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18 Could It Be You Like Me?

 The two ladies were surprised at what they heard. Feeling a little flabbergasted, they turned their head around to face the men, "Um... Excuse me?" Yu Sha asked hesitantly for clarification.

"Ah, I'm asking if you all don't have any plans for the rest of the day, would you mind me taking you all to see a couple of places in my country?" Lue Han asked nervously, looking straight at the two ladies afraid they may decline his invitation.

Yu Sha's eyes sparked brightly and quickly replied, "Nope, no plans at all. If it's not too much for CEO Lue Han, we would love to go see a couple of places." She was eager to get away from the stuck up couples standing over by the table.

Feeling happy that the two ladies could spend the rest of the day roaming around with him, Lue Han replied, "Ok, let me make a couple of calls to make some arrangements. Meet me down by the front of the cruise in 30 minutes." He reached for his phone in his pocket and walked away as he dialed his assistant to arrange a couple of things for the group this afternoon.

About thirty minutes later, a nice black limo pulled up to the port. Lue Han was already waiting for the limo outside of the ship entrance. When the limo came to a complete stop, he walked over to the limo and waited by the limo for the group to show up.

The group of four exited the ship entrance. When Lue Han saw the group, he smiled and waved at them to go over.

A while later, in the limo, Yu Sha sat with her arms crossed in front of her chest. Why? Why was the stuck up couple in the limo too and sitting directly across? She thought they were only there for lunch, not to spend the whole day with them. She did not know why, but something about the guy ticked her off.

The limo had spacious nice leather seats along the four sides facing inward towards each other. In the middle, there was a table with drinks and snacks.

Kao Sheng and the dark prince took their own seats across from Yu Sha and Su Na. The twins sat facing forward to the driver. Lue Han sat with his back against the driver.

Su Na could feel the irritated vibes coming from Yu Sha. They had been friends for so long that she could read her friends like an open book especially when Yu Sha was overly emotional or sensitive. In this case, she was overly unhappy. Su Na slightly glanced over and secretly pinched Yu Sha on the side towards her back and glared at her to drop her behavior.

Not expecting she would get pinched, Yu Sha jerked but quickly pulled herself back and put a fake smile at everyone as to not startle them.

Of course, the prince was going to come. It was not every day that he could leisurely go out and sightsee. Moreover, he still had not fished out anything. The prince was a person who was very meticulous and noticed small details. Having witnessed the action between two friends across him, the corner of his mouth moved up a little bit, making him look a little less stuck up.

Lue Han turned to the two ladies, "Would you ladies like anything to drink?"

"Sure, water for us would be fine," the two ladies replied one after another. It would be good to stay hydrated if they will be spending the afternoon moving around. Therefore, they opted for water instead.

Lue Han proceeded to ask the rest of the group what they wanted to drink and he poured them the appropriate drinks.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Normally, he would have an assistant do it but this time was different. The prince of his country was observing closely, the twins were CEOs and heirs of renowned Herr's Corporation that was one of the top three most powerful Corporations in Lyon. In addition, they were there to accompany their lady friends and he was having a secret crush on one of the two women. How could he not be providing the services to them directly? He swore to himself that he would put on his best act and make sure everything went smoothly.

Leo sipped on his drink, set the cup down and looked at Lue Han. "So... CEO, I have never been personally served by a CEO before, you are my first," Leo paused and glanced at everyone and continued. "Could it be that you have taken an interest in me?"

Everyone except the prince looked stupefied. Lue Han almost spat out his drink and the three girls almost choked.

Yu Sha and Su Na looked at Leo baffled. What the hell was he blabbering about? Couldn't he be a little more reserved? What joke was he playing?

Leo did not even stop there. He continued with a smirk on his face. "Or is it someone among us that you like? Or someone very important is among us who is of a higher rank than you?" He hit the bull's eye on both guesses. The prince was among them and there was someone that Lue Han was secretly admiring.

When Leo finished his sentence, the prince's aura changed slightly.

The prince did not expect that someone who seemed silly most of the time could be so sharp.

Everyone's expressions satisfied Leo to a great extent. He could not hold it in anymore and he burst out laughing. "Ha ha ha. Nice reaction CEO Lue Han. I was just kidding. What is it that you have planned for us? Mind to share?"

During the whole time Leo was speaking, Keo's attention stayed glued to the couple sitting on their left. He continued to observe them for any odd changes in their vibes and facial expressions. He caught Lue Han's colleague's aura changing a little but not drastically enough to suspect anything.

Lue Han calmed down but his nervousness sounded clearly in his voice. "Ha ha, CEO Leo, you are quite a joker. A great play is going on right now. It is one of the most popular plays ever played by Allusion Theater. It was in such a huge demand that they had to play this show for three weeks straight. Tomorrow will be the last day of the three weeks. After that, we will drive out for about an hour to Crystal Cliff Botanical Garden. I'm sure the ladies will like it."