mildly in response to his actions. She pouted again and mumbled, "That's not fair."

"Hmm... what is?"

"Doing stuff like that without warning," she said in a low soft voice as she cowered her head down a little while still being in his embrace.

He chuckled at the girl in his arms. He loosened his embrace, walked in front of her, and with his hand, tilted her head up to look at him. Her face still flushed as she was shy at his attempt to woo her. He looked at her face, her long eyelashes, her big eyes, nose, and luscious plump lips. He leaned down closer and kissed her on the lips. After a moment, he lifted up his head and parted from her lips. He smiled coquettishly. "Is this fair?"

The girl's eyes widened as she was a little taken aback by the sudden kiss she was pulled in. Her left hand almost instinctively covered her mouth while forgetting to breathe for a couple of moments.

He wholeheartedly laughed at her reaction. He removed a strand of her hair from her face, and in a gentle warm voice, he whispered, "Breathe."

She uncovered her lips, taking a deep breath. She finally blinked her eyes, recovering from the shock.

His lips curved in a beautiful smile. Leaning closer, he rested his forehead against hers. "Is this fair now?"

She blushed in a deep shade of red, lowering her head to avoid eye contact with the man in front of her who had just attacked her with love.

She seemed as if she was debating on something serious. A moment later, she looked up to face him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself up to kiss him. She brushed her lips against his, found a spot on his lower lip, and bit it. She quickly let go and ran away while giggling. "Hehe... Now, this is fair." She seemed embarrassed at her actions because she did not turn around when she spoke.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

His heart fluttered like sparks. Indeed, that was fair to her but not to him. She had awoken something fiery in him with her sudden attack and she left him hanging. He watched her back going away from him, farther and farther. He unconsciously moved his fingers to touch his lips to feel the part where she had bitten. He couldn't help but smile warmly at the mark she left on his lip, wondering what kind of domestic abuse was that? Why did it feel so good?

In a dark room lit with a night light, the heavenly looking prince opened his eyes. After a really long time, he woke up calmly from having a sweet dream. He could still feel the tingling sensation on his lips, the tingling feeling that tugged inside his heart. The lingering feeling from his dreams was affecting him in his real life.

The longing feelings hovering around his heart intensified. That feeling happened every time after he had a sweet dream. And, the same thing also happened, whenever he had a bad dream. At that time, feeling of hopelessness and despair intensified, and for a few days, they wouldn't leave him. For as long as he could remember, those feelings always lingered in his heart like dark clouds that never go away, waiting to strike him at any moment.