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17 Flattery Does Not Work

 Feeling as if Lue Han's compliment had hidden meanings behind it, Keo replied, "CEO Lue Han, the two girls are always serious about their work. Looks aren't as important to them as completing a project dear to their heart."

What he was trying to say was that flattering the ladies would not work on them. They were strong ladies who knew they had the looks but also got great skills and worked hard to reach their goals. They did not fall for cheap tricks like flattery but rather be complimented for their talent.

Leo looked at the prince, pondering where he had seen that man. He was a people person, anyone with such specs like the 'special colleague' of Lue Han, he would not forget. The colleague sitting with them on the same table, who, was extremely handsome, distant, unapproachable and emitted a royal aura from just sitting there... how could he not know? He traveled the world for his work and met many people. He must have seen this man somewhere. Leo opened his mouth about to ask the 'special colleague' if they had met before, but Kao Sheng interrupted.

She was feeling a little irritated by the two men talking about the other ladies in front of her prince, so she cut in. "How long will this project be exactly? It is such a big project. It may take some time before the two ladies get to go back home?" She probed for some information as she felt the longer the ladies stayed in her country for this project, the more her prince would be out to meet them often. She meticulously asked in a way as if she was concerned about them missing home for being away for too long.

"The project is expected to take a little over a year that is if everything goes according to plan." Lue Han replied.

Kao Sheng glanced at the two ladies. There was a glimmer of disappointment shown in her eyes.

"The two girls will need to be here for the next 6 months until everything is up and running. They can go back and forth during that time too if they need to be. In the second half of the project, they will not need to be here to supervise all the time, of course, they are welcome to stay here if they wish to, but they will need to be back to oversee the final touch towards the end." Lue Han added.

The main dish was being served. Yu Sha and Su Na kept quiet most of the time and only talked when necessary. The group continued to chat and eat their food. The prince still was just a spectator as a 'special colleague' of Lue Han. He did not talk much unless someone asked him a question. He was indifferent about everything and did not chime in what he was thinking.

Kao Sheng kept glancing at the two ladies as if they were her rivals. The air she let out and her remarks just weren't comforting for the two ladies. This tension usually was often felt by the same species. The men were oblivious to the feeling Kao Sheng was emitting.

In actuality, Lue Han didn't think much of Kao Sheng and Hue Chi's relationship for he knew that the prince was single and currently did not have a woman of interest. It was not rare to see her around since her family protected the royal family.

As for the twins and the two ladies, they were not sure of her relationship with Hue Chi since no one made it clear cut to them. Although the two ladies could feel the air was off with Kao Sheng, they could only speculate that it had something to do with the special colleague of Lue Han.

Yu Sha hated attending formal events and that included informal lunch and dinner like this one  since the others joining the meal were professional people. She had to watch herself so she did not speak out her mind. Self-restraining was a lot of work for her to hold herself back so she did not go wild in front of people. And that was one of the two main reasons why she did not make public appearances. Pretending to be someone she was not just for image sake!.

After lunch, the group got up to stretch. Finally, Yu Sha would be able to get some fresh air. It was too suffocating that when she finally got the chance; she darted off to the corner farthest away from the table, stretched out her limbs, and took a big deep breath. "Ahgg... I was at my limit!"

Su Na also followed behind her. When Su Na got next to Yu Sha, she patted Yu Sha on the back. "Good job. You made it through the whole thing without letting your tongue loose."

Rolling her eyes over to look at Su Na, Yu Sha pouted. "I should get a reward for this. Can't stand that stuck up couple over there. Why do they even join us anyways? I hope this is the last time I see them."

Yu Sha walked up to the rail, put her arms on the rail and laid her chin on her arms, looking towards the sea feeling bittersweet. "This will be our place for the next 6 months," she mumbled.

"Mm, let's go make the necessary preparation once we get back home and breeze through this project! Then we can relax for a couple of months. Just lay low and not take in any projects."

Excited to hear what Su Na just said, Yu Sha stood up straight, her eyes brightened and she nodded. "Uh- huh... that works for me too. There are a couple of things I need to do too once this project ends."

While Su Na and Yu Sha were talking, Lue Han and the twins walked over. Lue Han briefly glanced at the group. "Do you guys have any plans for the rest of the day? If not, I was wondering if I could take you all around to do sightseeing?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.