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42 Match Maker

 Later in the evening, Yu Ping and his father left home to their bar restaurant, Happy House. The father and son duo went inside the bar one after another and prepped before opening time. As Yu Ping was organizing glasses cup on the shelf beneath the bar counter, he asked, "Dad... Is sis going to be ok?"

His father whom at this point was organizing the liquors and drinks on the shelf behind him paused and asked curiously, "Hm... what do you mean?" He had a hunch what his son was referring too, but he asked anyway just to be clear.

There was a moment of silence before Yu Ping muttered, "The seal."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

His father's movement stuttered. Yu Ping was a smart person, so there is no way he could not put the pieces together.

"Sorry dad, I eavesdropped almost nine years ago when grandma sealed her dreams and I know that the seal is getting less effective. I could put two and two together when I heard mom and grandma will be back about the same time." Yu Ping replied proudly to his father and then he continued, "I'll watch over her when we go work for Ether. You and mom can rest assured."

Yu Ping's father's expression changed and replied solemnly, "Mm... sorry that you have to play the role of a protector when you should just be enjoying life."

"It's ok dad. Even though she drives me crazy sometimes, I still love her."

Suddenly, their conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door. They saw a man standing at the door, a regular customer. Yu Ping switched the "OPEN" light on and pressed another button to unlock the door. "Welcome uncle Teng! Should I get you the usual?"

Uncle Teng helped himself to a stool by the bar, "Sure." After Uncle Teng sat on the stool, he turned to Yu Ping's father and continued, "Mong Zong, I heard Yu Sha won a big project from Ether?"

"Mm... she did. The girls won the project beautifully." Mong Zong replied pridefully.

"She's growing up more and more beautiful isn't she? And she's going on to do bigger and better things." Uncle Teng complimented.

Mong Zong laughed happily reeling in the compliment because it is so true. He cannot deny that his daughter is very beautiful and talented. Any parents would be proud.

Uncle Teng continues, "My nephew is a prominent lawyer for..." Before Uncle Teng could finish, Mong Zong cuts him off.

"NO THANK YOU!" Many regular customers come to their bar and always try to match make their son or nephew to his daughter. He felt like no one was good enough for his daughter.

"Come on, just let the two of them meet for a meal." Uncle Teng begged.

"NO!" Mong Zong replied sternly and then continue harshly, "No matter in what time, what universe, the answer is NO."

Uncle Teng coaxed, "She will leave the nest sooner or later. You don't want to see her in that beautiful wedding dress and walk her down the aisle before you die?"

"NO. She is free to stay with me forever long she wants. She does not need a man by her side. Besides, the man has to be more handsome than me, more skilled than me, more awesome than me, more dazzlingly than me. As far as I know, I'm the only one that existed... hahaha..."

Mong Zong laughed conceitedly. The man who wanted to take her hand had to be more badass and more amazing than him before he allowed her to date the man. Plus, there was no man that surpassed him or so he thought.

"Tsk... I didn't know your daughter complex is this strong." Uncle Teng muttered in disdain.

Yu Ping looked at Uncle Teng and slowly shook his head with an expression, 'you do not know anything about her, and look can be deceiving. She is weird, crazy, unpredictable, unreasonable, and can be a pain. I would feel sorry for your nephew. I would suggest any man to run the other way.'

Soon, the cook and bartender came into work. They are staff Mong Zong hired to help run the bar.

"Hi Phong and Jay!" Yu Ping greeted.

"Yo, you're here Yu Ping," Phong replied while Jay waved at him. Jay went to the kitchen and started prepping food before customers started showing up. Phong came to join Yu Ping. Phong is about the same age as Yu Ping, around 20 years and a college student. He came to bartend three nights a week.

While Yu Ping, on the other hand, was a gifted child and graduated early. He just graduated not long ago but because he is like his father, exudes charisma auras, he gets along well with people and made friends easily.

Yu Ping was brilliant and excelled well in all areas of life. He could have gone on to do bigger and better things but instead, he stayed behind his sister's shadow and assisted her with her career. There was nothing more he wanted than to make sure his sister live a carefree fulfilling life. Although, he had his own weakness, and that was he loved women and could be easily distracted.


A week later, Yu Sha and Su Na packed their luggages to fly over to Aires. Yu Ping will follow in about three months once the project takes shapes. Ether have enough workers to help speed up the project, people and robots, otherwise, the project would take much longer.

At the ship, a maid led Yu Sha and Su Na to their rooms. They have different rooms this time, on a different floor. The rooms were more spacious. Su Na had requested to stay next door to Yu Sha. She was worried about her beast friend and  made sure she brought a separate set of nebulizer inhalers in case emergency were to happen like last time.

After some thought, Su Na picked up the land phone and made a call.

Yu Sha picked up on the other side. "Hello?"

"Unsettle your stuff then go out to the shore and discuss the agenda in about 20 minutes." Su Na ordered.

"Ok, I'll knock on your door when I'm done."