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14 Banquet Part 1

 Yu Sha stood in front of her room but quickly realized that she left her room card in Su Na's room as she had spent yesterday night over at her friend's room. She took a few steps to the left and knocked on Su Na's door, *tap, *tap, *tap.

At this moment, Su Na had just step out of the shower when she heard the knock. She assumed Yu Sha is at the door. Her hairs still dripping wet, she quickly threw a robe on and rushed to the door.

Standing at the door with a bright smile, "Hehe.. I came to get my card. Did you sleep well?"

Su Na nodded her head and widen the door, "Mm.. come in,"

Yu Sha went to the night stand on the side she was sleeping on and picked up her card.

"Oh, Leo left your dress here," Su Na turned to the closet and took out a long dress covered in a long piece of cloth to keep it from getting dirty during the flight.

Yu Sha smiled and reached for the dress, "Thanks! Knock on my door if you're done before me."

An hour later, people started showing up for the banquet. Quite a few of the social elites and investors came. Some came alone, some came with their date, some came with their spouse and children.

Social elites and investors like this kind of gathering, some take any opportunity they can to show what they have, some like to network and see if they can fish out what is the next hot thing, and some tried seeking for business collaborations. It does not take very long before the room is full of people.

On the second floor of the banquet room are some secluded VIP rooms facing the stage below. Anyone in the secluded room on the second floor could see what is happening below. The Prince was in the room on the side, that way he is closer to the stage. What he is interested in is the people sitting on the front row. All the tables on the front are reserved. Since he is just a spectator, he decided not to attend the event.

Not long after the Prince arrived into the room with his butler, Kao Sheng arrived as well. She wore a dazzling V-neck, fluttering high to low end dress. Her maid came with her and are on standby in the room with Butler Zeu.

Kao Sheng came and sat across from the Prince. The table is aligned next to the window, the Prince sat with the stage on the left front of him. The Prince will have to glance left and Kao Sheng have to turn to her right side to observe the people below.

For Kao Sheng, it does not matter if she does not see what is happening below. The most important thing is that she is alone in a room with her Prince. She felt very special and nervous that the person she has admired for so long chose to be a lone with her.

As everyone was busy meeting new and old people, the four people from Lyon entered the room. Yu Sha wore a solid sparking turquoise silk dress that wraps around her body with a small bow on the right side of the waist and slit open on the right thigh down.

Su Na wore a black dress with gold colored flower pattern design, flared below the knee and a touch of a small gold pendant necklace and gold bracelet. She looks sharp, elegant and sexy perfect for the Young Boss of SNYS Consultant.

Keo wore a royal blue suite and Leo wore a maroon suite both from Antique.

When the four people walked in they were directed to their reserved table at the front. After five more minutes, the MC went up to the stage and made a short welcome speech and then he welcomed Ether CEO, Lue Han to go up.

Lue Han stood up and got on the stage. He grabbed a mic and spoke, "Thank you everyone who came tonight. This is a very important project for us. Since a few groups are involved, we decided to have this event so that the various groups can have a chance to get to know each other." He then welcome SNYS Consultant to go up. For being the group who planned and designed everything and is from out of country, they were the "Special Guest."