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41 Love Food

 Haha... Yu Sha's father chuckled, she is right. She is no longer the small cute little girl who chased him around the house. His little girl is now all grown up, and she grew up beautifully just like her mother, but regardless, in his heart, she will always be his little girl. After a moment he opened his mouth and probed, "Are you having fun?"

Yu Sha frowned at her father for asking another stupid question, she let out a big sigh and replied, "Of course Dad! Do I look like I'm not?"

"I didn't say that." To avoid from being interrogated by his daughter, he stood up and asked, "Want something for lunch? I'll fix you something nice!"

"Ok." Yu Sha replied quickly. She never turned down food. She loved food and is the least picky eater. Food to her is like porn to man. Just seeing the pictures, already make her drools and her mind just cannot seem to get the juicy, tasty food out of her head. It will occupy her mind until she gets to eat it.

Yu Sha's father went inside to the kitchen to make some food. At this time, Yu Ping also came back home. He took off his shoes, walked to the living room, and turned on the T.V to enjoy some free time. Shortly after settling down he heard noises in the kitchen. Yu Ping shouted, "Dad? You there?"

His father replied from the kitchen, "Mm... yes, you want something to eat?"

"Sure... Is sis home?" Yu Ping asked loudly.

"Mm... she is."

"How is she?" Yu Ping heard that she was in the hospital while out of the country. He was worried about her for he understood the gist of her condition. That was why he was always protective of her. Yu Ping also promised his parents he would protect her and keep her happy.

"She seemed fine. She's out in the back."

Yu Ping got up and went out to the back. As he opened the door, Yu Sha heard the door creaked and, in a hurry to ask him for a favor, she shouted, "STOP!!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Her shout caused him to panic for a second. He froze in place and asked frantically, "What? What happened?"

"Don't come out yet, go back inside and bring me my laptop and a beer can!"

His jaw dropped at what he thought was something serious that he almost hada heart attack, "OMG! You... You are so ridiculous! No need to be so dramatic." Yu Ping shouted back.

"Well, if I didn't shout and be all serious, you would be here by the time I finished asking you. That'll be six meters here and six meters back to the door. It'll be 12 meters total extra you didn't need to do."

Yu Ping looked at his sister dumbfounded, just how lazy she is. Because she is older, she always bossed him around to do all her errands for her and he even lets her, "Thanks for being considerate, but I'm not lazy like you." He turned around and went back inside the house. Five minutes later he came out with her laptop and a beer can.

Yu Sha smiled and reached for the laptop while Yu Ping popped the beer can open before setting the can down on the table next to her.

"Thanks very much little bro."

Yu Sha turned on her laptop and opened up her architectural software programs. She opened up their Aqua Illusion Beach project design and looked at one part at a time.

Twenty minutes later, their father shouted through the window for Yu Ping to go help him bring the food out. Yu Ping went inside and helped his father bring out the food. Yu Sha then flipped her laptop closed before her brother and father sat the food on the table.

While the family ate their food, Yu Sha asked, "When is the next time mom coming home?"

"Not sure yet. She will be in contact with me in about two months." Replied her father.

"I see. Let me know, I may come back to see mom if work goes smoothly." Yu Sha replied.

"Oh, and your grandma may stop by too so yes if you can come back when your mother and grandma both are here, they would be very happy to see you." Yu Sha's father added.

"Ok..." she replied.

"Hey what about me?" Yu Ping asked unhappily that they left him out of the picture.

"Well, we just assumed you'll be here... We needn't invite you... hahaha..." Yu Sha joked.

Yu Ping cringed his face and continued eating. "Dad do you need help later? I am free for the rest of the day." He wanted to talk to his father without Yu Sha around. So, going into the bar to help his father may give them time to talk.

"Well, I supposed you could come over and help out. It doesn't hurt to have more staff."