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11 The Loud Bunch part 1

 The next day, at 9 AM the sunlight peeked through the screen door illuminating the room. Yu Sha got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. After some times, she came back out. She went to open the screen door curtains and shouted, "Suuuuu Naaaa... wake up! Let's go have breakfast!"

Su Na turned over facing her back towards the balcony, "Mm... just order room service."

"Huh?? Is the world coming to an end? Or are you ill? I'm supposed to be the lazy one and you're supposed to be the early bird one?" Yu Sha rushed over to the bed and put her hand on Su Na's forehead.

"Tsk.." Irritated, Su Na got up from her bed, her hair all messy, turned her head to her right, and glared at Yu Sha.

Yu Sha gasped in shock, "Oh my god, your eyes, you have panda's eyes!"

Still glaring at Yu Sha with a "who's fault do you think it is" look. It is all your fault. I still could not make out of what happened yesterday, I could not sleep all night until 2 hours ago, "Why were you standing on the rail yesterday?" Su Na probe.

"Huh," confused as to why Su Na would asked again, "Just getting some fresh airs. Somehow the full moon skies and the seas always give me a very comforting feeling."

After confirming her friend is not possessed or depressed, she feels assured and nodded, "Mm.." and got up to the bathroom. Before Su Na enters the bathroom, she turns around, "Go change, we'll get food at the main deck."

"Ok, knock on my door when you're ready." Yu Sha walked out to the balcony and jumped over to her balcony feeling that Su Na is acting a little weird this morning.

"TSK! Go through the normal way!" Su Na shouted feeling headaches swarming in her head.

"To late! I'm already over!" A voice shouted from the other side.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

At the cafeteria by the main deck, Su Na and Yu Sha held onto their food plate and walked out to the deck to find a spot to sit. Su Na suddenly halted making Yu Sha almost bump into her with a plate full of food, Yu Sha shrieked, "Ah.. why you suddenly stop? She looked at the direction Su Na was staring. Her eyes squinted at the two familiar figures sipping their drinks.

"Yo ladies, wanna join us?" Leo yelled over with a smirk on his face.

"Tsk.. another irritated weirdo," Su Na muttered to herself.

Leo hip-hopped over, "Surprise? Are you two surprised? Aren't you two very surprised? I know you must be very surprised! Hahahaha.. " He laughed acting conceitedly.

Yu Sha slightly shifted her body and throws a high kick at Leo, aiming at his chest, but he avoided her kick. Irritated, only if she did not like her food more, she would send him flying. However, food comes first. The two young ladies went over to the table.

"Keo, you got bought over by him? How could you let yourself be persuaded by him?" Yu Sha slammed her plate onto the table.

Keo smiled and glanced at the angry lady, "I thought I could accompany him for a few days to make sure he stays out of trouble."

Su Na removed her sunglasses as soon as she sat down and work on her plate. The moment when she removed her sunglasses, Keo and Leo's eyes widened, "Su Na, you.... panda's eyes." They are maternal twins so sometimes the things they say and do are in unison.

"Tsk.." Irritated, she put her sunglasses back on, "I'm taking a nap after this so watch her!" Pointed to Yu Sha.

Shocked, Yu Sha replied nervously but also not 100 percent sure, "Heh... what did I do? I woke up on my end of the bed this morning." She knew she can be a bad sleeper, like those murdered crime scene where the police outlined the position of the dead body, well, she most of the time, sleep horribly in all kinds of position similar to that. However, she is almost sure that she was not all over the bed yesterday.

Keo laughed feeling glad that he came, "Don't worry. Get your rest, we'll take care of her for the day. Make sure you make it to the banquet later on."

After the late breakfast, Su Na went back to her suite to get some rest.

"Let's race!" Yu Sha shouted and ran towards the swimming pool.

"Deal!" Keo replied and followed her.

"Ugh.. I'm here to relax, you two go head." Leo replied. The Universal Fashion Competition event is coming up next month, he wanted to conserve energy and really just relaxed. Though he is here to relax but his mind is full work and how to get more ideas. He thought he could draft some ideas if he comes.