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45 Can I Read It First?

 "Well... Can I read it first?" Dao Txu asked for permission.

Hu Chi glanced briefly at Dao Txu and replied sternly, "No, leave the book here."

Dao Txu sighed, utterly disappointed. "Ok, my Lord," and reluctantly put the book gently back into the chest box before walking out.

Hue Chi looked over at the chest box, feeling complex about the situation right in front of him. After a moment, he shifted his attention away from the chest box to his computer and continued working.

Shortly after working at his desk, he found himself drawn back to the chest box. His attention kept drifting back and forth a few times. What he hated most is being distracted so after knowing for sure he won't be able to concentrate, he got up from the desk and walked over to the table. Hue Chi stood by the table staring at the chest box feeling heavy hearted, and then, slowly, he reached his hand for the chest box. Hue Chi lifted the box, walked over to his room, and headed straight for the closet.

Inside the closet, he eyed on an empty bottom shelf left of him and put the chest box on the shelf. Maybe in a week or so he will read the book. He is swamped with work right now and is not ready to face what the book holds. With that reasoning, he tucked the chest box away in the bottom shelf as if the box contained his deep dark secret. He stared at the box for a moment before turning around and walked out of the closet.

Back at the Aqua Beach Construction site, everyone woke up early for the first day of work. Yu Sha and Su Na were already outside with Jake planning the day. The workers split up into their assigned group and within each group, they divided up into again. The smaller group of each side, went back farther to plow roads and parking area parallel to the beach as the building strips will be parallel to the beach and shores. The main bigger main group, worked on the construction site. They have robots to measure areas with precise calculation and marked them with symbols followed by the construction trucks plowing the marked area.

By the end of the day, the entire place was plowed through. The workers came back to the cruise at 8 pm for dinner. They had a long day and will have another long day tomorrow, so they are ready to get some rest for another hard day of work.

Everyone got up early again for the second day of work and continues where they left off. The workers operated excavator trucks and dug the marked areas measured for them by the robots while the smaller group of each halves paved parking and the road that runs parallel to the beach. Having the road nicely paved with concrete cement, make traveling along the strip easier and less time consuming during the project time span.

At Aires Royal Corporate Square, Prince Hue Chi adjourned a meeting via video conference with Ether and their investors that took place at the East Wing. He could not join the meeting in person, so he joined via video conference, which he often does whenever he cannot attend in person. After he ended the conference call, he resumed back to working on his computer, analyzing complex monetization charts of several projects from the last month. Not long after analyzing data, his attention kept distracted for no apparent reasons. Hue Chi paused and looked like he was debating internally about something. This is so unlike him, being indecisive and distracted.

After a moment of looking conflicted, his fingers slowly tap on a couple of keyboard pads and a new screen popped up on his computer screen. It was a live recording of the Aqua Illusion Beach Construction Site. He tapped on another button and the camera zoomed in closer onto the people working at the site. His eyes scanned all the workers in the south half and came to a stop at a lady wearing short pants with a white blouse and a white cap to help shield the sun. She was smiling as she nodded her head in agreement when a worker asked for an okay on his work. She was genuinely friendly who often smiled and laughed a lot.

Though the sun was scorching hot, everyone seemed to be full of energy and enjoyed their work. Yu Sha was in high spirit since the workers were pleasant to work with and they followed directions well. She liked her team and felt they would be within schedule if they kept up this pace.

Yu Sha walked through the dug spaces and inspected them to make sure the depth and surface area was appropriate. There were three excavator trucks working at the same time on each half of the strip. By the afternoon, smaller group of each half finished cemented the road and parking spaces.

Jake supervised that small group and once when they finished their parts, they came over to help with the strip.

At the strip, both groups were midway through their 10 miles project course.

Not long afterward, two workers from the cruise drove by in a jeep truck with lunches. Yu Sha ran to help the jeep truck when she saw it drove by. She helped the workers unfold the tables and then help them two set food on the table. Once the food was appropriately organized on the table, Yu Sha went around the site to call people to eat.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.