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49 Who Is She?

 While the rowdy construction workers were finishing up their food, Prince Hue Chi arrived outside the port. He looked around, and the place had indeed changed. Part of the wooded area was completely torn down. Even the road that ran parallel was already paved. The speed of the work was amazing. The foundation looked almost completed except that it needed to be paved.

Butler Zeu was already at the cruise getting a room ready for the prince. Only Butler Zeu could fix his room for him. No other maids were allowed to enter and touch his room. That was how meticulous he got, and he did not like people he didn't trust going in and out of his room.

The dark prince got one of the selected few best rooms on the cruise. It was like a house of its own inside the cruise with a nice spacious bathroom, a shower, a big bathtub, two big bedrooms, an office room, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a nice balcony.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Long Kue stayed at the room next door while Butler Zeu stayed across the hall from Hue Chi so they could tend to the prince when called. Peng Xu and Dao Txu shared a room next door as well, as they were his shadow bodyguards. They needed to be nearby to stand guard at all times. They constantly switched shifts between the two of them.

Shortly after the prince arrived, Peng Xu also arrived in his undercover car. He checked his tracking device and found where Dao Txu was at and quickly went to join Dao Txu on the third level deck. When he arrived and saw Dao Txu holding a can of beer relaxing on a beach cot, he frowned. "Aren't you a little too relaxed?"

Dao Txu saw Peng Xu walking towards him looking stern and uptight. He bumped up his drink to salute Peng Xu and candidly replied, "Calm down, no need to worry. Everyone down there is harmless." It was then a light bulb went on in his mind like he had an epiphany. Dao Txu smirked and turned to Peng Xu. "Hey, wanna bet?"

Peng Xu irked his eyes at Dao Txu. "On what?"

"That Prince Hue Chi unconsciously is attracted to Yu Sha."

"Nonsense," Peng Xu muttered in disgrace.

"Well, then let's bet if you think it is nonsense." Dao Txu's confidence was high.

Peng Xu remained silent and had not moved from his spot. It seemed like he was thinking about something and then replied, "Why?" He wanted to know why Dao Txu came up with such an absurd conclusion.

Dao Txu twirled the bottle in his hand and sighed. "A man's intuition."

Peng Xu had a ridiculous look on his face. "That's your reason?"

"My number one reason is man's intuition. The second reason - his eyes kept finding her even at the first encounter when they were invited to visit this place here. No human subtle behavior can escape my eagle eyes." Dao Txu winked at Peng Xu, proud of his observational ability.

Peng Xu was quiet. Could his lord have taken an interest in a female? There were so many beautiful and talented social elite women who would love to be noticed by him, yet, no one had caught his attention. Or could his interest in Yu Sha be purely based on her ability he saw over a week ago and nothing more than to find her motives? Or was there another reason for his interest in her? Peng Xu pondered back and forth on all the possibilities.

Back at the prince's VIP suite, Long Kue organized the documents in the office room for the prince while Butler Zeu prepped his meal for him. The prince planned to be at Skyline Cruise until the end of next week.

Prince Hue Chi was sitting on the balcony working on his computer when Butler Zeu told him his meal was ready. He folded his laptop and walked to the dining area where his meal was freshly made. He sat on the table and ate his food when a scene of the Legend play popped in his mind. The food that Hli Ja had cooked for Mua Kong invaded his thought process as he saw the food in front of him. He quickly pushed the image aside, which then led his thought to the book sitting in his closet. He would have to find time to read the book once he went back home as the book had to be returned back to the museum.

As many things passed through Prince Hue Chi's mind, his phone buzzed, interrupting his thoughts. He took out the phone from the pocket and looked at the message to what he saw on the display. Another message from Dao Txu! He clicked on the message and a video file automatically got downloaded. After a couple of seconds, the video played as soon as it completed downloading. One could hear Yu Sha shouting excitedly about tomorrow's party followed by a crowd of men cheering.

Long Kue and Butler Zeu could hear Yu Sha's voice followed by men's cheers. Long Kue froze for a minute as he shot a look at Butler Zeu asking who the female in the recording was. Butler Zeu could recognize the voice because he was there when the prince was observing the loud bunch. He smiled and gestured for Long Kue to continue what he was doing but gave off smirk that it was great news. Long Kue decided to continue setting the office room, but Butler Zeu got some explaining to do later.

After watching the video, Hue Chi unconsciously smiled. Long Kue could see the side profile of the prince sitting in the dining area through the office glass window. He was astonished seeing the reaction. He was shaking from shock and excitement and had to go out to calm down. Unable to wait any longer, Long Kue went to his room and dialed Dao Txu, a shadow bodyguard who was more intuitive them.