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43 Split In Half

 Not long later, they both walked out to the beach. They looked towards the wooded areas and then at each other, "Well, the port here centered almost in the middle point. Why don't we both split half and half? Do you have a preference on what side you want to take?" Su Na asked.

"Hmm... I'll take the south half that will be for children and families and you take the north half," Yu Sha replied. She enjoyed creating a fun environment for children as she grew up with privileges to have lots of fun. Her parents, especially her father, always take them somewhere fun almost every weekend. Maybe, she could relive those carefree, fun moments while building the place.

"Ok, let's have a discussion with the construction workers about the plan." Su Na added.

They went to the lobby of the ship and asked the receptionist to call the construction manager to come down to meet them for a moment. The receptionist made a call to the manager of the construction company, Jake, to meet up with the ladies in the lobby area. Not long after, Jake rushed down the stairs. He is a man in his mid-thirties. This will be his first big time project, so he was a little nervous and tried to meet the needs of the other contractors. Plus, he is representing his Speedy Construction Company. They weren't very big, but their turnaround time for project completion was good and they received good reviews from their clients. Jake rushed up to the two girls and asked, "You need something?"

Yu Sha nodded her head and asked, "Jake, would you be able to provide a list of the people who are under you? We want to look at their specialized skills and split them into two groups. Let's meet up in about an hour and I can explain. Have everyone assembled outside in front of the ship."

"Ok, I can do that. I will email you the list of my men in about five minutes." Jake replied.

About one hour later, all the workers assembled outside in front of the ship. Yu Sha sat a small projectile device on the table in front of the construction workers. She pressed a button on her phone and the device projected a large, 200 inches by 100 inches 3D image in front of the group. It is the blueprint of Aqua Illusion Beach Project with a timeline underneath it.

Yu Sha went to stand up in front of the group and announced loudly, "We will divide up into two groups and work in the middle towards the outer. Group A work on the North half and Group B work on the South half. You all already got a letter assigned to you in which I will show in the next slide. We divided you all up making sure the skills among the two groups are properly balanced. Each group has two robot's controller. Please divide the robots evenly. Anyone has any questions?"

The group full of men was so amazed at the speech Yu Sha just delivered. It sounded like a military group leader making a command. Her straight standing postures and confidence exude an almighty leader and her speech delivery was concise and on point. The group shook their head and then someone slowly raised their hand. Yu Sha noticed a hand up in the airs among the men, she replied, "Yes."

A timid voice asked, "Um... does your family work for the military?"

Yu Sha pondered for a moment, she replied, "Something like that. But my father got demoted to be a stay home dad. So, it is just my mother working because she's high up in the hierarchy." It is true. Her father was her mother's subordinate and was demoted to be a homemaker after she was born.

Yu Sha pressed on her phone. The 3D image slide jumped to the next slide with names of group A and group B, she continued, "If no one has any more questions, tonight, let's relaxed, feast and tomorrow let's work hard together!"

"Ok!" the group of men shouted almost in unison. Jake at this point was astonished at the Yu Sha he just witnessed. He was at the banquet weeks ago and she was so different. She was quiet, reserved, barely said anything and even announced that she is shy and is the reason she does not make public appearances. With her confidence and almighty aura, she probably could influence and inspired many young people.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

That night, all the workers met up on the main deck to eat and drink. Yu Sha and Su Na went to join the group. It is good to meet everyone and break the ice to help reduce tensions before working together.

The two ladies got their food and as they were carrying their food trays eyeing for a spot to sit on, one worker whom at this point is a little buzzed, shouted, "Miss Su Na and Miss Yu Sha, come join us!"

The men that sat at the same table tensed up while everyone froze at this point. The table that invited the two ladies were happy and nervous at the same time because if the two ladies join them, they'll be super popular but how are they going to act? They do not want to see like a fool in front of the two ladies? The guys were nervous, not sure if the ladies will go sit on their table, but the ladies accepted the invitation.

When the ladies walked towards their tables, all the other men were jealous while the men sitting on the table were thrilled. The men on the table were smiling with their teeth showing and could not keep their lips closed.

Yu Sha and Su Na can feel the energy in the airs and could tell that the guys are happy over the top. They smirked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and continued working on their food. The ladies usually are always outnumbered because of their profession and are used to be surrounded by men. They never let themselves be intimidated or distracted by the men.

The man who called the ladies to go sit on their table asked bashfully, "Um... um... Miss S.. Su Na, do you have a boyfriend?"