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48 Wonderful Son

 The king chuckled. "Haha... just like father and daughter. Va Tong, aren't you blessed? Your two sons and daughter are following your steps."

Va Tong put down his silverware and bowed his head slightly in respect for his king. "My Lord, thank you. Prince Hue Chi is a wonderful son too. He works hard and is constantly thinking of the country. He's a man of very few words, but he is kind, taking after you two." Va Tong flattered both the king and queen in one reply.

The queen smiled because that couldn't be truer. Her son was her pride who she thought worked too much. She sometimes got upset that he was born a prince and had to shoulder so much responsibility.

"He is indeed a wonderful son," she admitted, softly.

The king had to admit that he was feeling a little dejected. Though his son was wonderful in some ways, he couldn't even get his son to come to have dinner with them so minus some wonderful points off.

At Skyline Ship, the construction workers just arrived back. Some headed back to their room to change while some headed straight to the main deck for their late dinner. Everyone wanted to be in the table where the girls sit even though one girl was kind of scary, but she still looked pleasant to the eyes.

After arguing over who got to sit in the table where the girls were sitting on, they concluded to move the tables into a big round circle. So, when they arrived, some went to the main deck and moved the table in a hurry. The guys pushed the tables around, making a big uneven circle to fit more people so that one table could monopolize the ladies.

All tables were in different shapes, some were square, some in rectangular, and some were in a circular shape. When combined, the tables did not make a perfectly round shape. When Yu Sha and Su Na reached the deck, they were greeted with this sight of the changed sitting arrangement, which seemed a little odd.

A few guys were already sitting at the table with their food plates and one of them yelled over to the ladies, "Come join us when you get your food."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Yu Sha and Su Na looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. They might as well join the group since they had to brief them about the day and tomorrow's schedule. It would be better to brief while everyone sat together. The ladies waved positively at the man as they walked over to the kitchen area and grabbed their food before settling down.

By then, more and more people came out and joined the tables. Jake was the last one to join since he had to make sure his staff all arrived and be present before getting food for himself. He came to the table and sat across from the ladies.

After everyone had a chance to take a few bites of their food, Yu Sha stood up and loudly briefed the group. "Today, each half of the groups are about three fourth of the way done with creating the base. Tomorrow, each half will split into two groups. A third of the people will continue to pick off where they left off today while the other two-thirds of each group will pave the base with concrete. The goal is to have the foundation base done by tomorrow night. I need everyone to work hard together tomorrow."

The construction group had been putting almost twelve hours each day for the two days and tomorrow would be another long day. It was the start of a big project for them all. Everyone was excited and full of energy, so working those long hours seemed easier at the start, but she knew that they could not be pulling twelve hours under the scorching sun for long. Su Na and Yu Sha planned on cutting it down to eight hours after the foundation was done.

Yu Sha added, "If we complete the foundation tomorrow, let's come back here to party and take the following day off!"

Everyone cheered loudly as soon as she completed her sentence.

"And I'll ask the cruise to set up a karaoke machine here, and I'll ask if they have a mixologist." Yu Sha shouted excitedly. The men roared in the excitement of the upcoming party and a one-day break. They could finally sleep in and go out to sea for a day.

Su Na looked at her best friend, and somehow she felt that Yu Sha was more excited about the party and the one-day break than the guys.

One guy in the group shouted happily, "I can sing! I love to sing! Wait to hear my beautiful voice tomorrow!" Then other guys started bragging about their ability to sing too. Su Na at this point felt more unsure about the next day's party.

The thought of it already tired her out. She might have to babysit a bunch of big babies since Yu Sha was also finding a drink mixologist. That meant she was serious about partying. Although, Su Na rather liked that side of her friend than the supernatural and sick one, so even though she already dragged tomorrow night, she would make sure that her friend would not get too crazy.

The energy in the air was now filled with motivation, and the tension among the workers loosened more than it did the night before. The construction workers were now getting more comfortable being themselves in front of the two ladies.

Dao Txu who at this point was on the third floor of the deck observing was just as excited, and then a light bulb flickered on. What if he blended in and went to join the group tomorrow? Wouldn't that be a great idea? The best way to monitor someone was to befriend them and join them in their quest. After pondering, he sat back down on his beach cot and sipped his drink like he was just hanging out, leisurely observing the night skies.