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15 Banquet Part 2

 As soon as Lue Han finished, the light shines onto the side of the table that Su Na and Yu Sha sat at. Everyone clapped their hands welcoming SNYS Consultant but even thought they sat next to each other, only Su Na stood up. She made her way up to the podium on stage, looked around the room, and proceeded, "Thank you for having us tonight. We are honor to be selected among the many other groups, whom, I am sure are just as talented. Thanks to the investors and Ether who put their faith in us. On behalf of SNYS Consultant, we will not disappoint you all."

Su Na bowed as soon as she finished but before she could walk away, Lue Han interrupted, "Miss Su Na, would you mind introducing your staff who came with you and what her role is?"

Being put on the spotlight, Su Na could not decline so she picked up the mic, "Um.. My assistant Yu Sha, is here with me and she will assist me from start to finish."

"Can we have Miss Yu Sha come up to the stage please?" The host added. The light shone onto Yu Sha.

Feeling a little nervous. She has not spoke in front of big elite groups before but her friend nodded for her to go up so her friend must somehow got her back, or so she thought. It was at this moment when she stood up with the light shining on her that people actually realized how stunning she is.

The silk materials enhances her curves and feminine figure, the sparkles on the dress shimmers like diamonds, her silver eyes glimmers from the reflection of the light making everyone feels like they just saw the sea glistens in the morning light.

CEO Lue Han was lost for words, he has not blink a wink and stared at Yu Sha as she took step by step towards the stage. She looked so comforting for the eyes and heart that he feels like he is about to have a heart attack. He blushed and started to get hot and sweaty. He was not sure if the rays from all the lights is making him hot or it is the effect of seeing someone so beautiful. How could someone be so therapeutic for the soul? Even the audience was feeling speechless.

Leo knew that people were mesmerized by her beauty. He laughed quietly inside his heart but his face could not hide his happiness. He leaned closer to his brother and whispered, "I told you, it's not for my own benefit, it's for everyone's benefit."

"Tsk.." Keo was irritated at his brother but he could not deny that his brother is right. The woman who keeps popping up in his mind and heart is so beautiful.

Once Yu Sha joined her friend on stage, the host for a brief moment lost all his train of thoughts. After a minute, he finally was able to get himself back to reality, "I... ah.. I.. just have a few questions to ask you ladies, if you don't mind answering them for us." He took a deep breathe to calm down his thumping heart. "Phew... Um.. How did SNYS Consultant came about? Everyone is curious to know how two breathtaking ladies was able to win bid for major project in several countries?"

The two breathtaking ladies glanced at each other and then Su Na picked up the mic, "We have been friends for a long time, have similar interest, went to same school and university. When our friend saw our graduate draft proposal, he asked us to redo our proposal for their new corporate headquarter. That is how our career started." Not wanting to go into details, she gave the simplest answer.

"Hmm... and may I asked, why we have not see Miss Yu Sha appeared in interviews or event before?" CEO Lue Han asked.

Not expecting to be put in such a predicament, Su Na's mind went blink trying to think of a suitable excuse. All she knew was that Yu Sha's parents wished for her is not to make public appearances if possible. Several excuses flashes through her mind and then she saw movement next to her. Yu Sha lifted the mic close to her chin and in a timid voice, she muttered, "I'm very shy at heart, so I don't do interviews."

Upon hearing this, Su Na almost choked. Leo and Keo's mouth dropped down to the core of the earth. She does not embodied anything related to shyness at all. When they first met her was in her primary school year, she was beating four bully boys who were bigger than she was. She even made them kneeled on the ground and beg for mercy. She was a ferocious beast and her ferociousness has only calmed down a tiny bit in the last couple of years.