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26 The Legend Part 8

 Tou Lw, himself was shocked about what happened. It was not his intention to push her in the water. He froze for a moment before he shook off from the shock. He then ordered one of his servants to jump into the canal to save the woman.

At that time, Yee Len had already dived under the water. He grabbed onto the lady and pulled her up to the other side of the canal next to the carriage.

The lady had not lost consciousness yet because Mua Kong and his bodyguard acted fast. She was wet and took a couple of gulps of waters, but she was fine. Yee Len dropped her on the ground. She crawled on the ground with one hand on the ground to support her and the other hand comforting her chest while she coughed out some water. As she was coughing, the Sapphire pendant necklace slipped out from her shirt.

The pendant Mua Kong had given to Hli Ja six years ago dangled from the lady's neck.

Was she Hli Ja? A sense of shock and excitement rushed through his body. Six years! It had been six years since he saw her last. It had been six years since he had been frantically searching for her at every possible place and when he actually found her, he didn't know how to react.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Yee Len felt baffled. Didn't that pendant look exactly like his Lord's pendant? He had not seen that pendant in over six years. Could it be because his Lord had given it away? Yee Len stood frozen with only his head turning to look at his Lord for confirmation.

Mua Kong burst out from the carriage and walked towards Hli Ja. He was so happy to see her. She had bloomed so beautifully in six years. He could barely recognize her because she looked absolutely ethereal. If it had not been for the pendant he gave her, he probably would have never recognized her. The only thing he could utter was, "Are you all right?" His hand reached out to help her stand up.

Hli Ja caught her breath before lifting her head to look at the man in front of her. She furrowed her brows. Had she seen him somewhere? She really thought she did but couldn't really recollect.

"I think I am. Thank you for saving me," she muttered, giving him a soft smile as she accepted his offer. Grabbing onto his hand, she allowed him to pull her up.

The time stood still when her hand touched his. Their eyes locked and neither of them blinked. As they stared right into each other's eyes, everything else was forgotten. He even forgot that he was supposed to lift her up. He kept on holding her hand with a faint smile on his face. It had been long since he had smiled genuinely the way he did, then. The way they gazed at each other, mirrored a couple in love who had longed for each other for a long, long time.

Tou Lw had taken the nearest bridge across to where they were when he saw that a man from the other side jumped in to save Hli Ja. When he approached the two, he inhaled a deep breath.

"Hli Ja, I didn't mean to." Before he could continue, he swallowed his saliva unable to say anything else. He blushed as his eyes fixated on Hli Ja. Her bright yellow clothes were wet and glued to her body, revealing all her curves and crevices.

Mua Kong glanced at Tou Lw and quickly glanced back at Hli Ja. As a man, he understood the reaction of the other man. He quickly pulled her up, let go of her hand and took off his cloak to cover her. He pulled Hli Ja behind him as a gesture of protecting her and looked at Tou Lw.

He turned towards Tou Lw, trying his best to suppress the bubbling anger. "The lady did not want you. Why didn't you leave her?"

Mua Kong's gesture touched Hli Ja deeply. She pulled the cloak closer to cover her.

Tou Lw was taken aback but quickly got his composure back. "Do you know who am I around here? This is between us. Let her go."

Infuriated Yee Len could not stop himself from charging at Tou Lw. He stepped forward but Mua Kong signaled for him to back off.

Hli Ja felt a swarm of headaches swirling in her head. Not wanting to escalate the problem, she massaged her temple and said, "Tou Lw, don't give trouble to the nice people who saved me. Just go away."

Hearing her dissing him, his anger just increased. He shouted back, "Not unless you leave with me. You don't even know who these people are!"

Hli Ja stumbled backward. Her headaches seemed to increase drastically. She did not get any sleep last night for she was tending to a toddler who had a high fever. She was just on her way home after a rough night. "Well, they are definitely better than you."

Mua Kong turned around to face Hli Ja and smiled at her. "I think it's safer if I bring you to your home. I would feel horrible if something happened to you after my person just saved you."

How could anyone refuse after hearing it? Hli Ja could only comply. Mua Kong helped her onto his carriage, and he signaled for his bodyguard to get on.

Tou Lw was furious as he slurred and threatened Mua Kong. The other bodyguard turned the carriage around while Yee Len stayed behind. When the carriage left, Yee Len glared at Tou Lw emitting a cold killing aura.

Tou Lw was taken aback at the chill he felt. His two servants were left afraid too. They went up to Tou Lw and asked him to back out, but he just kept making threats by using his father's position to put them in prison. His father was the city mayor which was so low on the social status chain.