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44 You Have To Surpass Me

 As soon as he finished asking, Yu Sha slammed the table with her right hand, making the plates on the table jiggled. She stood up, stomped one of her legs on the table and leaned inward glaring at the man who asked the question. He instantaneously sobered up and gulped down his own saliva nervously waiting for a verdict.

Yu Sha grinned with a stony glare at the man and muttered in a domineering aura, "Anyone who wants to be with her... has to get past me first. He has to be more dazzlingly than me, more talented than me, more handsome than me, basically, he has to surpass me in every way." With this, it means that none of them on the deck has the qualification to hit on the two of them and should never ever dream of getting anything from the ladies. After making her declaration in front of all the men, she flaunted her hairs and sat back onto the chair like a knight.

The men whispered among themselves, "More handsome?" Did they just heard handsome? So, is Yu Sha a trans-gendered person? Or are them two lesbian couples?

Jake, who was sitting on a different table watching the whole thing, secretly smiled at Yu Sha's bold behaviors. She is definitely very sassy, he thought. He felt like the Yu Sha he saw today is the real her compared to the one at the banquet. He liked her like this better as it felt like the genuine her.

At the top of the third level of the deck was PengXu observing the main deck, "Phew, she is one feisty one." He snapped a video clip of Yu Sha making the bold declaration to the men and sent it to his Lord.

In the study office, Prince Hue Chi was working when his phone beeped. He glanced over at his phone and the notification was from PengXu. He reached over to his phone to read the message. PengXu texted a message, "She is one feisty woman" and attached a video clip. He clicked on the video and saw Yu Sha turning down all the men in one scoop.

The corner of Prince Hue Chi's mouth unconsciously curved up a little, "Hmp, weird woman." Though he was suspicious of the fact that she may come with an agenda, he can't help but feel an affinity attraction towards her.

Suddenly, a knocked on the door interrupted his train of thoughts. Prince Hue Chi answered, "Come in."

The door opened and Dao Txu came in carrying a chest box. He smiled dazzlingly at his Lord as he walked to the table in the middle of the room, "Look what I got?" He sat the chest box on the table in the room.

"The Legend of Aires?" Prince Hue Chi got up from his desk and walked towards the table.

"Ding ding! I finally got this from the museum. I was able to get a month of borrowed time for this since it is for the Royal Family but in respect, we have to return this back to the museum for display after time is up." Dao Txu opened the box and gently took out the old tattered book. He laid the book on the table, handled it like a sensor bomb that would explode with any slight movement. "Ho ho ho, my Lord, this is so exciting. Can I read it first?"

"My Lord, what should we do? Should I read it to you?" Dao Txu asked excitingly. He cannot wait to know what the content of the book comprised of, how much was retained and how much was lost. This thing in front of him is the real deal! If he has no connection with the royal family, never in a million chances will he get to hold something so authentic that hold some truths to his mother country.

Prince Hue Chi can feel the energy coming from the book and felt a magnetic energy pulling him towards it. Will the book unravel the mysteries behind his dreams? Or will it have nothing to do with his dreams or his past? After a complex inner struggle, he ordered, "Put the book back into the box." He was not ready to face the truth if the book could reveal his truth. He had not thought of what he should do with the information he received. All he wanted was to find answers to his dreams and hopefully find a way to stop dreaming about them. He needed times to think things through first and if any, he would like to read the book alone, undisturbed.

"Ehhh?? Why?" Dao Txu replied with a disappointment expression. He thought he finally gets the chance to read the real Legend and not from play with parts altered to meet the interests of the audiences.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I don't have time right now." Prince Hue Chi turned around, went back to his desk, and sat down in front of his computer.