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46 Find Her Amusing

 Prince Hue Chi unconsciously put on a small smile as he observed the high-spirited girl. He has not yet realized that his attentions always gravitate towards her. Her look, her smiles, the way she walks, the way she talks, and her voices are always very comforting for his soul. He found everything about her amusing.

His attention at the girl in the computer screen was interrupted when someone knocked at the door. Hue Chi pulled himself back to the door and commanded for the person to come in. The door slowly crept open and Long Kue walked in, "Prince, the King, and General Va Tong are here to see you."

"Mm.." Hue Chi replied. He could pretty much guess what they are here for but it is best to put a show and let them come in.

Long Kue turned around and widened the door. He bowed his head and stood on the side to make way for the King and General Va Tong.

Hue Chi quickly minimized the live video of the construction site. The live video moved to the bottom right corner of his screen when it minimized. The video has no audio so the chance of someone hearing what he was watching was zero to none. Prince Hue Chi stood up from his desk and asked, "Is there something I can help with?"

Va Tong waved his hand at Prince Hue Chi and casually said, "No need to get up from your seat. I'm here with your father to see if you will have some free time later to join us for family dinner." He wanted to provide an opportunity for his daughter to have some time with Hue Chi. If he just outright asked for Hue Chi to go have a meal with his daughter, people may think he was too desperate. He had to take things slowly and cautiously.

Va Tong is not the only one who was eyeing for their daughter to be Queen of the Kingdom. Other social elite people are also trying to get their daughter introduced to the King, Queen, and Prince. Prince Hue Chi has never shown any interest in women but because he had a meal last time and also allowed Kao Sheng to stay at the cruise overnight, that really spiked up Va Tong's hope.

"Hue Chi, come over for dinner. General Va Tong and his family will be having a meal with your mother and me." The King commanded. He knew his son was very detached and distant from him. The father and son headbutt often, son not yielding to father and father not yielding to son. Hue Chi was his only heir, and was afraid to push Hue Chi's button too far but still, sometimes, he liked to use his authority to bend his son.

Hue Chi is not one to follow directions. He is kind to those who are kind and respectful, but not to those who have a hidden agenda. He suspects almost everyone and can easily pick up subliminal messages from his environment, which often times included people.

Hue Chi sat back down on his chair. His eyes shifted slightly at the small video on the bottom right of his computer screen. He saw of what seemed like an encouragement from the girl who raised her water bottle to cheer her team, and everyone responded with a smile and lift their water bottle to cheer. Hue Chi casually looked over at his King Father, the General and then briefly glanced at his work and replied, "I'm not sure if I can make it. I'll have someone send a message later."

With that answer, neither the king nor General Va Tong could rebuke. He was leaving the answer up in the air by not declining them but also not agreeing at the same. Knowing his son, the King knew the chance of Hue Chi joining dinner seemed very unlikely. Not wanting to cause a scene in public, the King decided to not say anything further.

Prince Hue Chi did not want to give the King and the General an answer as he already knew what they are up to. He wanted to give them the impression he is busy with work and attending dinner would depend on how much work he has left at the end of the day, though he knew his father could guessed his answered. However, he understood that his father would not act out in front of the General so he took the opportunity to decline the invitation subtly.

General Va Tong understood that the Prince has a lot of work and does not want to impose on the Prince, "Mm... It's all right if you cannot come. I know you are busy." He turned to the King and added, "Let's head to the training ground, My Lord."

The Prince watched his father and the General headed out of his office. His eyes shifted down to the bottom right corner of his computer screen. His vision unconsciously darted back to find the high-spirited girl whose smile could melt the glaciers, whose eyes were as calm as the starry skies. She radiated a magnetic aura that seemed to pull those around towards her.

Several hours later in the late afternoon, the Dark Prince left Royal Corporate Square. As he was walking out to his car, he hesitated and then took out his phone to dial Butler Zeu. When Butler Zeu answered on the other line, the Dark Prince slowly opened his mouth and said, "Tell the Queen I am busy and cannot attend dinner." He wanted to send the message to the Queen first before she calls him, which will be tiresome declining his Queen mother.

Long Kue followed the Dark Prince carrying a tote box full of works. The driver popped the trunk opened when he saw the Prince coming towards the car. Long Kue walked to the trunk and put the tote in the back while the driver opened the door for the Prince to get in. After closing the trunk, Long Kue helped himself to the front passenger side and buckled up. The driver glanced over to the passenger side after he got inside the car. Before he could ask where they would like to go, Long Kue replied, "To Skyline Cruise at Aqua Illusion Construction Site."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.