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19 The Legend Part 1

 Yu Sha's face brightened. She could not wait to roam around. She loved places with beautiful sceneries but a play sounded equally entertaining.

About an hour later, they arrived back in the city. Allusion Theater was centered in the heart of the city, so they got stuck in traffic for a while. It was almost time for the show to start when they arrived. As the driver pulled up to the drop off the entrance, the big boss of Allusion Theater was waiting anxiously for them.

The boss greeted and welcomed everyone with a few staff behind him before he led the group via the back route up to the middle secluded VIP room.

All the seats faced the big window towards where the stage was. Each seat had its own table with drinks and food on it. The glass window was like a magnifying glass allowing the stage to look closer than in actuality, so people in the VIP rooms could see the play closer as if they were sitting in the front seat row.

Everyone took a seat. Yu Sha sat at the very end to the right. Su Na took the seat next to her. Keo and Leo sat on the seats next to each other. Lue Han took the seat next to Leo. The prince and Kao Sheng sat on the last two seats left with Kao Sheng at the very left end.

A few minutes later, the lights in the room went out. All the attendees became quiet down until the auditorium room went silent. The stage darkened, and the curtains rolled up.

Before the first scene came into play, a voice narrated the introduction loud and clear in the overhead speaker. "Before our country became the country it is now, there was a legend from a hundred thousand years in the distant past of a couple madly in love. They were separated during wartime and continued to search for each other for as long as they lived. "

The lights flashed on the stage. The first scene was, of an older lady wearing brothel clothing dragging a young girl about 8-year-old running away from their pursuers across the stage.

They both panting out of breath as they searched for places to hide until the older girl spotted some bushes and dragged the young girl to hide behind the bushes. Five men chased after them with weapons. The men stopped in the middle of the stage searching angrily at every tree stumps and bushes for the two girls. As the men approached closer to the bushes where the girls were hiding, the older girl whispered to the younger girl, "Once when I go out to distract them, you run. Run as fast as you can, as far as you could. Never turn back. Live as a free person, not chained or bound by any rules or laws."

The younger girl shook her head, tears streamed down her face, refusing to go alone. The older girl urged, "Go." She then picked up a rock and threw the rock away from them. The rock hit the tree not far away, which distracted the men from approaching them. The men ran over to the tree where the rock hit to suspect the cause of the noise. It was then that the older girl ran out and away from the bush. Noticing the movement of the older girl, three men ran after the older girl while two searched for the younger one.

The older girl picked up a tree branch off the ground, started screaming and swinging the tree branch like a mad man. By doing so she created a few seconds of distraction for the little girl to escape. The little girl got up and ran away. When the men heard a noise behind them, they noticed it was the younger girl and so the two remaining men ran after the little girl.

Back to the older girl, one of the men took out his sword and tried to slice the branch in half. As he took the swing, the older girl ran towards the sword and she was sliced across the front. Blood came gushing out and she slumped forward down to the ground. The last image she saw was the little girl running away, that was enough to make her leave the world with satisfaction. A few tears rolled down her eyes as she whispered, "Go, go... Ne... never come back." And her voice stopped.

The little girl ran as fast as she could. While running away, she briefly glanced back and only saw the older girl slumped forward. Tears still streaming down her face, she continued running until she came upon a river. A life of someone dear was lost for her to escape. She had no reason to ever go back. Without any hesitation, she jumped right into the river with a strong current.

The curtains closed momentarily while they set up the next scene. The first few minutes had already got the viewers hooked. The scene was intense and involved the viewers in the tale to an extent where everyone had almost forgotten that they were watching a play. It seemed real to their eyes. It seemed genuine to their hearts. Something broke in a lot of hearts when the older girl fell on the ground and the red, haunting blood covered her body.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Before people could even pull themselves out of the scene, the second scene began.

In a little hut deep in the mountains, the little girl was sleeping on a wooden bed next to a wall. She opened her eyes and slowly blinked a few times. It took her several seconds for her blurry vision to adjust. She glanced around the room when her vision became clear. She wasn't familiar with the surrounding. The place was small but it provided her a sense of security. Reassuring herself that she was alive and not dead, she slowly pulled herself up as she looked around to figure out where she was.