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13 The Prince Smirk

 Butler Zeu who was on standby, he has never in his life, see the Prince give a pleasant smirk at anyone. Since day one from when the Prince was born, this is the first time the Prince had shown a different expression towards a woman. "Prince," Butler Zeu hesitated but decided to ask anyways, "Are you... interested in her?"

The Prince ignore Butler Zeu and continue staring at the small figure in the water swimming farther away from the ship.

After halfway through, Yu Sha swam to shore and walked the rest of the way. She went right to the highest part of the cliff and found a comfortable spot to sit on. She leaned onto the big rock that is behind her and puts her hands behind her head for cushion staring into the deep ocean. A stronger gust of wind blew by so she closed her eyes to feel the wind.

Thirty minutes later, Yu Sha heard someone approaching. She tilted her head and opened her eyes to see who it was. She already guessed that it might be Keo but she wanted to be 100 percent sure.

Keo climbed up the cliff and sat next to Yu Sha. He threw a sunscreen bottle over to her, "The sun is strong. You've been in the water for some times, reapply some lotion to avoid getting burn."

Yu Sha catches the bottle that Keo threw at her, "Mm... thanks," and started applying the lotion.

Keo found a spot to sit on. While Yu Sha was busy applying lotion, he made some glances at her in deep thought. Sometimes, even though he is so close to her, he could feel that she is very far away. And this is one of those moments that he feels like she is slipping farther away.

He could not pin point what is wrong with her other than maybe she suffered from some kind of depression. But, she grew up with a great family foundation, she was loved and spoiled rotten. She was the first child but born prematurely and suffered from medical complication so her parents spoiled her in every possible way they could. More than half of her first 7 years of life was spent in the hospital but she has gotten better as she got older. So he could not guess what caused her to slip away from time to time.

Yu Sha noticed that Keo was not moving or speaking. She glanced over and saw Keo lost in thought, "Keo," she called out.

Keo slightly lifted his head to look at Yu Sha, feeling complicated unable to put things into words, he asked, "Yu Sha, do you have something weighing in your heart?"

Confused, she closed the sunscreen bottle and put it down on the ground and knitted her brows, "Why do you asked such weird question?"

"Ah..nothing.. I was just thinking so," trying to avoid answering her, "Do you want to swim more? If so, you should go now. There is only 20 more minutes for you to idle around." Keo succeeded in changing the subject.

"Oh.. yea. Ok." Yu Sha got up and jumped down into the water.

After twenty minutes, Keo went down to the shore. He smiled and waved at her to let her know they have to leave. Yu Sha swam back to shore when Keo signaled her.

Not wanting to walk back in silence, Keo strike up a conversation, "Um.. Leo brought custom made dresses for you two ladies to wear for the banquet."

"Ehhh... is that why you guys came?"

Keo glanced at woman walking next to him, "Mm.. partially, and the dresses are from his next project."

Yu Sha pursed her lips and knitted her brows, "Hmph.. so he just want to use us to showcase his dresses, but I guess, free dress."

"Exactly, it's not bad. And have you two prepared a speech for the banquet?" Keo asked.

Nodding her head, "I think Su Na prepared something. She's the Boss of SNYS Consultant. Only she makes public appearances. I work in the shadow... tehehe..."

Keo smiled, "I think that is fine too," but in hindsight, there must be a reason why Yu Sha do a lot of behind the scene work and Su Na make public appearance and do interviews. He does not want to probe and he think that when the time comes, he will know.