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27 The Legend Part 9

 Yee Len unsheathed his sword without hesitation after hearing the threats. Tou Lw took a few steps back because it was the first time someone was not afraid of his status. Yee Len went up closer to Tou Lw and uttered in a serious tone, "My Prince can throw your entire family into the sea in front of the entire kingdom and no one will be able to oppose. This is a warning. If he sees you again, no one can save your family." With those words, Yee Len walked right past Tou Lw and left.

Tou Lw was still shaken along with his two servants. His heart pounded erratically as he turned around to face his servant and asked them, "Pri... Prince, what prince? Prince of our country? Is that the Prince of our country?" The servants just shook their head not sure if it was true or not, but that was definitely what the bodyguard said.

Inside the carriage, Mua Kong handed Hli Ja a tube of water.

She looked at him and hesitation filled her. First, he saved her and she was drinking his water? Before she could let him know that she was okay and she would be fine, he nudged the tube, signaling her to go ahead and get some water in her system. She finally took the water tube from him and took a couple of sips.

Mua Kong was satisfied watching a little better Hli Ja. "Where were you coming from?" he asked softly.

She slowly put the tube down on her lap. "A poor family who lived on the outskirt of the city came to fetch grandma before midnight yesterday. Their baby had a high fever and seizures too. They couldn't afford normal doctors. Grandma is old so I offered to go in her place. I was missing one of the fever herbal ingredients, so I made a trip into the mountain to find it. I got back this morning, made the medicine and took care of the baby until noon..." She trailed as just realized something and shrieked. "Ahhh..."

He was startled with her act and it got him tensed up. "Are you hurt somewhere?"

"My bag... my bag that has my weapons, tools, and medicines... it is in the canal," she mumbled, looking at him with her big sad eyes.

He couldn't resist the smile that appeared on his face. "We'll get it for you."

Shaking her head, she told him that he didn't have to. "No, that's fine. I can always get new ones." She did not want to trouble the nice people who helped her. Her bag must be at the bottom of the canal. She would never make anyone dive to the bottom just to get the tools that she could easily replace.

He looked at the map of her house she drew earlier. It looked like a child's scribble. He furrowed his brows at the map and then at her and down at the map again. She knew what he was thinking and sighed. "I'm an herbalist, not an artist. An herbalist doesn't necessarily need to know how to draw."

Mua Kong chuckled at the current Hli Ja. She did not have the big of an attitude six years ago. She was more of a quiet and reserved tomboy, but she had become more assertive and strong-headed. "You had a long night and morning. If you want to, why not close your eyes and rest? I will wake you up when we reach our destination."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Hli Ja learned to read and feel vicious animals while living in the mountain. It was a skill she could apply to humans as well and since she did not sense anything bad from Mua Kong and his men, she closed her eyes to rest. There was no way she could sleep with a stranger sitting across from her. She only planned to rest her eyes and get some mental rest.

Mua Kong looked at the beautiful girl. A sense of warmth and happiness flooded his heart. The corner of his lips slowly curved up.

Sometime later, the carriage arrived in front of a little house. The

The front of the house was a shop and there were a few people, shopping for herbal medicines. Through the window, one could see an elderly woman assisting the customers.

The carriage came to a complete stop. Hli Ja slowly opened her eyes and glanced out the carriage window. Mua Kong got out when he saw Hli Ja opened her eyes. He waited outside to help assist Hli Ja down from the carriage.

They entered the gate into the house. As they got into the front yard, through the window, the elderly woman saw Hli Ja looked tattered, wet from head to toe, and wearing a man's cloak accompanied by a man to the house. Her heart dropped at Hli Ja's condition. She rushed out. "What happened to you?"

"Oh... Grandma, I fell in the canal. This gentleman here saved me and brought me home."

Grandma relaxed her expression after hearing that Hli Ja fell instead. "Go in, shower and change out of your wet clothes."

Hli Ja turned towards Mua Kong, "Um... Your cloak is a little wet. I'll wash it but it'll take some time to dry. If you don't mind, stay here until then or if you're busy, you can come back and pick it up later."

He just nodded. She did not have to wash his cloak. She could even keep it, but he needed a reason to stay.

When Hli Ja left, Grandma turned to Mua Kong to study him. Her gaze sharpened looking at the familiar tall handsome man. Her eyes soon slowly widened after a minute like she realized who he was.

Mua Kong smiled gently and greeted, "Hi Grandma. It's been a long while."

Grandma smiled and invited Mua Kong to the back of the house. "You sure have grown! Go have a seat. I need to help these two customers first and I'll come to make you some tea."