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12 The Loud Bunch Part 2

 Keo and Yu Sha ran over to the swimming pool on the deck and raced a few laps. After about an hour, they came back to their table.

Leo is looking at his tablet, scrolling down some history documents. He loves learning of past history fashions. He sometimes gets his fashion idea from histories and twist it with a modern taste. He is of course, the CEO of the famous clothing brand Antique.

Yu Sha, being noisy as always, leaned closer to Leo and pried, "Leo, what are you looking at?"

"Hmm.. getting ideas.."

Yu Sha took the tablet from Leo and scrolled down. She glimpsed at the story and pictures of past Emperors and their many concubines. She rolled her eyes and tossed the tablet back to Leo.

"Tsk.. I don't get it. I just don't. Why would women want to compete for Empress forcing themselves to be with an ugly emperor?" Yu Sha shouted in disdain about the culture of human history.

"My dear, a virgin shouldn't have too much of an opinion." Leo replied as he sipped his drink.

"A player like you, must be a reincarnation of one of those emperors.. hahaha.." Yu Sha shouted back laughing as she helped herself down to the chair.

Leo stroked his chain in agreement, "It would be great if that is the case."

Yu Sha took a gulp of her water and slammed the cup on the table, "People in power are just...." She paused and then continued, "Well, if I ever meet an emperor or prince in this day in age, I will set him straight!" Looking devilish.

Keo chuckled and stared at the woman who is now all work up. He reached over to pour her more water, "Haha, for someone who never had a boyfriend, you sure talk pretty big."

Slightly disappointed at what she just heard, Yu Sha sighed, "What can I say? I've yet to meet anyone who could move me..." Putting her head down on the table looking at the drink in her hand, "Maybe I was born to the wrong planet?"

Leo lightly slap Yu Sha on the shoulder, "Don't spew nonsense!"

"Ah.." Yu Sha cringed slightly and shouted, "I'm being serious!"

Looking at the two of them helplessly, Keo asked, "The banquet is starting in lest than three hours. Do you guys want to do anything?"

Yu Sha stood up, "Uh huh! I want to go... there," pointing at the cliff that is about 4 miles up along the shore.

"About 4 miles there and 4 miles back. We need time to get ready too you know?" Leo slightly turned his head to look at Yu Sha.

"You guys don't have to come. I'll take the shortest route there." Yu Sha give them a big grim on her face and ran to the side of the deck, made her way through the narrow walkway that goes around the ship. She headed towards the back of the ship.

Keo slammed his hand on the table as he stood up and shouted, "Fuck! She's about to do something reckless." He ran after her in full speed. As soon as Yu Sha reached the back corner of the narrow walkway, she jumped onto the rail and leaped forward.

Keo saw Yu Sha jumped down. He hovered over the rail to see if she is okay once she hit the water. After sometimes, Yu Sha emerged out of the water, looked up, waved at Keo and swam away heading over to the cliff. He slapped his palm on his forehead, "I feel like my life span just keeps getting shorter and shorter because of her." He turned around and went back to the table.

Leo already guessed what she did and sighed, "Well..."

"I'm going after her. I'll bring her back. Why don't you get the clothes ready for the banquet?" Keo turned around and left.

Above them is the second and third floor of the deck. Few people have access to the third floor, it is a smaller space, and you get a wider view of everything.

The Dark Prince, Hue Chi was snacking and observing the people on the deck. He was listening to the loud bunch's conversations. Out of all the people on the deck, Yu Sha caught his attention. She is the most ferocious.

The Dark Prince smirked, her kick earlier, if connected seems like it would hurt, but she was protecting her plate as she kicked and when she jumped off from the ship, there was not a slight hesitation in her movement. That personality of her is so reckless, stubborn, yet so strong and decisive. The corner of his mouth lift up, "Hmph.. Yu Sha of SNYS Consultant," the prince muttered to himself.