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20 The Legend Part 2

 Rising on her feet, she took herself out of the small room and walked to the next room. Her eyes caught the stove that was on but she could spot no human around. Maybe they could be nearby? She was just wondering about the same when she heard some noises coming from outside. She quickly rushed outside and saw an elderly woman hauling a log to the little shed.

"Oh, you're awake? Go inside and have some stew," the elderly woman said once she realized the presence of the small girl.

Inside the hut, the elderly lady scooped a bowl of stew and handed over to the little girl. "Eat it all up."

The little girl reached her hand to take the bowl from the woman's hand. "Ah, thank you." Looking down at the bowl on her hand with a solemn face and a glint of sadness shining in her eyes, she continued, "Thank you for saving me."

The woman glanced at the little girl for a brief moment. She did not take long to figure out based from how the little girl was found, and the sadness she exuded that she had no place and people to return to. "Hmm... If you don't have any place to go, you may stay here with me."

The scene was over and the screen flashed 'one year later' on it.

Deep into the mountains, a boy and his bodyguard were running away from some assassins. The assassins were closing in on them and soon surrounded them. The boy unsheathed the sword he had on him and went on defense mode. The assassins charged in while the bodyguard blocked the sword that was aiming for the boy. Once he knocked the sword off, he shifted his sword to aim for the assassin. The assassin backed away and then four assassins charged in towards the bodyguard.

The boy was also fighting and defending the swords coming at him. Soon, the assassins overwhelmed the boy and his bodyguard in an attempt to split them up.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The bodyguard was distracted for a split second shifting his attention towards the boy. "My Lord!" It was then an assassin slashed the bodyguard across the back.

The boy yelled, "Don't worry about me. I can protect myself! Just get them!" Feeling assured of his Lord's comment, the bodyguard attacked more fiercely, but soon enough, he slowed down. His cut was bleeding, and he was running out of strength.

The boy ran away trying to split up the assassins. The best thing he thought he could do was run, and see if he could take them down one at a time when he was outnumbered. He ran deeper into the mountain and took down the assassins one by one.

Soon, the boy was also running out of breath. As he was busy fending the assassins coming in front of him, he got stabbed from behind. It was one of the assassins that went down earlier. He probably missed the vital part when he stabbed the assassin, so the assassin got back up and stabbed him while he was busy. The boy turned around and thrust the sword right through the assassin's throat. That time, he made sure he hit the vital point. The assassin dropped dead from excessive bleeding, but by then the boy was injured as well. His strength was starting to deteriorate and there were still a few assassins left.

The bodyguard had killed off all the assassins on his end but he became too weak to go after the boy. His vision was getting blurry and soon enough, he slumped down to the ground feeling regretful that he could not protect his Lord.

Not far from where the boy was, the girl was out hunting with her bow and arrows. For a whole year, she learned how to survive in the mountain. She learned how to hunt, read animals and their movement. She grew stronger and could protect herself from the wild creatures in the mountain. She learned archery and improved greatly having to use the bows and arrows daily.

As she was scouting her surroundings for animals, she heard the sounds of swords clashing. She ran towards the direction of the sword clashing that was just up ahead of her. When she got closer, she hid in the bushes nearby and crawled closer to where the noise was.

She saw an injured boy being chased down by four assassins. Flashbacks of when she and her older sister were being chased down by their pursuers popped in her mind. The memory of her nightmares flooded her mind. Her gaze sharpened. She was determined to save the boy. She reached for her bow and arrows without thinking twice.

The girl took an arrow in the bag that she carried on her back and positioned it onto her bow. She aimed the arrow at the assassin closest to the boy. After spending a whole year in the mountain, her persistent practice of archery made her good at shooting animals regardless of size and movement involved. Aiming at a human while he was already distracted was not tough for her.

The girl released the arrow and then quickly grabbed another one and aimed at the second closest assassin. The assassins were busy going after the boy. They were not aware of the two arrows released back to back flying at them with power and speed.

Before they could even realize their lives being targeted, an arrow pierced the heart of the assassins closest to the boy and the second arrow pierced right through the chest of the second closest assassin. She gave them no time to react and protect themselves. Both assassins went down causing the two remaining assassins to be on high alert. Could it be that reinforcement had arrived? They put up their guard and scouted their surroundings.

One of the two assassins ran after the direction of where the arrows originated from. When the girl saw the assassin running towards her, she hastily got up and ran from her place.

The boy stole a glance over where the enemy was running, and when the girl stood up and ran, he noticed that the person who saved his life was... just a small girl. Afraid, she might not be able to fend the enemy, he ran towards the girl only to get blocked by the remaining assassins.