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38 Light Bulb Went On

 Hearing the ok from Yu Sha, Keo walked out of the room. When he got outside, he saw Hue Chi standing by the door, "Hue Li, sorry for the trouble we may have caused and thank you for the hospitality." Keo reached his hand out for handshake thinking that it might be good-bye since the rest of the day was canceled and it might be the last time they will see each other.

Hue Chi reached out his hand for the handshake and smile, "I'm glad your friend is ok. After all, we wouldn't know what to do if something bad were to happen to her while in our care."

Leo who was in the room glanced over at the door and saw his brother shook hand with Hue Li. From the angle, a light bulb hit him. OMG... that person there, shaking hand with his brother is the Prince of Aires, Hue Chi Li. He never appeared in social media except one time on a news picture. The image of that one time when he shook hand with the first Prince of Cleotara for a treaty between the two countries looked almost exactly like what he just saw.

It was a single picture with the same angle and similar handshake just like what stood before him right now. A shock overcame him, but he kept his mouth shut at the discovery he made.

Leo looked at the two ladies and said, "I'm going with Keo. Be back soon." He walked out of the room and secretly tried to study Hue Chi as he walked past. He shouted at his brother, "Bro, wait for me." When he was sure they walked far enough, he whispered, "Bro, I know who Hue Li is."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Keo's face froze feeling stunned as he paused briefly before continuing to walk down the hall. He asked eagerly, "Who?"

"Prince of Aires, Hue Chi Li," Leo replied with certainty.

Keo stood in place feeling perturbed why is the Prince of Aires hanging out with them in disguise? Why would a Prince of a country have time to leisurely walk around with other people? What is his intention? What does he have to gain from this? It is then that a light bulb also hit Keo. Shoot, Ether Corporation is actually a child branch of Aires Royal Corporate that handles all projects planning, execution and meeting investors. The Royal family rarely appeared publicly for business unless it is for treaty and peace purposes. This is just a project for Aires, an attraction project. They never expected the real Prince of Aires was so closed to them. Damn... Why didn't he connect the dots? Keo spent a few seconds hating himself but quickly pushed his thoughts aside. The most important thing right now is to get Yu Sha discharged.

Kao Sheng was already sent back to the cruise. She was only to be there for a night and a day, though she wanted to spend more time but did not want to seem desperate. So, she asked to have dinner with her Prince before she leaves to which he agreed to have a meal with her.

At nighttime, Prince Hue Chi had dinner with Kao Sheng as he promised her he would. He had been complying with almost all the things she asked. She felt so confident she has a chance to win his heart as he had never yielded to anyone before, not even the King.

By this time, the group arrived back at the cruise ship. They went straight to the deck to have their dinner and relax for another hour enjoying the night.

Just as Prince Hue Chi pulled his gaze back from the distance, he felt a slight disturbance in the air on the other side of the ship. He turned his gaze towards the left, leaned back a little and saw an almost invisible blurry entity that seemed to be disappearing farther away as each second passed by.

Hue Chi's expression became serious at the abnormality scene he witnessed. Unsure of what he just saw and not wanting to alert whatever it was, whom at this point was already far away, he lifted his hand to send a signal. Before he put his hand down, a shadowy figure in the wooded area moved to follow the blurry entity.

In a matter of minutes, Yu Sha ended on the other side of the cliff she was on two days earlier. She walked slowly into the water and laid down on the water but she was just floating on top of the water surface as if she is laying on a paddle board. She laid on her right side, then used her right arm to support her head while splattering the waters with her left hand. Many sea fishes swarmed beneath and around her as she played with the water. She enjoyed watching the different sea creatures swarming and jumping around her.

A few minutes later, the person in the wooden area arrived. He found a spot almost on top of a tall tree overlooking the sea. He thought he lost whatever it was for sure, because the speed of that thing was just too fast for his own speed, though he was considered fast within his field of profession. The only thing he could do was not lose his sight on the thing that was moving and when he noticed that it went to the other side of the cliff, he rushed as fast as he could.

Upon arrival, he monitored from afar not knowing what to expect but all he saw was a woman lying on the water surface playing with the sea creatures. He stayed still and observed until further instructions.