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16 Lunch

 The next day, the brothers, Leo and Keo arrived on the ladies floor to pick them up for lunch with, Lue Han. Each of the twins knocked on one door. After a moment, Su Na opened her door and then Yu Sha opened hers as well. Since they stayed up late yesterday at Keo's place, they slept in the morning. By then, the two ladies were ready to eat some food.

When the group arrived at the deck, the twins were speechless at what they saw. The deck was decorated with flower vines around the rails, plants and flower vases along the edges of the deck. There were even props to make the whole deck looked like it just came out of fairyland. Keo and Leo feel like they were going on a date except that this time it was a man who invited them.

When Lue Han saw them, he walked over to them. "Hello, CEO Keo and Leo," He then turned to the two ladies. "How are you two ladies doing?"

"Hello, we are good," The two ladies replied one after another.

"This decoration was for the ladies. On our cruises, we rent out the third floor for couples if they want to book it for special occasions. We have themes and we decorate it according to the theme the couple chose," Lue Han continued.

As a businessman himself, Keo was impressed. He grinned while lightly nodded his head."Very impressive CEO Lue Han! You waste nothing at all. This is how business is supposed to work. You don't waste space and resources. Anything that could earn a little more must be put to use."

"Haha... Thank you. Come have a seat," Lue Han invited them to the table.

The group followed Lue Han to the big round table. When they approached the table, someone was already sitting at the table, "Ah, this is my great colleague I mentioned yesterday, Hue Li." Lue Han introduced his Prince Hue Chi Li to the four people from Lyon. Lue Han did not give out the full name but a part of the name as to not give out the identity of the prince. Because of the accident that happened to the queen, the evidence pointed out that it was no mere coincidence. So the Royal families had been wary of outsiders that could potentially steal information from Aires.

Looking at the "great colleague" who smiled and nodded at them, Keo and Leo felt like they had seen that person somewhere before but could not pull from memory where they saw this person. They glanced at each other for confirmation that they might have seen him somewhere. Keo then reached his hand out for a handshake and greeted, "Hello Hue Li."

"Hi," the prince replied and returned the handshake. Leo greeted the 'great colleague' and shook hands with him but the ladies bowed their head instead and said their hellos.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After they all greeted each other, the twins each pulled a chair for each of their lady friends to sit. Once everyone was seated, the server brought in appetizers.

As the servers were setting appetizers on the table, Butler Zeu and Kao Sheng appeared from the elevator. Butler Zeu went to fetch Kao Sheng and while on their way to the third-floor deck, he explained that the prince was having a business lunch that he was unable to decline. So the prince was inviting Kao Sheng to join his business lunch instead.

When Kao Sheng arrived, the prince turned to everyone. "I'm having someone join us as well. Hope you all don't mind."

Everyone was visibly cool with the information. Butler Zeu moved the chair next to the prince for Kao Sheng to sit down. She was slightly disappointed when she heard she was joining him in a group lunch but then, she was no longer disappointed. This was a great opportunity to passively mark her territory in front of everyone, especially when two stunning ladies were working with Ether. Ether was the company that dealt with projects and business partners but big scale projects had to run through the royal family or in this case, the prince.

In the past, the royal family hardly appeared in front of a business partner because Ether was the upfront face that interacted with the business partners for the country. So she was not sure why the prince came to attend this event. She herself found it a little odd, maybe because, their business partner were two young ladies who were rumored to be geniuses with undefeated beauty.

Kao Sheng sat in a proper straight upright posture with a demeanor body language that she was someone important to the prince. She looked around the table, slightly nodded her head and uttered two words, "Hi everyone."

She then studied the two ladies for a brief moment and smiled. "Rumors are so underrated. Unless seen with the naked eyes, one would never know how truly beautiful the two ladies who run SNYS are."

Feeling like the air was a bit off with the compliment but to be polite, Su Na replied, "Well, thank you for your compliment."

Lue Han nodded his head in agreement. "I truly agreed. The small profile picture you ladies have on your CV does not do any justice at all.. ha haha."